Part 1
The Boss's Son
Location: Tavon Bogd Mountains

Zhong Yu
My gaze turned up to my mantelpiece that above the fireplace.

"Now is a great time."

With my pen picked up, I began to write.

Entry #43
Snow, mountains, ice, and plenty of forest. All I saw in the past time of my existence. It still seemed to be a blur. A betrayal, knives to my chest, and then waking up in the forest are the last things remembered.

I took a quick look around everywhere to see where I was. The Tavon Bogd Mountain Range is where I discovered my current location was.

Now after struggling for the longest time, I finally manage to construct home so that I could at least survive.

Every single day I question why I am still here.
Every single day I suffer with my own acts that I had committed.
Every single day I look back at the very moment that will haunt me for the rest of my life. My wolves, my pack, my brothers, and my sisters are all dead.

This is my 160th day of being here. Two weeks ago I finished my cabin and it took a long period of eight days to complete the toolshed. For me to even muster up the motivation to continue on with my life is a challenge within itself.

That is the reason I created this journal. This is a chronicle of my being here and a reminder as to why I can never go back.

All my emotions that I have experienced within the last month from my acts: guilt for my mistakes, sorrow for the pack I have lost, anger towards that damned bird, and shame for me even thinking I could trust him. Out of them all I felt, my guilt is the one I have felt the strongest about.

All my feelings are so strong. They overwhelm me to the point where, at several times I have attempted to end my own life. Several other times I have cut my own arms to ease my pain. This is to punish myself, for all the horrid things I have done.

For some reason though, I still remain here alive. I still live and continue on in my life. And now...

I jumped.
I turned to my right and looked around. A sudden loud thump had come from outside.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

"There it is again."

All of the thumps had come from outside on the opposite side of the wall inside the kitchen. My eyes shifted back to the fireplace. Mounted above it, was my old outfit and armor worn when I had served under Master Shen.

I walked right up to the mantel piece and pulled off my old signature war-hammer that had several times been used in the days of me being a ruthless monster.

"Damn tigers, they don't know when to quit!"

Racing outside, the first thing my eyes eyed were the toolshed. A quick search revealed in front of the door to the shed, a small gray wolf pup. The little guy was easily one-third my size. He was covered up in tattered clothing and lying in the snow against the wall.

I was left without a clue of what to do.

"Oh my god. Out here, but why?"

That is what my thoughts were on at that moment. It took me a few minutes for common sense to tell me he was lost. I picked up the little pup.

"Hey, are you okay?" I asked.

He gave no response.

"You must be exhausted. Come on, let's get you inside and get you warmed up."

Reviewing over the things in my mind that would possibly get his body temperature warmed up, it was easy to see he had been entering the early stages of Hypothermia.

Then it hit me.

I stripped to my boxers and then took the pup's torn up clothing off. Gently holding him up, my arms set him down gently on top of my chest.

"A few hours of rest in the warmth and he will come to. This kid is lucky I found him when I did."

After a few minutes of watching the kid quietly, some light breaths could be heard coming from him.

"Thank god, he is still alive. He is going to be okay," I reminded myself.

It only took look for me to tell that my judgement was right. He had simply passed out from exhaustion. I slowly moved to get out of bed, my body halted as a sudden feeling of exasperation overwhelmed me. My gaze shifted over at the window of my bedroom. To my surprise, it was already growing dark out. Both of my arms wrapped around him, gripping him closely to my chest.

After what assumed to be a few hours later, I awoke and saw the puppy still asleep on my chest. It took a moment for me to come to grips with what was going on for me at the time. What was on my chest? A small wolf which I had never seen before. And yet, it felt like he was my child.

"Where am I?" the young child.

My gaze shifted down at the wolf and I saw he had awoken. He moved around not even knowing he had been in my grip. The look in his eyes was so innocent and calm.

With a gentle smile, it let him know that I was friendly.

"Who are you? Where am I? What happened? And why don't I have any clothes on!" he screamed.

He had been close to panicking as he had discovered there was no clothing on his body.

"Monster! I have been kidnapped by a mon-" the kid stopped when he looked at me.

"Wolf," he said, "You are a wolf like me. I am not alone."

"You thought you were the only wolf left alive in this world? Why?" I asked.

The kid looked down and he suddenly became tense as he gripped my chest.

"All the wolves that I know are dead. My friends, my family, and my neighbors. I am the only one left." the pup explained.

He broke down completely. With a quiet sigh, my arms curled around his back to embrace him against my bare upper torso.

