"Never Was And Never Will Be"

By: 25rhieannerain

DISCLAIMER: Obviously, I do not own Alec or Max or anything that is related to the two series I chose to write a story about because if I do, I wouldn't be writing a story about Alec and Max together. Alec's going straight to my bedroom, no questions asked. :)

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing a DA/SPN crossover story so please be nice (if you have any intention of reading and reviewing, that is)! And I'm really really sorry for the lack of an original plot and title. I'm obsessed with Evanescence so I'll probably use some of their song titles/lyrics on more than one occasion and I really loved that episode from Supernatural entitled "What Is And What Should Never Be" so... I guess that pretty much explains everything. I'm really nervous... please enjoy!


Having been a true-blue Manticore soldier for 20 years (not to mention having an in borne ability to attract everyone and everything - including trouble), Alec McDowell had had his fair share of critical injuries and life-threatening situations in his young life. However, getting dizzy all of the sudden and passing out cold in the streets were two things Alec wouldn't classify as run-of-the-mill despite of his apparent passion for playing tag with his eternally bud, Death.

Struggling to open his eyelids, the effort with which it took for him to perform the simple task irking him to no end, he managed to part them into mere slits, giving him a swaying, blurring vision of...

"Max?" Alec asked dubiously, blinking hard as he tried to make sense of what was in front of him. He was lying on a nice, comfy bed in a nice, comfy hospital room which most definitely wasn't Terminal City's pathetic "Medical". He would have paid more attention to those facts if Max wasn't...

Hovering worriedly above me... and has... tears in her eyes? Oh man, I must have hit my head pretty hard on the ground when I passed out! Alec thought aloud as he tried to prop himself up with his elbow, realizing immediately that it was a mistake when a wave of vertigo hit him and his vision started dancing with the stars.

He tried to move his right hand to put it to his head, and that's when he felt it – Max's hand... wrapped in his.

Huh! Max is holding my hand... now that tops the list of the weirdest things that happened to me today!

"Alec, just take it easy, all right? How are you feeling, baby?" Max murmured endearingly, all the while wiping away the tears that almost fell from her eyes with her free hand.

"Scratch that! What... what did you just call me, 'B-baby'?" Alec stammered in utter bewilderment, the painful throbbing in his head increasing with every passing second.

"Uhm... yeah? There a problem?" Max answered, feeling a little unnerved that the term of endearment seemed to have ticked Alec off.

"No," Alec said while shaking his head. "Except that it officially tops the list of the weirdest things that happened to me today!"

"Honey," Max cooed, her hands reaching out to gently ease him back to the bed. "What are you talking about?"

"Max, are you all right?" Alec inquired, worry creasing his otherwise smooth forehead.

"I'm not the one connected to an IV drip, love. Now lie down and relax, will you? I'll tell the doc you're awake."

"No, no, no, no. That's not right. You're... you're supposed to call me 'dumbass' or 'smartass' or... or any other adjective that goes with the word 'ass'! You don't call me 'baby' or... or... or 'honey'... not even in my wildest... dirtiest dreams!" Alec exclaimed without as much a pause, leaving him gasping for breath as soon as he was done.

"All right. Now I'm officially freaked out, Alec. I'll go get the doctor, find out if that 'mild' head trauma of yours is making you –"

"That... that's it!" He cut her off mid-sentence. "The head trauma, I... I... I'm having some sort of... psychotic breakdown like... like Ben! Oh man, I –"

"Wha—What the hell are you talking about, Alec?" Max was looking as pale as Alec now, her apprehension increasing with every stupid-nonsense that came out of Alec's mouth. "You think your twin is crazy? Well, Ben is actually outside, talking to the medical staff in case you need to stay here a little longer. Given the state of mind you're in right now, you'll probably have to stay longer, a lot longer!"

"Wait! Ben... he's... he's alive?"

"Oh my God... Alec... what the hell happened to you?" Max eyes were the size of an owl's at this point.

"Yeah, yeah, I guess that's a good place to start. What... what happened to me before I -" He paused for a few moments, rubbing his temples with his thumbs and trying to collect his thoughts amid the serious throbbing of his head.

"I... I went out of Jam Pony to deliver some packages and then I... ugh... almost run over this woman while I was riding my bike so... she jumped out of the way and dropped to the ground. I got off... helped her get back on her feet. And then that's when things started spinning around like... God, my head hurts just thinking about it! And then I started walking towards my bike... but I didn't quite make it because I was already swaying..." He paused to pinch the bridge of his nose. "And that's when things went black. God, still doesn't explain how the hell—"

"Stop, Alec, Just... stop...stop." Max ordered, palms turned towards him as if in surrender. "You said you came out of Jam Pony, right? Then what the hell do you mean by delivering packages? Riding a bike? Seriously, what the-."

