Parker went back to his mom Sunday evening, Booth explaining to his ex-wife what had happened and that Parker might have some questions.

Bones and Booth went to the Jeffersonian as usual Monday morning, but there wasn't a case to complete, and they weren't working on bones from Limbo. Arastoo was told to take a day off. Bones had sent an email Sunday evening while Booth made some calls to the FBI explaining what happened and requesting a grief counselor for Tuesday if anyone would want to talk about it. Her email simply told everyone to meet in her office, she wasn't sure how soon everyone would get the news, so she and Booth would tell them all today. He had hardly let go of her hand since they exited the car. She sat at her desk as normal, Booth resting on the end of her couch closest to the desk. She felt the need to do something, but there was nothing to do. She started to pace, arms folded, Booth following her with his eyes. She stopped pacing when she saw Sweets, stood still. She didn't need him analyzing her, not now. He entered her office and Booth stood to hug him briefly. He held his arms open, offering Brennan a hug, but she just resumed pacing. The men sat beside each other on the couch. How was she going to do this? It was too emotional, she wasn't good with emotions. She reminded herself that Booth was there to help her. If people were going to be emotional they'd need tissues. Where would she get them? She didn't believe the supply closet stocked tissues. Sweets' office might have tissues. She stopped pacing.
"Sweets?" He looked up from his posture of holding his clasped hands to his forehead, elbows on his knees. "Does your office have tissues?" He nodded. "I'm going to go get them."
"Good idea." He nodded again.
She strode out of her office, feeling purposeful, useful. She had something to do to help get rid of her anxious energy. She walked briskly up to Sweets' office and grabbed the box of tissues on his desk, walking briskly back to her office. She set the box on her desk and resumed pacing.
"Sweetie?" She turned around into Angela hugging her tight, Brennan returned the gesture. "What's going on? Your email didn't say much-"
"I want to wait until everyone's here, Ange."
"Okay, honey." Hodgins had taken the last seat on the couch, Angela perched on the arm, the room solemn and silent. Brennan resumed pacing, arms crossed. It probably worried Hodgins and Angela, but it made her feel better.
"Doctor Brennan?" Cam stopped in the doorway as every eye in the room swiveled to her. "What's happened?"
"Come in, and I'll let everyone know." Booth stood and gave Cam his seat, moving to lean against Brennan's desk. "Okay. Um, I'm not sure how many of you know this, but I've been visiting Zach for quite a while. I received a call Friday evening from the psychiatric centre. Zach committed suicide."
"Oh, God." Angela fumbled her hand into Hodgins', who looked heartbroken, hopeless. Brennan faintly heard Cam whisper 'Zacharoni'. Everyone's posture became hunched. She crossed her arms tighter, pretended to look at a bookcase.
"He snuck into the infirmary, overdosed on insulin. He was depressed. He left me a note. He didn't believe his staying in the centre was beneficial to anyone. He started with that conclusion and made logical arguments to convince himself." Her voice cracked at the end. Again, faulty logic had taken Zach away. And this time she couldn't help him. Booth rubbed her shoulder for a few seconds. "There will be a grief counselor here tomorrow if anyone wants to talk to them. There is a small bit of good news. Zach never killed, never performed cannibalism."
"Is there-" Hodgins spoke up, voice hoarse. "Will we be investigating his death?"
"No." Her tone was final. "I- even though we treat the victims we investigate with utmost respect, I want Zach to be able to have an open casket funeral. If that's what his family wants. Booth has cards for Zach's psychologist and psychiatrist. He said any of us can give him a call if we want to talk about anything." Booth handed everyone a business card. They had one on the fridge at home. "If you want to talk to him about the events surrounding Zach's death, you're welcome to, but the Jeffersonian will not be investigating." She was confident Cam would back her up on this, but she didn't want to turn around and face the room, see her friends so upset.
"Okay." Cam stood, taking charge. Brennan turned to face her. She looked to be holding back tears. "Okay, we're not working today. I uh, I encourage everyone to uh, do what you like to deal with this news. Please don't drive drunk or do anything stupid. I'll see you tomorrow, I guess." She grabbed a tissue and walked out, pressing it to her eyes.
"Why a grief counselor?" Angela asked. "Can't Sweets-" He shook his head, staring at his clasped hands.
"I..." He took a deep breath. "I'll probably visit the grief counselor myself."

They all dealt with the news their own ways, slowly getting back to normal. After all, they still had cases to work on, the innumerable bodies in Limbo to identify...

They all attended Zach's funeral, though Booth swore he was either going to get bruises or lose a finger from Brennan clutching his hand so tightly. He just hugged her even tighter.

The End