Warhead had won Twisted Metal.

It was time to see Calypso and claim his prize.

The old Camaro plowed through the glass wall of Calypso's office and slid to a stop.

"Hell of an entrance" said Calypso as Warhead unstrapped himself, popped the passenger door open, pushed out a small ramp and rolled out of the car in his wheelchair.

(Surprise! Warhead is a paraplegic.)

"Please, have a seat" said Calypso, turning around, "oh, I see you brought your own."

Warhead glared at Calypso then said, "Calypso, I want revenge."

"Oh, come now" said Calypso, "I was only kidding."

"not on you" said Warhead, "The man responsible for putting me in this wheelchair. I want to watch him die."

"Uh huh" said Calypso, "do you know who was responsible?"

"No" said Warhead, "but I know it was someone's fault that I wrecked. I want to know who so I can shoot him in the head."

"So..." said Calypso, "you want to go back in time, find the one responsible and kill him?"

Warhead nodded. "Exactly" he said.

Calypso smiled and said, "your wish... Is... Granted."

The office suddenly disappeared, and they were sitting in the handicapped section of a grandstand, watching a car race.

"aaah" said Calypso, "I just love a good car race."

"Why did you bring me here?" Warhead asked.

"Look around you" said Calypso, "don't you recognize this place? This is where you had the wreck that nearly killed you... The one that paralyzed you... The one that you seek revenge for..."

Warhead turned back to the track and saw a familiar car zoom past. He would have recognized the black and yellow Camaro anywhere. It was his car.

"And Warhead grabs the lead with only one lap to go!" yelled the announcer.

Warhead watched closely, waiting for someone to bump his car... Remembering that this was where he crashed.

Suddenly, the car broke loose, fishtailed, then spun out and crashed into the wall at 150 mph.

"Oh my god" said Warhead as the crowd gasped.

It was then that he remembered the ugly truth. He had been so caught up in the moment... So focused on the finish line... That he forgot to slow down to make the turn and as a result, crash.

"I was responsible..." he said in shock.

Calypso handed him a pistol and said, "you wished to shoot the one responsible."

Warhead couldn't stop himself. He slowly brought the gun to his head and pulled the trigger, splattering his brains everywhere.

Later, after Calypso had returned to his office...

The camera pans over Calypso's shelf of momentos from wishes he has granted. Newly added to the collection is a newspaper with a headline that reads:


Under the paper, is a small plaque that reads, 'Warhead: 2012'

Calypso smiles into the camera and says, "I'm Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal."