I stare at the gate before me and try to repress a shudder of anticipation. I fail. The guard scands my ID and eyes me. I can tell he thinks I'm too new to the job for what I'm about to do, especially doing it alone. I smile, knowing he won't be able to see me underneath my helmet. He clearly didn't see my ability list. I'm designed for places like this one. The guard passes my ID to his partner, who slides it through some machine before handing it back to me and giving me the go-ahead. They may think I'm too young, but that hasn't stopped me before. This place is overrun, and everyone else has nearly abandoned it, except when a contact gives an important tip about swome activity, which doesn't happen often. That's one of the reasons I chose it. It means that guards are less likely to deny me access. The gate behind me closes, and the security gate opens into my destination. Boomtown.