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Dick's POV

I feel the bullets pierce my body, I hear the zeta tubes announce the arrival of Batman, and I see him run towards me. I try so hard to fight deaths greedy hands but I'm so weak and in so much pain that I… I kind of want to die… But I want to hold on for Bruce, he's lost so much already, but I want to see my parents again… 'I'm so sorry Bruce' I want to say out loud but I no longer have the strength, I can't hold on much longer. So I let go.

I find myself in a white void of empty oblivion and I notice a bright yellow light shining off in the distance. I know you're not supposed to follow the bright light when you are dying but it just looks so warm and inviting that I can't help but go towards it.

I hear voices calling out my name as I enter the light. I recognize the voices; voices I haven't heard in years. Two figures appear and as I walk closer I realize that it's my parents. My wonderful, loving parents. I hurry towards them and embrace their warm bodies.

"Dick, I'm so glad to see you." My mother says as she wraps her arms around me. I have missed her hugs more than anything.

"But we didn't want to see you so soon." Dad states as he runs his fingers through my hair.

"I'm sorry, I didn't want to die so soon but-"

"It's okay, Dick, you don't have to apologize. It is not your fault."

"Where are we anyway?" I ask as I look around the void we occupy.

"The equinox between Earth and Heaven." Mom answers.

"Like purgatory?"

"Sort of."

"Will I be going to heaven?" I'm somewhat scared because I really want to go to heaven but I'm not sure if I'm worthy.

"Of course Dick. Why wouldn't you go to heaven?" Mother asks but I know the question needs no answer.

"Have you two been there?"

"Not yet; we've been waiting on you." Dad says and smiles. He grabs my hand and mom takes the other and they walk me forward further into the light.

"Come, let's go. I want you to meet two friends we made while we were here." Mom states excitedly.

Friends? They have friends here? That's odd. I wonder who they are; I decide to ask.

"What friends?"

"Thomas and Martha Wayne. You know their son, right?"

I freeze as my eyes go wide. Bruce's parents? I'm going to meet Bruce's parents? I wonder what they're like. Bruce never talked about them but Alfred told me a little bit about them. We walk further on and eventually two figures come into view. It was a man and a woman in their early 40's. They were dressed lavishly; obviously very wealthy. The man looked a lot like an older version of Bruce. They had to be his parents.

"Mary, John!" The woman greeted us with a warm smile.

"Martha, hi! How are you?" Mom asked the woman.

"Wonderful, thanks. Oh, who is this?" She asked, looking at me.

Dad answered. "This is our son, Dick, the one we told you all about."

"Hello Dick." He said as he shook my hand. "It's very nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too."

"I want to thank you for what you've done for our son."

"What do you mean?"

"Before he met you his life was almost meaningless. He had Gotham to protect but he became obsessive with that and that desire to be a hero consumed him. But you came along and needed someone to love you and he needed someone to love." Thomas said.

"I still don't understand."

"Bruce has that no kill rule, right?" Martha asked. "Well, after he had been Batman for a while, he began to stray from that rule. He never did take a life but he came very close many times. He was starting to consider killing some of the people he was fighting; he especially wanted to kill Tony Zukko because he had killed your parents in front of you just like how Thomas and I were killed in front of him. But you changed that when he took you in. You saved him."

I can't put into words how much that means to me. I always thought that Bruce was the one who saved me. Maybe we both saved each other.

"Well, we should be heading on now." Mom says as she takes my hand. "Will you two be coming with us?"

"No, we will wait for Bruce. I just hope he takes his time." Thomas answers.

"Alright then, goodbye, we'll see you later."

We then walked into the sun-like light and I find peace.