Brennan walked easily through the halls of the psychiatric care centre. Though none of them talked about it anymore, she was fairly certain most of them still came to pay Zach a visit. She adjusted her grip on the handle of the car-carrier, Christine asleep inside. She had shown Zach pictures before, but this was going to be their first meeting. She wasn't worried. Zach didn't pose any harm, he only had at one point due to Gormogon's faulty logic. When she had corrected his logic, he was immediately remorseful, and hadn't allowed himself to be swayed since then. She had slowly come to grips with what he'd done. Gormogon had likely chosen him for a number of reasons, Sweets had explained to her very rationally. In confusion about his place in the world after being sent home from the Army, highly intelligent, unaffected by death, with access to the silver skeleton. All it took was a small bit of logic, twisted so infinitesimally that he didn't realize it until she pointed it out. Every once in a while she'd wonder how many people he killed, but then she reminded herself that he was past that and bringing it up would make them both upset.

"Hey, Zach." She smiled, entering the plain room where he sat, setting Christine's seat on the table.

"Hello, Dr. Brennan. Hello, Christine." He grinned, his naturally wavy hair slightly longer than she remembered. He never called her by any sort of nickname, not even the 'Dr. B' that Hodgins seemed to prefer. Bones gently woke the infant, stroking her cheek with a finger. Christine gazed at Zach, eyes wide open, processing this new person. Bones trusted that he had learned from his extended family in Michigan how to interact with infants. "Hi, Christine." He smiled and waved at her, voice moving up a register, and his body movements centered around his face. His hands still bore faint scars from the grafts and regrowth. Christine smiled at him. "Hi. You're very lucky to have such smart parents, you know. I bet your big brother is going to be so protective of you when you start moving around."

"Parker already made her a mobile." Bones smiled. "He used the engine from an RC car he built with Booth, planets and axis from a model of the solar system, a Jeffersonian patch from one of my lab coats, an FBI patch from Booth's gym bag, a sound chip from a greeting card, and some family photos. That robot you gave Booth to give him that Christmas we thought we had Valley Fever might have been one of the things that sparked his interest in robotics and engineering."

"If he's starting at such an early age, and proficient enough to construct a functional mobile, you'll want to think about getting him enrolled in classes, teaching him safety measures." Zach stated. "I pinched my fingers and electrocuted myself a bit more than was necessary due to my lack of formal training at first."

"That's a good idea, Zach. Thank you." He reached out to smooth down a wisp of Christine's fine hair that was sticking up. Bones noted the security guard watching closely. Christine grabbed his hand and examined it, with him letting her do as she pleased, even beginning to teethe on his fingers. Bones noted the guard's jaw muscles were tight, his hand hovering over his taser.

"Dr. Addy doesn't pose any threat." She informed the man.

"It's alright, Dr. Brennan. I make them nervous." Zach still appeared to be focused solely on Christine, but she knew he could easily multi-task.