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Their laughter woke her up.

Katie Gardner yawned, sitting up and stretching as far as her limbs would allow without cramping up. She ran a hand through her long brown hair, groaning inwardly—she could hear the Stoll twins' fits of chuckling from outside her cabin, and she knew they were up to something yet again.

And then, from somewhere outside, a girl shrieked. The door to the Demeter cabin burst open and Katie's half-sister, Miranda Gardiner, looking half-crazed and a little panicked. Her brown eyes were wide and half of her straight black hair was frizzed.

"Katie," she said, her voice panicked. She was panting. "You better see this."


Katie rolled out of her very comfortable bed and picked herself off the floor, groaning. "What'd they do this time?" she asked, shuffling outside. The bright light shone in her eyes, and she used her right hand as a visor over her eyes, shielding the UV rays.

"Look at the roof," said Miranda.

Oh, gods.

Sitting on her roof to her cabin were two very identical boys in matching orange shirts and cargo shorts. They were snickering and laughing and high-fiving each other. One of them, clearly taller when they sat, stopped the ruckus with his brother and grinned downward at Katie.

"Mornin', Katie-Flower."

"Travis." her voice was tight as she hissed through her teeth. "What're you doing—" her voice faltered as she saw what was around them.

Gods of Olympus.

"Travis!" she yelled this time, and her mind went into overdrive. The grass around the twins' feet started curling around their ankles and shoes, tightening and not letting go.

"Um, Katie—" Connor Stoll began warningly, pulling out his knife.

The roof—her roof—of her cabin was decorated with brown bunnies. Chocolate Easter bunnies. Katie was so angry at Travis and Connor that she couldn't control what she was doing.


Voices blurred together; Katie could see the grass-vines creeping up the twins' legs—it was almost at their knees now. Anger made her see red—

"Katie Gardner."

Chiron's stern voice shook her out of her reverie. Her anger drained away slowly as she faced the old centaur, and out of the corner of her eye she saw the grass vines leave Connor and Travis's legs. "What in the name of Zeus is going on?" the centaur demanded.

"Connor and Travis"—Katie had trouble not spitting out the names—"decorated the top of the Demeter cabin with chocolate Easter bunnies!"

Chiron looked up at the boys with that sad disappointment, like he expected them to lie low for a while. Yeah, right, Katie thought with an inward snort. "Boys," he said. "You know that pranks aren't tolerated outside the Hermes cabin."

"Aw, come on, Chiron!" Connor exclaimed, waving a hand like he was dismissing the matter. "It was just for laughs!"

Katie's anger rose. She caught Travis staring at her, but he blushed tersely and turned away. "But we shouldn't have done it," Travis murmured to his brother. "Come on, dude. I'll grab the bunnies and toss 'em down. We can throw them at the new kid in our cabin, okay?"

"Travis!" Connor whined, looking like a five-year-old kid who wasn't getting the lollipop he wanted. "What's gotten into you? Ever since you—"

"As much as you would like to get off clean, which is probably why you decided against keeping them up there," said Chiron tautly, his arms crossed against his green My other car is a centaur! shirt. "You both have kitchen duty for a month."

"A month?" said Connor, his jaw dropping. Travis sighed and nodded, grabbing the chocolate bunnies nearest him.

Katie narrowed her eyes at the older twin. What was with him?

"Girls, breakfast is in half an hour." Chiron said, less angry. He turned to Katie and Miranda. "And Katie, lighten up next time. We don't want to have a new story about how grass killed people, yes?"

A blush splashed the cabin leader's cheeks; she nodded and turned back to go inside the cabin when a voice stopped her.


It was Travis. He'd already hopped down from the roof, his brother dropping bunny after bunny (it was quite hilarious, but Katie didn't laugh). "Look," he said, a sigh passing his lips, "I'm sorry. It was only a prank, and you know we were going to take them down, but I—"

Katie rolled her eyes. "Save it, Travis." she said, turning back to the cabin. As she walked inside, Connor groaned.

"I told you," he said, "that she was not the right girl to have a crush on."

"Shut up, Connor!" Travis yelled, and a crash followed—he must have pounced on his brother, probably dropping the chocolate bunnies in the process.

Katie stopped dead, the door swinging shut behind her. Her brain was going back into overdrive, but not because of anger.


She inhaled deeply, trying to process what he'd said. I told you that she was not the right girl to have a crush on.

Connor said that to Travis; Connor said that to Travis?

Travis . . .

Had a crush on her?

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