Hello everyone, Mitsukai here once again, not for a oneshot this time, but for something... quite different. You see, I'm the type of person who writes purely on inspiration. If I see something and get inspired by it, I write it as soon as I can, but one of my problems is that when that particular inspiration fades away, I also lose interest in finishing that story. So, in effect, I have a lot of unfinished works, some of which I may not finish anymore.

And that is why I'm making this sort-of fanfic archive where I will post all of my unfinished plots and stories. I'm doing this because there may be people out there who need inspiration and hasn't found it yet; I wanted to help them at least get started on an idea that I've previously had before. That, and also, if I get enough encouragement from you all, I might just take it up again, and hopefully finish the story the next time around.

If anyone would like to adopt any of the things I will post here, just give me a private message, and I will willingly give that particular story up... on the strict condition that you will find the time and effort to finish it, and credit me for the original idea. You are allowed to change anything as you wish: characters, place and setting, and, eventually, the plot as well if you develop it further.

Of course, this would mostly be Rikkai-centric, focusing on SanadaYukimura, as well as very raw and unpolished, so yes, there are still mistakes in grammar and so forth. I will give the possible title, whole plot, and my own thoughts prior to the passage I've written, and you are all free to suggest anything that could possibly be added to the plot, and, as I've said before, everything in this archive is up for adoption.

Warnings and Disclaimers are the same as always.

Possible Title: Rainbow-Colored World

Plotline: Yukimura is born blind. As children he and Sanada meet for the first time, and started a relationship that would test their developing bond, first their friendship, then their growing love for each other. Not only was Yukimura was male but also disabled; both of them have to conquer prejudice and discrimination as their feelings grow deep and more forbidden. They will see each other in way both had never experienced before, and Sanada will show Yukimura a world of color, something that Yukimura had never seen, nor experienced in his entire life.

Thoughts: I thought about this long ago, when I wanted to write a scene about Yukimura pressing his hands against Sanada's face in an effort to "see" how he looked like. This could go both ways, with extreme angst and drama, on the other hand, with gentle sweetness and a romance that I'm sure, if in the right hands, would make some people people cry. It's very... shoujo-ish, I admit. I still want to write the aforementioned scene, though, but I really don't have an idea on how to expand that scene.

It all started when an eleven year old Sanada Genichirou was hitting a tennis ball against a wall near the park. His ball control wasn't at its best yet, and he had miscalculated the angle that he was supposed to hit his next shot, causing the green ball to ricochet away from his racket and fly over the wall into the streets. He scrambled over for it, not wanting to lose the only ball he had at the moment, going high and low... until a soft, questioning voice startled him from his search.

"Is this yours?"

The voice came from behind him, and he immediately turned, only to see a girl, just about his age, holding his tennis ball in her hand. She was smiling at him, her eyes a friendly shade of blue, wearing a simple white-collared t-shirt and beige shorts, sitting on a bench that was directly across from where he was standing.

"Yes. How did you know?" Seeing as the girl wasn't about to stand up and give the ball back to him, Sanada opted to approach the girl instead, noticing the rather strange way she looked at him when he neared. But he immediately shrugged it off as nothing, more intent of getting the ball that was resting lightly on her outstretched hand.

"It rolled by my feet earlier. I knew that someone was going to get it eventually." She explained once the ball was safely in Sanada's hands. She curled her hand and placed it on her lap, sitting almost unnaturally still, something Sanada didn't realize until later on. "Do you play tennis?" She continued, looking at Sanada without blinking, so much that it made him somewhat uncomfortable.

"Yeah, I do." Something about the girl bothered him. But she was nice, and she was pretty. Very pretty. The moment the thought went through his head Sanada blushed, and the girl didn't even seem to mind as she stared openly at Sanada's face. "What about you?"

"I wish I could." She sighed wistfully. "It sounds like a very good sport."

"You've never... seen someone play tennis before?" He asked slowly, feeling stranger by the second. She knew that she was holding a tennis ball, but she hadn't seen someone play tennis before... normally he wasn't a very talkative person, but there was something about her and her gentle prodding that compelled him to speak more.

"No." She shook her head. "In fact, I've never seen anyone play a sport before." She confessed, sounding sad, but resigned. Her hands were clenched tightly on her lap, as she continued to look in Sanada's general direction.

How was that possible? Sanada thought, his brow furrowed as he tried to understand what she meant by those words. But as he raised his head up and met her eyes, eyes of sapphire, as vibrant and as transparent as the gem itself, he saw that it wasn't focused on him. They were just there, staring at and beyond him, glazed over and almost shallow, almost lifeless if it weren't for the friendly gaze it conveyed.

