What is wrong with you?

You are very hideous.

So please get a life.

He knew he was a demigod.

He also knew this "godly father" of his had healing powers.

And good looks.

So naturally, he was reckless.

He got all the girls.

Or maybe the girls got him.

He never cared for following the rules.

And he didn't know what a haiku was.

He was young.

Too young for a hero's life.

But that's not how it ended.

He steps off the curb.

His mother's arm snaps out.

Too late.

A bus speed by.

So does his life, in front of his eyes.

All the ads he made.

All the chances he didn't take.

Hits him.

And so does the bus.

Taunting him, mocking him.

What good are you?

He sees his latest advertisement.

His cocky smile, eyes lowered seductively.

He prays for his father to help him.

He's too late.

He walks pass the man in the Italian jacket.

Steps on the boat without paying.

He regrets the day he didn't listen to his mother.