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Where's my weapon!

Chapter 1: Where's my hammer!

"My hammer!" came a thunderous voice from down the corridor. "Where is my hammer?"

Tony peered around the corner to see a familiar Norse god kneeling pitifully on the ground. His face was in his hands and he was full on bawling.

"Thor." Tony exclaimed, rushing to the Norse god's side with worry for both the god's well-being and the well-being of the room around him. Already the desk had been knocked over and several chairs askew. Small damage considering Manhattan and all.

"Thor, calm down." Tony said hurriedly. "And tell me what's wrong. There's nothing your ole pal can't fix."

Thor rubbed his faced and sniffed loudly. "My hammer." He sobbed.

"I need more than a two word explanation, buddy." Tony said, raising one eyebrow.

"My hammer has gone missing." Thor embellished.

"Great." Tony said. "Not about your hammer I mean, but that we've got a five word answer." He slapped Thor hard on the back. "Don't worry big man. We'll find your hammer."

"Really?" Thor stood up and wiped his face. "Because it's a symbol of my pride and power. For me to lose Mjolnir…is unthinkable." Tears threatened to appear again. Tony saw this and patted the large man on the shoulder quickly.

"Not to worry." He said, sounding chipper. "Because I put a tracking device on your hammer. So we'll find it no time-"

"You what!" Thor roared. "You put some Midgarian technology on my weapon!"

"Ah…uuh…" Tony backpedalled furiously. "It was regulations. It was uumm for the better good, it was uuh-"

"It was for the sake of his little boy curiosity." A level voice cut off Tony's excuses. "He just wanted it for self-gain purposes. Ignore him Thor." It was Natasha at the doorway.

Tony shot her a murderous glare. "It was all Fury's fault!" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, right." Natasha waved him off. "Now what's this about you losing your hammer?"

"It's gone." Thor sniffled.

"When?" Natasha said, down to the facts immediately.

"Ummm I was here 15 minutes ago." Began Thor. "I was on a glorious mission for Director Fury who leads us to battle in outstanding splendor-"

"Keep it short, Thor." Natasha said curtly. "And Fury never led us to battle. We stole a plane and flew it to battle."

"Very well." Thor nodded somberly. "I was here 15 minutes ago for a meeting with Fury. So I placed my hammer in this room, left and came back about 10 minutes later. And my hammer wasn't where I put it."

"Maybe you misplaced it?" Tony chipped in. Natasha glared at him and he slinked behind a chair. "Shutting up now."

"Tony." Natasha said. "Where's that tracker you claim you have."

"Here." Tony complied quickly, bringing out a computer and tapping it. In seconds, a radar like screen appeared with the floor plans of SHIELD. Natasha raised one eyebrow at the floor plans but kept quiet. Somewhere on basement 3, there was a blinking blue dot. "Bingo." Tony said, tapping the dot. "Your hammer's there."

Thor looked positively delighted. "We must go retrieve it." He declared and dashed out of the room.

"Hold up!" Tony shouted after him. "You don't know the way." Then he ran after the god. Natasha followed at a slower pace. But somewhere in her chest, she felt like she knew who it was after all. She shook her head. She'd find out soon enough anyway.

Basement 3, training room 4

Thor burst into the training room, brandishing the computer he had wrestled off Tony in one hand. Loudly, he shouted "Whoever stole my hammer, return it and I promise not to punish you too much for your mischievous deeds!"

The sole figure in the training room turned around, shocked, hammer balanced on his nose.

Tony and Natasha entered soon after Thor, tumbling into his back. They rubbed their noses and peered around the god to see who the culprit was.

"Clint!" they yelled in unison.

And there was Clint in the middle of the room, Thor's hammer balanced on his nose (he looked very much like a seal). As Clint saw Natasha and Tony he stumbled and the hammer fell. Thor leaped forwards and caught his hammer.

"You took Thor's hammer?" Tony asked, face blank with surprise. "Why?"

Clint looked rather sheepish. "It looked…kinda…fun to play with."

Natasha facepalmed. "I knew it." She muttered. "Clint loves shiny stuff. And anything he can juggle. "

"Oi." Tony interjected. "He's Hawkeye, not Croweye."

Natasha shrugged. "Beats me."

They all turned around to where Thor kneeled, hugging his hammer as if it was his second skin.

"My hammer." He wept. "I have reclaimed you and I promise we will never part again."

Clint raised an eyebrow. "Who knew he was such a baby."

Natasha smacked his head.

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