Chapter 1

P.S italic is for thoughts or flashback, bold for sound effects

Ash, May, Max and Brock are currently travelling in Unova. Both Ash and May had decided to take a break from getting badges and ribbons, hence they decided to just travel and have fun. Max, of course, didn't want to be left out, and Ash had decided to get Brock along too.

*On a ship to Unova*

"Wow, this is still as exciting as it was when we travel last time. Maybe we should just travel for fun sometimes!" Ash told the others as they aboard the ship.

"Ha, I thought you'd never suggest that!" Brock said as the trio proceeds to find their rooms.

"Why not? It's fun! Right, Pikachu?" Ash turned to his buddy.

"Pika!" of course Pikachu agreed. He jumped off Ash's shoulder and ran off ahead the others, making Ash glancing to May instead.

"Hey May, you alright? You don't look happy."

"What? Of course I'm excited! I just miss my mum a little."

"Wow really?" Ash took in what May said, not even suspecting anything. Max glanced at his sister for a while, a flashback appearing in his head...

"Sis? What's wrong?" Max asked in concern. May had been sitting on her bed for a long time, just staring at an album she placed on her lap. She finally looked up when she heard her brother's voice.

"Huh? I'm fine Max."

Max didn't believe her. He jumped up her bed and sat beside her. The album she was looking at showed pictures they took when both of them were travelling in Hoenn. Of course most of them had Ash and Brock in them too.

"You miss them?"

"Yeah... it's been so long..."

"But you just chatted with them through the phone a while ago!"

May sighed, as she touched Ash's face in the photo with her finger, "You won't understand, Max..."

"...Oh! I know! You like Ash!"

May immediately blushed at his comment. She flung herself towards the door, checked that no one is outside, closed and locked it, and leaped right back into bed. Throughout the whole process, Max was just watching his sister, like she had gone crazy.


"Max, how do you know?" May whispered. She wondered if she was showing it way too obviously.

"Well, Brock told me..."


"Gahhh! My ears, MAY!"

"Oh sorry... how did HE know?"

"Well, I noticed that your face often turns red whenever you talk to Ash back then... So I asked Brock, and he told me you probably... like Ash..."

May calmed down as she hears these, relieved that at least Ash doesn't know.

"So... you do?"

"Yeah..." May replied, blushing yet again.

"Coool... well go tell him!" Max was obviously excited about it. He had always hoped that Ash was his big brother or someone closer instead of just a friend.

"Max it's not that easy! Guys are supposed to be the ones to do all these kinda stuffs! And Ash is so dense... I don't even know if he likes me...the way I like him..."


"Don't tell anyone okay?"

"Okie Dokie! My mouth is zipped!"

May smiled and hugged Max tight. Ever since they travelled with Ash and Brock, Max has grown up a little, and knows when to be serious and when appropriate to joke around. May was really grateful for that, as the bond between the two has grown bigger than before.

"Hello? Earth to Max?"

"Oh! Sorry! Yeah?" Max quickly replied, hoping that no one caught him dazing off. But it was too late, as the other three were staring at him like he turned into a pokémon.

"Well," said Brock with a sigh, "Are you alright?"

"Er... Yup?"

"Then why don't you put down your bag?" Ash asked

"Oh yeah! Haha sorry!"

"I hope you're okay?" May asked this time. Lucky for Max she didn't know what he was thinking about.

"Yup I'm alright! Come on Ash, race you to the food!"

"Haha, wanna race me?" Ash replied and hurried off behind Max, leaving May and Brock behind in the room.

"Well... let's go..." Brock suggested, sweat dropping to the whole situation.

*On a certain airship*

"Are you sure, he is worth the hunt?"

"Absolutely, Hunter J, this boy has an incredibly strong aura surrounding him. If we can get him on our hands, nothing is impossible from then on."

"I see. Alright, since you trust my skills so much I just accept your offer. But Giovanni, I'm sure you know that I've only been known for hunting pokémon."

"Yes, but with your high tech gadgets, getting that boy shouldn't be hard."

"I see. And exactly how are you going to get him on your side?"

"No need to; that will take ages. I shall just use my newly invented gadget, something that can absorb power, and get his aura from him."

"Well, you do have a proper plan. Then it's a deal. But allow me to have some moments with the kid before I hand him over to you. You see I've always had this little enmity with this particular boy."

"That's fine with me. Just get him alive to me, and I shall pay you as we agreed."


The conversation window shuts off, leaving a profile on the screen. Hunter J stared at the photo for a while, before saving the profile.

"Well, Ash Ketchum. Seems like we're meeting again..."