Chapter 30

*On Route 14*

"I love you, Ash."

"I love you too, May."

May giggled, "Say that again!"


"I didn't really hear that."

"I love you." Ash said with his eyes closed.

"Hey! Say it while you're looking me in the eyes!"

"Fine! I love you! I love you! I love you! I LOVE YOU! Happy?"

"Haha!" May chuckled and nodded her head. Ash smiled and pulled her closer to him.

"Wish you could keep saying it though."

"I don't have to. I just have to keep loving you." Ash said innocently.

"Wow… I didn't you could be so romantic…" May blushed upon hearing him

"Huh? …Why not?"

"Well, you're pretty dense at the first place…"

"Hey I'm not THAT dense you know!" Ash said with a pout, which resulted into another round of pinching by May.

"Awww you're so cute! But you are dense once in a while. Admit it!"






"Fine! What's a kiss?"

Ash stared at May with a bored expression, "I know what's that…"

May smiled, "Then give me one."

Before Ash could say another word, May has her eyes closed, waiting for him. Ash gulped since it is his first time kissing a girl on the lips. He took in a deep breath, closed his eyes and leaned in.

"Ohhh, so sweet~"

Both Ash and May snapped their eyes open. Beside them was Team Rocket. Jessie and Meowth slapped James right on the head.

"Great! Thanks to you we can't take them by surprise!" Jessie scolded

"Team Rocket! Seriously?!" May stared at them furiously for ruining such a wonderful moment.

"Forget it! Time for plan B: Snatch and Go!" Meowth said, aiming a mini rocket towards the couple.

Ash immediately stepped forward, "Wait! I haven't got the chance to say thank you!"

"Huh, what for?" the three looked at him strangely, unable to accept his sudden friendliness.

Ash smiled. "Well, you guys saved my life. In fact, you saved all of us! That meant a lot to me."

"Oh, that…" Team Rocket went silent for a while.

"Dawn was right," Ash continued, "you guys aren't that bad. Thank you."

Much to Ash and May's surprise, Team Rocket started sniffing and wiping their eyes.

"Well, we can't actually leave you there and die." James started

"Yeah, we have human feelings too." Jessie said

"As for me, pokémon feelings." Meowth added

"If you die, we can't chase after Pikachu anymore!"

"Without Pikachu, we can't promote to be Team Rocket's new boss!"

"You mean so much to us, Twerp!"

"Erm... I'm not sure if that sounds right." May said

"Either way, I just wanted to thank you. Really." Ash said gratefully

"Well, okay…"

"You're welcome…"

"Yeah… And now, plan B! Snatch Pikachu and GO!" Meowth aimed the mini rocket once again.

"Seriously?" Ash sweat dropped.

May shrugged, "Well, some things just never change."

"But Pikachu's not here anyway. He's with the- huh?!" Just as he was saying, the mini rocket zoomed past Ash and May, and captured Pikachu who was behind them.


"Captured! Now, run!" Team Rocket hurried behind some trees, soon the familiar hot air balloon rise up.

"Come on, again?" May said.

Ash sighed, "Nah, they're just bored."

May turned to him, "But aren't you gonna save Pikachu?"

"Of course I am!" Ash created an aura sphere almost immediately. With a fling, he tossed it towards the balloon, which exploded upon contact. As the smoke develop, Pikachu fell down towards Ash.

"Pikachu! You okay, buddy?"


"Haha, that's great!"

"Team Rocket's blasting off again!" Ash, May and Pikachu looked as Team Rocket flew off.

"So, I thought you were with the others?" Ash asked Pikachu

Pikachu smiled sheepishly and scratched his head.

"I bet he was spying on us, right?" May guessed

"Pika!" realizing that he's been found out, Pikachu jumped out of Ash's arms and hurried off.

"I didn't know Pikachu likes spying on people…" Ash commented, silently reminding himself to lessen Pikachu's ketchup treat later.

"Well…" May played with her fingers as she waits for Ash to notice her.


"Are you forgetting my request, mister pokémon master?"

"Oh, that…" Ash chuckled

"…So?" May asked impatiently. She began to wonder if Ash was even willing to. But her doubts immediately vanish as Ash leans in and closes the gap between them. The two kissed passionately, enjoying the company of each other.

[Author's Note: And The End! Special thanks to all of my readers and followers and reviewers XD Hope you enjoyed the fanfic:P]