Chapter 34

Clark Palmer had had over four months to plan his exit from Boston and Jordan Cavanaugh's life. He had spent some of his time, while supposedly looking for work, searching the streets of Boston for a nameless, faceless, homeless person that matched his and Rabb's height and build. Impersonating Rabb had been much simpler because of the similarities in their physical appearance. Even though he was technically one quarter inch taller than Harm, no one ever noticed that slight difference.

The first time he'd 'become' Rabb, he had faked a sore throat to cover the fact that he hadn't had the time to study and copy Harm's voice patterns. His time in prison had given him ample hours to overcome that obstacle. If Jordan had the years of exposure that Rabb's JAG family had, she would have never been able to tell the difference. As it was, her limited time with him would most likely have not made the extensive preparation necessary.

When the time came for this getaway, he had instructed the homeless guy to meet him at the airport the morning Jordan was leaving for Virginia. He had taken off the clothes he'd worn to the airport and gave them to the new Harmon Rabb. He removed his 'Harm' mask and assisted his replacement to put it on. Then, he delivered the payment to the man he'd hired. There had been several hundred dollars in cash in Harm's wallet as well as all the credit cards he had been using with Rabb's name on them. The penniless street person was more than thrilled with the nearly fifteen thousand accumulated credit limits on them.

Palmer had no qualms about letting the man charge the cards to the limits since he had no intention of paying the bills. He would also be long gone by the time those bills arrived at the address he had shared with Jordan.

Safely hundreds of miles from Boston, using his new identity, Palmer had a good meal before spending some time on the town. He then returned to his upscale hotel room at about 2am, where he turned on the television to catch the news before going to bed for the night.

He was very surprised to hear the announcer say:

"This report just in to ZNN: Delta flight 5201 which took off from Boston MS crashed tonight in the Rocky Mountains a short time after taking off from it's layover in Denver CO. The flight was the last to leave Denver International Airport at 11:35. The plane left early with its full compliment of passengers who all wanted to get off the ground before the blizzard closed the airport.

Authorities are holding out a slim chance that there might be survivors, but taking in the isolated mountainous terrain and the current inclement weather conditions, this reporter is less than hopeful. Rescue efforts can't even begin until the blizzard in the area clears.

Notables among the two hundred and eighteen passengers wer…are Senator Michael Renault, who was in Denver for his eldest daughter's wedding, seventy-two year old former child star, Tia Louise, and decorated Navy pilot, turned lawyer, Commander Harmon Rabb Jr.

We are attempting to contact family members and friends for statements on this tragedy.

Palmer clicked off the television with a chuckle and said, "I couldn't have planned that better myself! That's retribution!"