Darcie POV

Back home had never felt so good. After a few weeks in the City our house was finally tidy and fixed and we could move back in. I managed to collect all my belongings from my time staying at that mansion with Vincent. There had been no trouble with any pirates stepping up to take Hook's place, in fact their ship hadn't been spotted for a while. I could tell Peter was getting bored with no pirates to fight off. I was in the forest with Peter and he pulled something out of the pocket of his trousers. It was a small satchel of glowing dust, fairy dust. He fiddled with it in his hands before speaking. 'Darcie, can I teach you to fly?' He asked, I laughed a bit.

'Peter, I'm afraid of heights! I can hardly cope when you're carrying me let alone on my own.' I said.

'Please?' He slightly baby talked. I sighed and nodded. He jumped up to his feet and I stood up too. 'You have to promise not to tell anyone the secret though.'

'I promise.' I smiled and he got some fairy dust and sprinkled it over me. 'What are you doing?'

'You'll see, now think of the happiest thought you can.' It wasn't hard to think of a happy thought. A good majority of my happy thoughts were about Peter. I was looking at Peter smirking, we were at the same eye level but I couldn't feel the ground below my feet. I looked down only to realise, there was no ground only clouds. I screamed and began to fall only for Peter to catch me. 'Darcie you have to keep thinking happy thoughts. I won't let you fall.' I nodded and continued thinking about Peter, luckily I stayed up. It was beginning to be quite relaxing and we didn't seem as high up. 'See? It's not so bad.' He smiled. 'Let's go see the mermaids!' He took my hand and we flew down to their little cove. I wasn't a massive fan of this idea but, it would be funny to see how the mermaids reacted to him. He was always bragging to people how he was worshipped by them. We floated down on a rock and Peter quickly whispered 'don't get close, they could drown you.' Oh lovely.

'Peter!' One of them screeched in joy. She had beautiful green eyes and fiery tangled red hair. They all looked up from what they were doing and gasped in admiration when they saw Peter. One of them had clear blue eyes and curly blonde hair and another had jet black bobbed hair with stunning red lips. There were a few more, all equally as beautiful as each other. All of them had magnificent gold shimmering tails.

'Hello girls!' Peter chimed and they all swooned. I smirked a bit, he wasn't joking when he said they all worshipped him. I stood a bit behind Peter, not wanting to get drowned. The blonde mermaid looked at me up and down.

'Who is that?' She pointed at me. Peter looked back and smiled.

'That's Darcie.' He smiled at them, I waved slightly and the blonde one frowned and crossed her arms.

'Oh, that girl you said you loved.' She scolded slightly. I smiled as Peter blushed slightly. 'She isn't much.' These mermaids were so rude. Peter seemed to ignore their rude comments. The mermaid with black hair fluttered her eyelashes at Peter.

'Please tell us a story Peter?' She smiled, he smiled back, his dazzling smile made them start fanning themselves. It was actually unbelievable how much they were hypnotised almost by him.

'Ok, when I cut off Hook's hand?' He smiled, the blonde one pouted.

'No, we've heard that one recently! A different one!' She sulked.

'How about the time when I was captured by Hook on the cliff's edge?' They all gasped in amazement and begged him to carry on with the story. 'I had flown up to the cliffs right over there,' He pointed at some jagged looking cliffs, 'It had been a while since I last saw Hook. I was lying on my back, minding my own business when suddenly I hear a voice…'

'Peter Pan, having a mid-afternoon nap?' Hook said, I jolted up but I was caught by two pirates by my arms. 'I haven't see you in a while Pan, not since this happened.' He raised his Hook.

'How original Hook, a hook as a hand. If I were you I would have had a codfish to replace my hand if we were going name wise.' I smirked and he rolled his eyes.

'My, you have grown, last time I saw you, you were merely 14, now you're older. Still a boy but old enough to know better than not to steal. Now, where is my treasure?' I had hidden his stash of gold where no one would ever find it. I smirked at him and shrugged.

'I don't have it.' I laughed, Hook grew angrier and angrier.

'You rotten child, tell me where it is!' He spat. I shook my head. He then motioned to his men. 'I think it's about time you had a nice view from the bottom of the ocean Pan.' I noticed they had dragged a huge anchor up to the cliff. I was tied down to the anchor. 'Last chance Pan. Tell me where it is and you won't plunge to your doom.'

'Go ahead and chuck me off the cliff, but trust me Neverland won't be the same.' Where my hands were tied behind me around the anchor I began cutting with my dagger.

'What do you mean?' He hissed. Then I shot up in victory flying high above him.

'Neverland needs me you old codfish!' I laughed and he glared at me, I laughed smugly and flew off. I heard him roar after me.

'I'll get you Pan!'

All the mermaids applauded him and gushed their compliments again.

'Oh Peter, you're so brave!' One with deep brown hair sighed.

'What new adventures will you have now Hook's gone?' The red head asked concerned.

'Oh, don't worry! There's plenty more adventures out there!' He smiled again and they all looked like they were about to faint. 'Now, as much as I love being here with you, we have to get back.' He said to them.

'She can go, you stay!' The black haired one said, I rolled my eyes. Peter shook his head.

'I have to go find another adventure…' He tempted them as one took his hand. They all chattered in excitement as we quickly departed. We flew up to the skies and flew back to the woods. I smiled as we got back to the house. 'What?' He smiled.

'That was entertaining.' I smiled, he tilted his head. 'Oh Peter! Oh, you're so handsome! Marry me, be my mermaid prince!' I mocked in their high, annoying voices. He laughed and opened the house door. I sat on the sofa and he sat by my side. 'School tomorrow.' I frowned; he groaned and put his head back.

'We could always skip…' He whispered in my ear, I laughed and shook my head.

'No, c'mon it won't be so bad. We can at least have a normal day.' I said as I kicked off my little shoes.

'Normal is boring, I am the best thing about that school.' He smiled, I shook my head and scoffed.

'Again, your modesty!' He laughed at me and hugged me.

'At least we have some lessons together, you're the best thing about that school in my eyes.' I was glad to get back to school and not hang around in the City. School for me was a place of peace and quiet; no one really flirted with or ogled Peter and could be creative with my acting. I needed to get distracted from everything bad that has happened.