"APACHAI~!" A crowd of kids surrounded the big, tan, silver haired foreign man. I covered my ears at their high-pitched screams. Ugh! Stupid kids! Don't get me wrong, I'm just a teen who loves kid. But I just know way too much. I guess you can say that I grew up way too fast. Which is true.. somewhat.

See, I have no family, much less a home. I had an older brother, but he told me that he had to learn martial arts. Being 3 at the time, I didn't think that meant he'd have to abandon me. I miss him dearly, and still hope for his return even though it's been 12 years. But I chose to copy him. I wanted to learn martial arts too. I borrow martial arts books from the library, and I also test my skills on the middle school bullies. I get beaten up a lot, but I pull through, at least until now.

I picked way too many fights, I suppose. My shirt is partially torn, and so are my jeans. I have no shoes because I wore them out. "Apapapa!" I heard Apachai say as he gave a little girl a piggy back ride. I just watched in total boredom. Who was this guy, I wondered. He saw me staring and walked up to me. He stared at me, or, more precisely, my clothes, and eye patch. I have been told to have an unusual appearance. Despite my dark tan skin, black, slightly spiky hair, and my beaten up face, I had strange eyes. My right eye is completely black. No pupil at all. But my left eye is normal, highlight, pupil, and iris. Except it's bloody red. This happened to scare many adults, making sure their child stayed away from me. So I purchased an eye-patch with some money I found (and beat up punks for) to trick them into thinking I just like pirates. You eventually get used to seeing with one eye.

"How can I help you?" I asked Apachai in curiosity, with a hint of annoyance. "Apachai hasn't seen you around. Who are you?" he asked with a goofy grin on his face. I just looked at him, expressionless, and answered, "Renji...Umm.." I struggled to think of my last name. I haven't heard it in so long. Huh, sad. How do you forget your own name? "I don't seem to have a last name, sir." I admitted sheepishly. The kids all whispered. "how does he not have a last name?" "maybe he's an alien." I heard, and a vein began to pop out of my head. Idiots. Apachai gave me a strange look. "Apachai doesn't understand. You don't have a last name?" he asked, confused. I don't think this guy knows much Japanese, let alone English, my first language. Yes I know. I'm half Japanese and half American. Now shush!

"Apapapa! It does not matter! Does Renji want to play?" He did another silly grin. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not. I don't 'play,' I fight. But..I kinda liked the idea of Apachai pushing me on the swing. "Will Apachai push me on the swing?" I asked as I pointed to one of the swings. "Apachai would love to." Apachai answered as he walked with me to the swings.