She was blind.

"Oh." Sanada was speechless at the sudden epiphany. It explained a lot of things, and he looked down, suddenly embarrassed by his words. He can't believe that he was so insensitive. He might have hurt her with a careless remark he made during their short conversation. Mentally he went over his answers again, trying to see if he had in any way offended her.

She seemed to realize this as well, because she shook her head and sighed. "It's all right." She smiled kindly. "I'm used to it already. So don't apologize, if you're thinking about it."

"I didn't know–" He stammered, but her small laugh stopped him.

"I know." She smiled wider, as if it almost amused to her to hear him almost squirming in his seat. "But thank you." She smiled this time, a truly small but genuine smile that had Sanada blushing again. "Normally, when people find out, they would find an excuse and stop speaking to me. It gets tiring after a while."

What was he supposed to say? You're welcome? It's only to be expected? My pleasure? The words sounded lame even in his own mind, and so he didn't even try to reply. "Were you always... you know...?" Sanada felt awkward, not knowing what to say, almost slapping himself when the words spilled out from his lips. He was curious, but he didn't have to be so tactless!

"Blind?" She answered good-naturedly with another laugh, feeling the boy literally squirm beside her. "It's all right, you can say it. Well..." She hummed thoughtfully. "As a child I've never been able to see well, only shadows, and eventually not see at all. Am I making you uncomfortable?"

The question was so sudden that Sanada hadn't been able to think.

"No, it doesn't!" He answered a little too quickly, but when he saw her eyebrow rise in slight disbelief, he took a deep breath, and answered more slowly this time.

"No... It really doesn't. It's just that... it's surprising, that's all." He surprised himself by actually feeling the same way. "I'm not bothered by it at all." And as he said those words, he knew it to be completely true.

She relaxed a bit, seemingly hearing the sincerity in his voice, her fingers unclenching as her eyes were filled to the brim with relief. "...Thank you." Her voice wavered with emotion. "You're a very kind person, you know?"

"Kind? Me?" Sanada had been described a lot of things, but kind wasn't one of them.

She nodded, her hand reaching out and successfully touching his fingers. "You're also a very good person." She smiled at him again, sending a horde of somethings to rampage in his stomach. "You accepted my disability so easily. People like that are very rare to come by."

"No, I'm sure that there are others who would understand." He felt undeserving of her praise, but why did it make him feel so happy at the same time?

"But you're the first, outside of my family, to accept me for who I am." She took back her hand, leaving his skin still tingling. "I really appreciate it. What's your name?"

"Genichirou. Sanada Genichirou."

"Sanada-kun, then." Just for the shortest moment, her blue-eyed stare made him feel as if she was seeing everything about him, completely right through him, but it was already gone, to be replaced once again with her blank looking eyes. "I'm Yukimura Seiichi. Nice to meet you."

"Y-Yeah, you too." For a short moment, he felt pity towards her, but he knew that she wouldn't take to it kindly as she did before. Just at that moment, a woman looking to be in her late twenties to early thirties approached the two of them, her face an older version of the girl Sanada had been talking to for a while.

"Seiichi! I'm sorry, sweetheart, did I make you wait?" She was a beautiful woman, and Sanada had no doubt that Yukimura-san would also look like her mother when she grew up. "I'm so sorry it took a while."

"It's okay, Mom." Yukimura looked up and reached up her hand, smiling as her mother took it and helped her stand up. "I made a new friend today." She looked towards the direction where she heard Sanada speak. "He was very nice to me."

"Is that so?" The older woman noticed Sanada sitting on the bench, and she beamed warmly at him.

"Thank you very much for befriending my son. I was afraid that he wouldn't make any when we first moved here, but I guess you proved me wrong." She looked at the young 'girl' fondly, while Sanada gaped in shock.

He quickly rounded on the other boy, who was now giggling, looking extremely amused, and found words failing him as he could only watch, open mouthed, as the mother and son pair said their goodbyes and left, finding it incredibly ironic later that he was shocked to find out that he had been talking to a boy all along instead of finding out of his disability.

Another thing. I have something to tell you all, as early as now. It was something I promised to myself long ago, and I think I should tell you, since it would affect you the most.

Once I reach 100 complete stories in FanFiction... I will stop. Completely. It was something I said to myself, and my reasons are personal, though I could say that I simply want to feel a sense of finality and accomplishment that I've finally created so much and made so people happy. But I need some time to myself, as well as detach myself from the internet world a little bit. Please understand, and I still have a long way to go, so I'll still be around for a while.

Reviews and comments are always appreciated. I will probably update this more than usual, since I have a lot of unfinished stories stored up and I want to share them with you all.