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Chapter 4: Where's my bow and arrow!

"Where's my bow!" came a ragged shout from somewhere in training room 4. "My bow and arrows are missing!"

Natasha who had been in training room 5 quickly dashed into training room 4 where Clint was ransacking the room. He had turned over tables and chairs, emptied his gym bag and was punching the wall in fury now.

"What happened?" Natasha asked, immediately alert to Clint's plight. "What happen to your bow?" After all, Clint went nowhere without his bow.

"I don't know." Clint growled. "I turn around for one second to go answer Fury's call and then when I come back my bow and arrows are gone. Completely filched."

Natasha looked at Clint. Though he was wearing sunglasses, Natasha knew his eyes would be a dark steely blue.

Natasha massaged her temples, thinking. "Who would take your bow and arrow? Everyone knows not to touch your stuff." Clint had made that clear the last time Tony thought it would be fun to give archery a whirl. It had ended with an arrow peppered Ironman suit. Suffice to say, Tony never tried it again.

Which is why Natasha was extremely confused as to who might dare to take Clint's bow.

Her answer came in the form of an arrow.

The arrow came out of nowhere from around the corner and struck the ground clumsily at Clint's foot. The archer of course didn't flinch. Instead, he knelt down to pick up the arrow and weighed it one hand. Natasha knew he was calculating the trajectory and direction with which the bow had shot the arrow.

"Let's go." Clint nodded towards the left side and dashed off without waiting for a response.

Natasha sighed before following. It was like following a wild-goose chase.

Clint found another five arrows along the way. They seem to appear out of thin air and always landed inelegantly before his feet. And they always seemed to appear right when Clint was about to lose the trail.

Natasha hadn't said a word but Clint could tell even she was losing patience with this childish game. Whoever had taken his weapon and were using it in such an amateurish manner would pay.

So five arrows later, the two of them had found themselves entering the training room 10. It was empty but filled to brim with punching bugs so that it made clear sight difficult in such a forest of bags.

Clint took one step forwards and an arrow punctured his vest. Clint froze. Luckily his leather vest was thick enough that the arrow just stuck like a burr. Clint growled. He plucked his arrow and flung it back from the direction it came from.

And his aim was true, even without his bow. It hit someone without much force, but enough to make the person squeak. Natasha tossed him a gun. Then she went in for the kill, firing plastic bullets that were harmless but had enough bite to hurt.

The person yelped again.

It attracted enough attention that Tony came looking. But the minute he stepped into the room, everyone was distracted long enough that another arrow flew and pierced Tony's tweed jacket. Three more arrows flew after the first one, giving Tony the appearance of a very irritated hedgehog.

"Who…just did that?" he roared. His first thought was Clint until he saw the man standing there with a bemused smile and very empty handed. "Where's your bow?"

Clint's amused expression darkened. "Somewhere in here apparently." And whilst Clint was looking at Tony, he suddenly lifted his right arm and shot three consecutive bullets in the opposite direction. There was a flurry of alarmed movement and it was enough for Natasha. She tracked the shadowy figure and fired three precise bullets that sent a figure crashing into the open.

Clint strode over imperiously. He stood over the fallen figure and whipped off his sunglasses. And there was the culprit who stole his bow and arrows: Loki.

"Ah…" Loki grinned nervously. "Hello…" he waggled his fingers.

"Why my bow?" Clint asked tersely.

"Target practice?" Loki replied, hoping the excuse was good enough. Truth was, he had felt like a little bit of 'human' target practice that day. And the closest archery weapon was Clint's.

"I see." Clint said with a sudden wicked grin. "Shall I help you improve?"

Loki knew whatever response he was about to give would undoubtly end in his near death. So he just gave a half smile and said. "Ummm, that would be great. What sort of practice?"

Clint's smile grew even broader. "Ah, you ever heard of fox hunting? It's a little like that."

Unfortunately, Loki had never heard of fox hunting. On Asgard they only had nargle hunting. But if fox hunting was anything like nargle hunting then Loki knew it wasn't going to be good. So he looked up at Clint, offered him back his bow and gave an uneasy laugh: "Ehehehehehe…"

Later that day, Fury got a myriad of emails. At first he thought they would be complaints. Later he realized that they were excited emails thanking him for some kind of entertainment that everyone thought he'd organized but he hadn't. Something about Loki running about base like a headless chicken with fifty or so arrows sticking out of him.

Fury thought it was a load of bull. Until he walked out of his office, determined to get the truth from someone, to find everyone gathered around training room 4.

Because inside there was a queue for people to try out archery. The target was Loki. Tied tightly with rope and hanging upside down from the ceiling. Fury walked into the room speechless.

Clint spotted Fury and walked over. "Hey boss." He greeted Fury.

"What's going on agent?" Fury demanded.

Clint smirked. "Just getting all the agents some exercise with the…ah…captured fox." He shook a tin can. "And making some pocket money at the same time."

Natasha walked over. "Wanna give it a try? Only fifty cents a go."

Fury looked up at where Loki was swaying. The Norse god looked miserable hanging upside down with several arrows sticking out of him.

Fury shrugged. "Why not."

Later that evening, Clint was everyone's favorite and got treated to shwarma for dinner. It was a whole office celebration. So Loki was forgotten and left to spend the night upside down.

He vowed never get on Clint's bad side again.

It was too prickly to risk.

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