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"Oh, gods."

Travis grinned at his gaping wife as their second-born son shoved two chocolate ears in his mouth, his mouth covered inside and out with the sweet candy. Their daughter laughed at her brother's idiocy as she smiled up at her parents.

"Do I get one?" she asked sweetly.

Katie groaned at her husband and turned to her daughter. "No, Bella," she told her, shooting a glare at the grinning son of Hermes beside her. "Your father should have known better than to give Jonathan an Easter bunny."

Bella giggled and widened her big blue eyes. "Is it because of the stories?" she asked.

"Unfortunately . . ." muttered Katie. "Yes."

Their daughter giggled again and put on the bunny-ear headband she'd gotten. The snowy white ears with the pink insides stuck straight up as Bella made a goofy face at her father, which she'd inherited from the man she was making the face at.

Travis grinned just as goofily back as he wrapped his arm around Katie's waist and pulled her close. "You know," he whispered in her ear, making her shiver. "I think you want to see the roof."


Jonathan and Bella hopped off their chairs and pulled on their mother's hands as her eyes widened in surprise. Travis disappeared out the back way; Katie and her two children skid to a stop outside and turned around.

Bella giggled.

"Why, hello there!" a boy that looked just like her husband, only shorter, waved from above. An elfish grin was on his face and he looked like he just wanted to be there. "How are you today, Katie-Flower?"

"Connor?" Katie furrowed her eyebrows. "What're you—"

Another head popped up from behind the roof. A head followed the body; finally, the person sat, and Katie found herself staring into her husband's blue eyes. "Hey there. Do you like the decorations?"

Gods of Olympus.

Katie found herself doubling over and laughing, found her daughter placing a small hand on her shoulder and asking if she was okay, found her son cheering and yelling to his father that she liked it. She could hear Travis and Connor high-fiving each other and cheering as well, knowing they'd won.

When Katie finally stood straight, she grinned for another quick moment, and then said, "Travis, dear, would you be so kind to clear the roof for me?"

Travis pouted. "But, Katie-Flower,—"

And then the grass was traveling up their legs and tightening around them, not letting go. It seemed to have a mind of its own as Katie grinned evilly from below.

"Okay! Okay! We'll clear it, we'll clear it!" Travis yelled, panicking; the grass receded and Katie lowered her hand, still grinning.

That should teach him not to decorate their roof with chocolate Easter bunnies.

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um, just for clarification, bella is around eight and jonathan is like five or four. katie and travis have been married for about ten years, so she's about thirty.. connor's married to someone we don't know. they live in manhattan as usual, and bella knows about her parents being demigods and such. jonathan's too young. :D

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