Dearest Haymitch,
How are you down there in District 12? How do Katniss and Peeta do? I guess they are talking about me very often, aren't they? I think so because they said they'd call me as soon as you all returned home, but I never had any call coming in, so I expect the lines must be dead or something. I never proved. So, of course, they feel bad about not having had the chance to contact me, don't they? But you could at least have sent me a letter, as I do now, because neither of you seems to be interested in my well-being, and this makes me very sad.
You know I'm worried when you don't keep me in the loop? Don't you?
Nevertheless, I hope you all feel at ease and you, Haymitch, have finally solved your drinking-problems.
What about meeting some day to talk about the good old times? That would be really, really lovely.
Yours, Effie.

Hey there, Effie,
We had a good journey back home, and yah, we arrived well. Things are a little messy down here, I guess you wouldn't like it. We feel as much as ease as one is able to after returning to a completely destructed home.
Effie. Peeta and Katniss didn't call you. The lines are not dead, they work perfectly well, and you know that. Don't lie to yourself. You know they didn't call you because there are more important things to think of.
Which "good old times" do you mean? The ones when we watched Peeta and Katniss struggle for their lives? Yeah, it was great then.
Maybe I'm gonna call you.