It's only the beginning...

That day the sky wasn't perfectly clear as some clouds were wandering on the blue sky. They had a grey shade, but it didn't seem to be threatening.

It was a nice morning; the wind was blowing gently, carrying with it some white and pink petals along the city.

The boy was staying in his bed looking at the clouds. It was quiet, very quite. The sunlight was flooding the window, but its light seemed, somehow...hmmm...unreal.

He was bored since he had nothing to do. It was Saturday, so he had no school and he had done his homework the day before. Karin, Yuzu and his idiotic father went to the Mall to buy some clothes. 'I should have gone with them' he thought and then he sighed. Rukia left the Real World to visit her brother and Kon and Ririn went to Urahara's shop, most probably to piss that guy off, but knowing Urahara, he would piss them off instead.

Even in his head was quiet. He didn't see his Hollow since Ichigo defeated him. "Why isn't he here trying to scare the crap out off me as he always did before? Well, I'm sure he didn't disappear because I use his powers sometimes, but why is he so damn quiet? No matter how I look at it it's suspicious." Ichigo thought and sighed again.

He closed his eyes weariy. A lot has happened recently. He met the Vizards and they helped him to rule his Hollow. Then Orihime was kidnapped by the Arrancars so he went to Hueco Mundo to take her back. He and his friends managed to get her back and now he could live his life peacefully. But could he?

He didn't need peace although he did not realize that. He didn't realize that he wanted to fight either. Deep down in his soul was I imprisoned that desire to kill everyone. That chain that tied his dark and insane desires started to weaken. And all these things happened inside him and he didn't even know.

"I'm bored, King! Too peacefully…an' ya feel da same." a hoarse voice said in his head.

Ichigo opened his eyes surprised and his Hollow started to smirk at his King.

"Didja think ya got rid off me?" the Hollow said with his hoarse voice then it started to laugh hysterically as he always did. "Nu-uh. Don't try ta deceive yerself… Ya'll never get rid off meh. Ya CAN'T get rid off me." it said.

"Go away!" Ichigo said firmly.

"As ya wish" the Hollow said and smirked slyly before he vanished in darkness.

Ichigo sighed again.

"So the idiot did not disappear…but I already knew that." said the orangette being sad.

He didn't like his Hollow because that guy...thing or whatever he or it was, always tried to mock the orangette. The thing was a parasite which must be destroyed.

Ichigo looked at the sky again and then he observed that the sky was cloudy. As he lay in his bed he fell asleep having a strange dream…