Chapter 18

Taste me

His body landed on the bed like a leaf, making the bed creack. Pale lips curled in a sly, hungry grin, revealing sharp white teeth, like a predator's. The orangette's face flushed crimson red and his hands automatically covered his face. But the albino on top of him didn't seem to agree with this, so he gripped Ichigo's hands.

"Yer face's cute. Why da ya hide 't?" Shirosaki said in a low, cunning voice, a combination between a cat and a snake. He lowered his head without any warning and stopped his lips on the tanned neck. His breath was cold sending shivers down the carrot top's spine. Azure tongue peaked outside massaging the freshly washed skin. It smelled of mint and faintly of strawberry. Sharp teeth sunk suddenly in the flesh.

"Ah!" a rather loud moan escaped his lips. Mentally, his hollow grinned. He pressed his snow-like body against the teen's gaining more moans from him. Oh, his hollow was kind of satisfied to see his King like that.

"Ya kinda like it, huh?" he taunted knowing that his Ichigo would never admit it, despite his desperate moans. But, for Hichigo's surprise, Ichigo nodded faintly, unable to speak. The albino grinned and attacked the flesh of his neck hungrily, like a beast feasts of its prey. It surprised Ichigo and that made him moan louder and grab Shirosaki's hair fiercefuly. Hichigo growled and bit harder planning creating a huge deep purple hickey. He started to suck on the spot.

"Ah, Sh-Shiro-saki! Damn it!" Ichigo shouted and the albino retreated glance at his sweet prey.

"Ya get excited easily, dontcha, Ichi?" at that the carrot top blushed and felt like smacking the hollow. He chuckled amused. "Don't need ta feel embarrassed. I like it...when you moan my name" he leaned and whispered in his ear seductively and after that he blew hot air. Ichigo felt how his head heated and for a second he felt like he was floating...his thoughts, his mind exploded in a million tiny stars and for a moment he only felt the pleasure. How could he get so excited by just a whisper and some hot air? Well, he didn't care to find the answer. He wanted more of it. More. And quickly. But he was also stubborn and prideful so he wouldn't say it. No, sir, no.

Hichigo had figured out what his mate wanted, only that he didn't want to give it to him without the teen making an effort. He went further tasting with his pale lips the freshly washed tanned skin of his shinigami. His touch felt a bit tingly and Ichigo bit his lower lip. More.Still he wouldn't say it.

The albino decided to tease him some more. It looked like Ichigo was enjoying it anyway. He ran his cold blue tongue over his nipple quickly and he gained a pleasured yelp from the teen under him. He caught it between his sharp white, like a predator's, teeth and bit it not so gently Ichigo would have expected him to.

"Mmmm..Shiro-Shirosaki. It..ah..hurts..." the orangette said, though truth to be told, it didn't hurt that much. He only liked to wail as in a response for Shirosaki's disobedience of his needs, his wishes. But it was only Ichigo's fault since he didn't demand it directly.

"Oh, shut up. Ya like it, anyway, ya lil' masochist!" he stated seeing right through Ichigo's poor disguise. Shirosaki's tongue started to draw little circles on his pink erect nipple which made Ichigo bite his lower lip harder in order to keep his mouth shut. Shirosaki wanted to make him not only moan, but scream so he dived further and started to suck on it furiously as his hands began to wander on his stomach, his long cold fingers brushing slightly against some spots he thought that they were sensitive. And, oh, they were.

"Mmm..Sh-Shiro.." Oh, so he was shortening his name. The hollow liked how it sounded coming from the teen's sweet mouth and he went up to capture a kiss. A powerful, hungry lusty kiss which turned into a battle of dominance. Ichigo's hot muscle tried to gain control over the situation, but he gave in easily after Shirosaki brushed his fingertips over his skin. He was so close to the region the towel covered and that made Ichigo shiver in anticipation.

"Do ya want more, Ichi?" he whispered in a dark low voice against his neck and Ichigo growled. "Beg me. Order me ta touch ya," the intensity of his voice increased, demanding his willingness like the monster he was. Ichigo's body thrilled with excitement and fear? to his words. "Do ya think I don't know how much I affect ya?" Nailed it. Ichigo's heart skipped a beat, excitement building up fast. "I know ya crave for my touch just as much as I do" he told him in his dark watery voice and then, he bit the lobe of his ear sending a shiver through his spine. To arouse him even more his hand massaged the bulge in his towel. "Tell me ya want me," he said between hungry kisses on his jawline.

"I-I..uh" he started.

"Yes, Ichi?" his index slipped under the towel.

"Mmm..I-I think..." Ichigo hesitated. Shirosaki decided to play further.

"Yes, my King?" he played with the words on his tongue, as if he were rolling them, saying them slowly to increase suspense.

"Touch me," his command came in the end. Firm, yet a bit shy, unsure if he was supposed to let go of his huge pride and sink that low as in begging the albino to touch him there.

"As ye wish, Ichigo" he answered in a husky, almost pained with hunger voice, a wide grin spread across his face exposing his sharp teeth, before he, without hesitation, grabbed the towel and tossed it to the ground the next second, exposing his hard member.

Ichigo blushed deeply feeling completely exposed to the hungry beast Shirosaki obviously was. 'I feel so naked,' he thought. Well, duuh. Stupid. You are naked! Shirosaki saw that Ichigo stiffened and turned his golden orbs to look at him, slightly worried.

"What is it, Ichigo?" no tease in his voice, no arrogance, only worry. Ichigo frowned while changing different shades of red.

"I-I...I feel naked," he said in a small voice. Normally, Shirosaki would have burst into laughter, but this time he only smiled and lay next to the orangette.

"Well, ya kinda are naked, yanno," he stated pointing at his lower region. "But that's ok. Yer beautiful, so ya shouldn't feel ashamed," his inverted eyes fixed his cocoa pools intensely, but his voice was almost soft, gentle.
"I should confess ya are damn sexy," he said, this time his voice less soft, but intense, the words seemed like velvet to Ichigo. His face was burning.

Then Shirosaki did something unexpected. His snow-like thumb ran over the tanned cheek gently, lovingly as his liquid gold eyes stared at him with...affection? Ichigo had been caught unprepared for this, his mocha pools just stared back as his heart wasn't sure if it could keep a steady pace.

"It's ok. If yer not ready, we can wait," Shirosaki threw the bomb. What the...? Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise. Since when was Shirosaki all understanding and gentle? Well..shit if he understood anything lately regarding the pale guy who lived in his head.

"Are you sure?" he asked still not believing it.

"Sure. I want ya ta be ready, ta enjoy it, yanno," he explained shifting closer to Ichigo, but there was nothing sexual in it. "I know. I know ya don't fully understand why. But trust me. I'll stay around long enough for ya to understand. Let's get ta know each other better, shall we?" he proposed taking Ichigo's hand in his. Ichigo nodded and Shirosaki's arms wrapped around his body protectively.

The evening had fallen upon Karakura Town, a peaceful of late summer evening.