Torture and Temptation


The room was nearly pitch black. Dim moonlight penetrated through ajar balcony glass door was the only known source of light. The wind blew inside reluctantly as it whispered a lullaby, an order that told him to go sleep. But he couldn't. Not with a train of thought racing in his head.

So he just sat there on the edge of his bed holding his head with both of his hands as it was going to fall. He tried to analyze his doubts. He was really aware that what he was about to do was not without consequences but he did not know how to convince himself.

The clock ticked annoyingly on the bedside table and it somehow increased his anxiety level. He brushed his blonde hair with his slender hand and screamed inwardly.

He was drawn from his thought when the door cracked open slowly. He turned his head towards the door and sighed lazily.

"What takes you so long, Tai?". He asked casually trying not to sound anxious.

Yamato Ishida was indeed always wearing a thick mask, covering his true colours of feelings and thoughts everytime he talked or acted. Even in front of his boyfriend, Taichi Yagami, he never seemed to put it off. He always tried to look strong and tough. But deep inside, he did not know why he did that.

There stood a brunette on the doorway with a clumsy grin spread across his face. His brown eyes seemed dull due to the lack of light in the room. He shrugged and quietly shut the door behind him.

"It's not that I have left you rotten for years, Matt."

Typical Taichi. Never seemed to be burdened by anything. He was definitely one hundred eighty degrees different compared to the blonde. Always careless and free, expressing himself explicitly. He rarely got sad or mad over something but once it happened, there could be a lethal disaster. He always made sure everything went as he wanted it to be. That was what Matt liked mostly from Tai. He seemed to be able to cover the blonde's fragile inner side.

The brunette walked across the room eagerly. The grin on his face was now getting wider.

"You can't wait any longer, huh?". He whispered teasingly in front of the blonde's face while his hand gently reached on the back of the blonde's head.

"Tai, I don't think...". The blonde tried to resist despite he did not really know if he wanted to.

"Shhh..". The brunette cut him off and reached on the blonde's chin pulling his head closer.

"Relax Matt.". He placed the tip of his index finger on the blonde's cherry lips.

"You told me you don't mind, right?".

Matt just gulped and stared blankly. At this very moment, he was unsure of what to do. So he just shut his eyes and tried to figure out what he was really willing to feel.

As soon as he let his instinct to lead he felt Tai's warm lips brushed slowly against his. Tai kissed him gently, licking the lower of his lips and practically pushing his tongue in order to make an entrance. All doubts and anxieties in Matt's head suddenly melted. He did not quite know why but that kiss somehow had taken him off guard.

He let Tai's tongue to enter his mouth. He deepened the kiss by hastily reaching his hands to the back of the brunette's neck. Tai smiled inwardly and took this opportunity by exploring every corner of the blonde's mouth. He put his hands around the blonde's waist and pointed him to lay down on his back.

Once Tai on top of the blonde, they kissed more passionately. They only broke the kiss due to the lack of oxygen on their systems.

Soon their clothes were splattered across the floor. Tai was now caressing the blonde's bare chest while his lips teasingly licking and semi-biting his neck. Feeling so overwhelmed and excited, the blonde could not help himself from escaping moans in pleasure. His whole body shivered and electrified as he was struck by lighting jolt.

The brunette undoubtedly went lower until he reached Matt's pale nipples and teased them with his lips. Feeling the tip of Matt's growing manhood touching his stomach, he smirked. He soon found his hands stroking the whole length of Matt's member up and down.

Matt groaned even louder. It was clear that he enjoyed every second of this moment. He suddenly flinched when he felt Tai's wet mouth sucking his erection. He felt like he was being in paradise.

Tai stopped and licked his fingers in order to get it wet. He then circled Matt's arse hole with his slick fingers before pushing one digit in. Matt flinched when he felt unnecessary hurt but soon he let out a small moan when the uncomfortable feelings be replaced by pleasure. Tai had touched that excitement spot.

He screamed inwardly as Tai pushed another finger to his entrance and continued to rub them against that spot. The brunette could see that Matt went more and more excited. Hearing his moans was enough to make his member grew harder. He chuckled and got on his knees.

He pulled Matt's closer, placing one of the blonde's leg on his shoulder and spread his thigh.

Matt felt the tip of the brunette's erection pressed against his wet hole. It hurt. He bit his lower lip to prevent himself from screaming. His hand gripped tightly onto the bed sheet as the brunette started to thrust in and out slowly.

Matt looked into the brunette's eyes pointedly telling the brunette to increase the pace. Tai smiled and did so. They both screamed from the intense pleasure jolting their bodies. They drowned, pulled down from reality into magical world that they wished would never end but then...


The door banged open without warning. The atmosphere of warm lust and pleasure in that room was suddenly transformed into fearful tense. Like deer stuck in the headlight, they both froze in shock. The blinding light from the hall soaked on every inch of their naked form. Tai shifted uncomfortably trying to hide embarrassment and mostly fear.

"D-Dad...". Matt stuttered. He knew his voice was trembling. Being interrupted during sex with a guy who people thought was your best friend was not the best feeling in the world. He could feel his heart pounding harshly as it was going to escape from his ribcage.

Being pulled back to reality, he tried to collect his sanity. He was about to deal with a significant issue.


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