Note!: Hello, it's Katie here, I'm Jay's elder sister, and Jay (aka Captain Narcolepsy, as you might have guessed by the moment) granted me access to his account to post this.

My brother was hit by a car on July tenth, and he was in hospital until two days ago. They fixed him pretty well, so his life is not in danger, but both of his wrists were severely damaged, so I'm afraid Jay will not be typing any time soon to avoid straining them (and, sadly, his casts wouldn't let him type or write, anyway) (and yes, he is sitting here right now and dictates to me as I type).

He asks forgiveness and says he feels really guilty that he might not be able to continue and might have to drop the fic, "Sorry to disappoint you guys. I really feel bad about that."

He also adds that you might be dissatisfied with the fact that the chapter update appeared to be a Note only, but we talked about that and decided that it'd be better that you know what the problem is, and don't have to waste your time on waiting for updates.

Finally, Jay says thank you to his readers, apologizes once again, and wishes you good luck.

Using the right temporarily granted to me by the author, I suspend this piece of fanfiction particularly and the whole account in general for unknown period. Thank you for your attention.