On Broken Wings

Set in season 1.

Warning: Character death

Young Justice POV

"I don't understand, I thought the Injustice League had disbanded." Wally said as news reports of the Injustice League popped up on the monitors in the Monitor Room. The whole team was there.

"Well obviously they banded again." Robin said with his usual word play.

"This is serious. The Joker said that his plan was to break all the criminals out of Belle Reve. If that happens then we are looking at a global catastrophe. They outnumber us greatly so if they all get out they could easily take over the world." Batman said in his serious monotone voice.

"So you want us to go protect Belle Reve from the Injustice League?" Kaldur asked.

"No. I just came here to inform you of the situation. The League will handle this but while we are dealing with the Injustice League we need you all to be at a safe, secure location. That is why you will all be transported to Watchtower." Batman replied. He was responded with a chorus of disappointed complaints.

"-why not?"

"-we can fight-"

"-we can help-"

"-not babies-"

"Quiet! All of you!" Batman said getting irritated. He hated when people complained. "Your help is not needed on this mission."

"We're not children, we can-!" Red Arrow screamed but quickly shut up after getting an intense bat-glare sent his way.

"Batman," Robin said to get his mentors attention, "we've fought the Injustice League before, and I'm sure the League could use our help. You said yourself the criminals outnumber the League so if we were there it could even the odds a little bit."

"No. The League can handle the Injustice League by ourselves. If they succeed in compromising Belle Reve and the super-criminals escape, then we will need your help." Batman said in a stern voice.

"So we're too weak to handle the Injustice League but he can help fight hundreds of super criminals? That doesn't sound right!" Artemis said getting the courage to talk back to Batman.

"If the criminals get out of Belle Reve then we will need you to protect civilians, not engage the criminals in battle."

"So what? We have to babysit bystanders while you and the League 'save the world'?" Superboy asked getting irritated.

"Are you implying that fighting the Injustice League is more important than saving innocent civilians?" Batman asked turning around the question. Superboy had no answer.

"So we can help only if the criminals break out of Belle Reve and even then the only thing we can help with is protecting civilians?" Zatanna asked in a neutral tone.

"Yes but the League won't allow Belle Reve to be compromised in the first place, but we still need you all up at Watchtower were you will be safe." Batman said then left without waiting for a response.


"Dude, this is so boring!" Wally complained.

"Come on, it's not that bad. We are up at Watchtower where few of us have ever been so let's just make the best of it." M'gaan said.

"I guess I could tough it out for you, babe." Wally said while getting a glare from Superboy.

"Hey, Robin, I got a question." Roy stated turning to the youngest of the group.

"Yeah, what is it Roy?"

"Batman said that Jokers' plan was to break all the criminals out of Belle Reve, right? But what reason would he have for doing that besides causing chaos?" the red archer asked.

Robin gave a dry laugh. "You answered your own question. Causing chaos is Jokers only reason. And if he does have another reason then only he knows what it is."

"It must be tough fighting a guy you can't predict."

"Sometimes it is but Joker is usually pretty bad a hand to hand combat and physical fighting. But he is really dangerous with his toxic laughing gas and all his armed henchmen. But Batman and I are always able to take them down." Robin stated.

"You must be mad that he left you out of the fight then?" Artemis said while getting into the conversation. "Because I know I'm mad that Batman wouldn't let us help."

"Yeah, I'm a little upset but Batman was right about everything he said." Admitted Robin.

"Of course you would defend the bat." Roy said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Robin asked getting a little irritated.

"You know what I mean. You always-" He was cut off by the sound of an alarm going off.

"What's going on?" M'gaan asked. Kaldur ran over to the controls.

"There has been an unauthorized access to the zeta tubes. The systems have been compromised by an outside force." Kaldur said in an uneasy voice. "Everyone, stand ready, we don't know who we are dealing with yet."

They all stood with weapons ready while the zeta beams lit up and announced the arrival of…

the Injustice League.