"You do not have to talk about it now if it still bothers you that much. For now just rest and do not worry. I shall be here the whole time. Just relax and rest. When you wake up I will fix you something to eat."

The child nodded at me and he buried his head into my chest. A slight snore started to escape him as he entered a light sleep. Closing my eyes, I dozed off into a slumber with him resting against my chest.

The next morning…

It was quiet and very peaceful when I awoke. My eyes opened to see the sun slowly rising and illuminating the room. The boy stirred a little bit in his sleep and eventually woke up. He rubbed his eyes and inched his way up crawling to my neck. He beamed in my presence.

My muzzle brushed softly against his face.

"Good morning little one," I welcomed him.

The pup gazed up and stared me back straight in the eyes with an innocent look on his face.

"What is your name?" I asked him.

"My name is Yu Shung." he answered in a hushed tone. He was still weak from the previous night. It would be a full two more days before he was even able to walk again.

"What's your name?" he asked me back.

"My name is Zhong," I stated. "Zhong Yu."

"Thank you for saving me Zhong," Yu said back to me, with a smile on his face.

I chuckled under my breath. He began to act more and more like myself when I was a child.

"It was nothing. Only a cold hearted bastard would let a kid die out there in the cold and freezing snow."

"Well you won't have to worry about today, because I will be gone whenever my strength returns," he stated.

"What happened to you? Why were you out there by yourself to begin with?" I asked curiously.

Yu looked down. I felt a sudden tight pull on my chest. He started sobbing a little bit with his head in my chest. The poor kid cried intensely to the point that my entire chest was being soaked in tears.

At that moment the realization hit me of what was wrong. All too well, I knew what he had gone through.

"You are an orphan aren't you?" I asked him.

Yu simply nodded his head. My sympathy went out for him. He had nobody. He had no parents, family, or any friends to speak of.

I sighed and enclosed my arms around the boy. No words could come from me as I never had been one to be good at giving words of comfort.

After about thirty minutes, Yu stopped crying. His head was rested on my right shoulder and up under my chin. The air reeked of the taste of salt and all of the fur on my shoulders and chest were drenched.

With a nudge to the boy, he looked at me.

"Are you calm enough to be able to tell me what happened now?" I questioned.

Picking his head up, he wiped his eyes of his tears.

"I'm ready. Just give me a second," he replied.

Yu took a few deep breaths and sat up on the bed next to me as he began his story.

"I was running.

I come from a village of wolves that were farmers and hunter-gatherers. We lived here in the mountains by ourselves secluded from everyone else. We lived away from the hustle and bustle of China's big cities because of our race's bad reputation for causing trouble.

Five days ago, a ruthless band of tigers attacked our village. We were outnumbered and outclassed. Our village has always been one of peace, so there were very few warriors. "

Yu suddenly stopped as he started breaking down a little bit. My paw reached out to comfort him, and he stopped me. "I'll be fine," he muttered. Reluctantly, I brought my hand back off of him.

"Anyways continuing on where I left off…

When they arrived, they at first simply demanded all of our foods and possessions. Only that wasn't enough for them though afterwards. One of the tigers killed one of the people in our village. This caused all of them to fight back. The leader then ordered a mass killing of everyone in the village. Men, women, children, and babies.

I was the only one to survive. If it had not been for the luck that our house was located at the farthest edge of the village, I would have never escaped. For four days I ran. For four days I kept running for my life without any idea where I could go. I had nothing. And now, I am alone and with nowhere to go."

I could only sit there still shock as to the story he had just told me. Surprisingly, it still shocked me to the point of half-disbelief even though these kinds of stories were something I was used too. It then registered in my head again that the current child that I was with right now, he had no home to return to. His family was dead and there was nothing we could do to change that.

I shook my head. "Kid if you want too, you could live with me."

He gasped in sudden shock by what I had just said. That surprised me as well. I had just said that without even thinking even the option through at all. Then again, what else would the kid do anyways?

Yu's expression suddenly brightened up and he looked up at me with the biggest pair of puppy eyes I had ever seen in my entire life.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" he asked me in a cute little childish tone with his tail wagging and his entire face suddenly filled with joy.

A light chuckle escaped me. I pulled him close to my furry chest.

"I'd enjoy it very much. So from now on I am your daddy," I stated.

Yu then looked at me. He grinned. It was easy to tell that he was content. To me, that was all that mattered.

"You have never killed people like those bad old tigers did right dad?" he asked me.

"Yes son… I never killed anybody like those bad old tigers," came my answer with a slight stutter.

"If only that were the truth."