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Bella looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. She was five feet four and a hundred and thirty pounds. She wasn't a fat girl according to her doctor but kids at school thought different. She was teased by everyone and also pushed around and bullied by the most gorgeous creature human race had ever seen- Edward Anthony Cullen. He had been her friend while growing up but in fourth grade he became distant and not long after his hurtful words began. But it got worse with the years. As they became teenagers it was obvious that Edward hated her. Well, everyone hated her in fact. But coming from someone who had been her only friend it hurt worse. He was six feet three, two hundred pounds of muscle, messy gold-copperish hair, greenest eyes ever, pale skin, jaw that could cut glass, straight nose that had a slightly bump after a football match and pink pouty lips. Edward was perfection and she was plain- even ugly if she was honest with herself. Long brown wavy hair, plump body, chocolate eyes, too pale to look healthy and her nose was too tiny and pointed. She thought she resembled a pig and she had been told so too… by Edward of course.

She would always wear clothes that were too big for her frame. She had learnt that from previous experience. When she was thirteen she still looked like a child. She had not had her period yet and she had a chubby face. Her hips were growing as well as her breasts and her belly wasn't flat. Charlie, her careless father, wouldn't buy her clothes as much as she needed and the ones she had been wearing were tighter than usual. She had arrived at school; face down staring at her feet and with a cereal bar wrapped in her little left hand. She hadn't had time to have breakfast that morning so she had picked up the bar to eat at least a snack before class. But she ran into Edward in her way to the classroom and he pushed her roughly against the wall with a murderous look in his eyes, while Bella's filled up with tears as her head hit the cold stone. Edward was five inches shorter than his actual height at that time but he had already played sports for a couple of years, so he was bigger and a good eight inches taller than Bella.

"Fuck you Swan! Are those tight clothes stopping your blood in its way to your brain? Or are you just plain stupid?" a crowd had already formed in the hallway and they were staring at the scared girl that looked like a fifth grader. Edward tugged her waistband, pulled her t-shirt up and then pinched her love handles." See this? It's disgusting. You are disgusting. Hey guys, come closer, isn't she a fat pig?" everyone looked at the girl and burst into a fit of laughter after seeing the little bit of skin popping out of her jeans. Bella's eyes finally released her tears and Edward ran his finger through her jaw." truth hurts?"

He pushed her away and left her sobbing. Kids returned to their business and moved on. But Bella didn't. It got stuck in her memory and she bought new clothes after that. Huge clothes after that. And she was teased by that too, asked if she needed even more space to grow, more space for her fat ass.

Last week had been the worse in months. Her father was hardly ever at home, he would always stay at Sue's with her and her perfect daughter. Edward had left a few bruises on her arms and back and Tanya had made her fall with her lunch twice. Friday night had been the worst in years. Bella had had a shitty day at school- she had seen Edward kissing with Tanya, and Jessica and Lauren. He was a man whore- but she liked him. She thought she was a masochist, but she had seen him with his family and he was a different boy, hugging his twin, kissing his mother cheek, laughing with his father. And it was a true smile, not the ones she saw at school. But that didn't change that he hurt her from Monday to Friday. And to make matters worse his father was her doctor. She had done her homework and listened to music that Friday afternoon when her father arrived, but he didn't stay. He stood by the couch and said:

"Bella I'm having dinner with Sue and Leah, I'm not coming back until Sunday. They're making some veggie recipe, you should try to eat that you know? It'd be good for ya kiddo, Leah eats that stuff everyday and you've seen how good that kid looks. Don't say up late. Bye"

And she sat there, speechless. Even her father thought she was fat, he preferred Leah over her- because Leah was thin and tall with black straight hair, big hazel eyes and perfect school grades. She was the daughter he wished he had. Why would he have a framed picture of him with Sue and Leah and none with her then? She knew that he had wanted her to be with her mother, but Renée had left them when Bella was nine and she had never come back. It wasn't Bella's fault, she didn't even look like her, or him for that matter. She had gotten most of her facial features from her grandmother. She didn't have dinner that night and cried herself to sleep. Next day she decided she would diet, she would be better, she had to.

And here she was today, a week later, it was Friday again and she had been in a terrible mood all week. The lack of food and the extra hours studying and walking to the forest and back had made their toll. She was going to buy a scale. She had seen Edward's father, Carlisle, for a check-up three weeks before the incident with her father and the scale marked the hundred and thirty pounds she hated so much. She was also anxious and she had begun smoking once a day. No one cared anyway; her father was staying with Sue, again… but this time he was spending the whole week with his girlfriend, lover or whatever she should call that woman. Edward had seemed to enjoy seeing her more quiet than usual and so had his sluts. They had laughed at her in gym and shoved her against the lockers when she kicked Jessica's bag. It wasn't her intention, she was clumsy and had tripped but they didn't care. No one ever cared.

She climbed into her truck, lighted a cigarette and drove through the wet streets of Forks. It was raining, as usual, and the weather matched her demeanor. Everyone who looked at her could see that she was always withdrawn and far away from everyone. She parked, went into the store and bought the damn white box that would be her judge for the next months. The woman at the store looked at her with sad eyes, pity and Bella could get her message: "Another pathetic girl trying to change herself". She didn't care... well, she did but no one had to know that. She put her headphones on after leaving the scale on the passenger's seat and drive away from the old lady, from the pills, from the scales.

When she arrived at home she ran to her room on the second floor, with her backpack on her right shoulder and the scale under her left arm. Something really reckless for someone as clumsy as her, she could trip with her own feet. She closed her bedroom's door, left the backpack on her bed and took the scale out of its box. She placed it on the floor, next to her closet and stripped. Stood on the judging machine and after taking a shaky breath she looks down. One hundred and twenty four pounds. She had lost six pounds, but the number was still horrendous. Fuck, no more fruit for dinner. She knew her daily intake was less than half of what she would have before, but she didn't care. It was going to help her, it really was. No more pushing around, no more teasing, no more nicknames, no more "fat ass", no more…

She hid the scale and the box in her closet, between her sneakers' boxes. She closed the doors and let herself fall on the floor, hugging her knees. Everything was going to be okay, and she kept chanting her mantra until she calmed down. She put some sweatpants and a tank top on and then headed downstairs to make a cup of tea. The floor was dirty; she would have to mop it tomorrow. Hell, she had a lot of cleaning to do, Charlie did nothing at home and furniture kept getting layers of dust when she wouldn't have cleaned for a while. She drank her tea sitting on the kitchen small table while moving her legs up and down slowly. She stayed there, looking at the swaying trees and drinking her tea until there was no more liquid. She hopped down, washed the blue cup and then sighed. She did that a lot; she had to stop doing it.

That evening she did all her homework, some exercise and then showered. Brushing her wavy hair and the knots hurt but she did it anyway. She brushed her teeth, went to her room and after undressing lay on the double bed. She put her headphones on and set her iPod on shuffle. Half an hour later she fell asleep and dreamt of a happier future.

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