School of Weirdos

A/N: Sorry for late upload, my internet was cut off…And sorry for short chapter, I have 2 FMA fics and 2 Charmed fics that need to be finished/written. Plus, I have writer's block..Hopefully the Persona fics I'm reading will cure me 3

Renji meets some very interesting students in his class..

Course of events:
I put on my red contact (Akisame said it would reduce the attention, while Miu said it'd be dumb of me to wear an eye patch), sunglasses, and school uniform. I ate my breakfast and raced to school. Along with Kenichi and Miu, of course. When Miu, Kenichi, and I walked inside the school building, I sensed something strange. "KENICHIII!" I heard a weird voice shout. Before I realized it, an alien kid was standing beside Kenichi, who looked annoyed. The guy had pointy ears, fangs, a snake tongue, green hair, and creepy eyes. "Please tell me this is the only one of t's kind.." I said to Miu. "Aww, don't be like that! Negima can be a trickster and cowardly, but knows alot about Ragnarok." Miu told me. Hmm..I could use this alien. Negima then turned to me. "Who's this guy?" he asked while examining me. "That's the new student, Renji." Kenichi told him, annoyed. "Nigima scan, activate!" Negima suddenly shouted. I rolled my eyes. He gasped. "K-Kenichi!" he screamed AGAIN. What a freak! "Dude..Quit the shouting..your gonna make the guy deaf." I sighed. "Kenichi that dude isn't normal! He's dangerous! Dangerous I say!" Negima hid behind him. "Seriously..he's not dangerous! He lives in the dojo I train in!" Kenichi told Negima. Negima looked more scared. "WITH THOSE FREAKS!" I facepalmed when he said that. Once again, I hoped he was the last of his kind...