"What? Max, Jam Pony's always full of packages and bikes. Hell, Jam Pony's got nothing but packages and bikes! Don't... don't tell me old Normal's courier business turned into a freakin' huge business venture while I was busy playing Sleeping Beauty here. Because that's... that's even weirder than Ben being outside this room alive and talking and all!" Alec said with a humorless smirk whilst Max shot him a flabbergasted gaze.

Max remained staring that way for a minute... and another minute... and another minute until finally, Alec couldn't take it anymore. Dragging the IV pole along with him, he started towards her. He paused when he spotted a fork on a table where Max was leaning. He seized the object and then, in a fraction of a second, managed to stab four tiny holes on the back of his left hand.

Utterly shocked by Alec's sudden psychotic action, Max froze, momentarily unable to budge from her position on the right side of the table even while Alec bit down a scream from erupting from his mouth and doubled over from the pain he had foolishly inflicted himself.

"My God! What the hell was that for!" Max yelled furiously as he helped Alec to his feet and sat him at the edge of the bed.

"M-max," Alec stuttered, wincing as he squeezed his injured hand. "This isn't a dream."

"Yeah, it's not." Max replied absent-mindedly. "I'll go and get the doctor before you stab your other hand just to convince yourself that this isn't a dream."

With a speed that belied his current state of weakness, Alec grabbed Max by the shoulders and sat her in a chair a little harsher than he intended.

"Alec, let go, you're gonna hurt yourself! You're... you're gonna hurt us both!"

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not... gonna do that, Max." Alec assured her, although it was not as assuring as he would have liked what with his speech starting to slur and his vision fading in and out of focus.

"I'm about... 5 minutes from passing out on you now. So we're gonna do this real quick... all right?"

"Alec, please, I have to get your doctor. You look like crap" Max begged, her eyes wearing that imploring sheen that Alec had never seen in his life. He would have given into it if he hadn't known what the medical staff would do should Max tell them what she thought was probably happening to him – knock him out for several hours with a strong sedative before he could even clear out some of the thick fog that gathered in his head.

"Max, please." He begged, his eyes mirroring the same sheen that Max was wearing in her eyes. She nodded and let her limbs hang loose under the weight of his hands.

"This isn't a dream. But it's most definitely not... real! Max, I almost fainted over these pathetic... holes! They're not even supposed to hurt like a bitch!" he said fiercely, dangling his injured hand in front of her face.

"I think I'm not... me. Hell, I even took a punch to my severely injured shoulder from you and went back to deliver six packages the next day! And you... you're not you too because you're calling me "baby" and you're... mollycoddling me. And Ben... well, obviously, he's not Ben! Unless the medical staff is talking to a rotten zombie or if Manticore resurrected him like they did to Zack which I doubt very seriously then he can't be Ben!" he said with as much force and conviction as he could muster, ignoring the fact that he was truly less than five minutes away from shutting down.

"Alec, you're not –"

"Five... No... Four minutes, Max. You've got four minutes to tell me who I am supposed to be in this... alternate universe. And then I'll pass out, I promise."


"Just humour me, Max."

"All right," Max began, her hands making their way to Alec's just in case he was really less than five minutes away from keeling over.

"You're Alec McDowell... You're 22 years old and you're –"

"I figured that much, Max." Alec interrupted. "Let's just... skip to the parts... that would explain why I'm not supposed to work as bike messenger. And... of course... why you're coddling me and calling me 'baby'."

Max let out a dramatic, long-suffering sigh... and then smiled slightly at her baby's apparent naiveté. "You're too beautiful and too talented to just be a bike messenger, Alec. You're the famous main vocalist/pianist of 'Barcode'."

"Barcode?" Alec asked groggily, his eyes half-closed now.

"Yeah, 'Barcode'. That's the name of your world-renowned rock band. We came up with it together in the grocery." Max said matter-of-factly.

Alec would have laughed outright at the absurdity of it all under different circumstances, but with the red and black dots careening in his vision and precious consciousness slipping away, he knew he only had strength for a question... or two.

"And you're calling me "baby" and grocery-shopping with me because... what, I'm your 'boyfriend' here?"

Max couldn't help a smirk from appearing on her face. "More like husband."



"Ugh... Gotta go."

And from that moment on, 22-year-old Alec McDowell had set a record for himself – passing out in front of a girl twice in one day.


So, what do you lovely readers think? Should I continue or just keep this crap to myself?