Title: Unexpected but Welcome

Author: NCIS1990

Rated T

Disclaimer: I don't own "Grey's Anatomy" or it's characters.

Summary: Different story after 5x10 as if Lexie ended up pregnant. I know it's been done before but I wanted to give my version.

A/N: I know this is my millionth fic I've started but the ideas just don't stop popping into my head.

Chapter 1


(Lexie and other interns are waiting for Izzie at the nurse's station. Lexie gets a disturbed look on her face and then covers her mouth and starts running towards the ladies room. She runs into a stall and starts throwing up. A couple minutes later she stops and puts her head against the stall wall when she hears the door open.)

Voice: Lexie?

Lexie: Yeah?

Voice: It's Izzie, is everything okay, the other interns said you ran in here.

Lexie: Yeah, I'm fine, I just think I ate something that didn't agree with me.

(She flushes the toilet and grabs some toilet paper to wipe her mouth and comes out of the stall.)

Izzie: Lexie, this is the third day this week you've gotten sick.

Lexie: It must be that nasty flu that's going around. (She walks over to the sink and starts washing her mouth out.)

Izzie: You don't have any other symptoms as far as I can tell.

Lexie: (Spitting in the sink.) It must be just a bug then.

Izzie: Lexie, c'mon, I know I'm your resident and I'm supposed to be scary but you can talk to me, as long as you're not killing someone I have no reason to be scary and intimidating.

(Lexie sighs)

Lexie: I'm pregnant.

Izzie: Oh, um, are you sure?

Lexie: (Nods) I took 3 tests this morning, I had read that it's best to take them first thing in the morning and they all came out positive.

Izzie: How are you feeling?

Lexie: I assume you aren't just talking about my nausea?

Izzie: No.

Lexie: (Starting to cry.) I'm scared, I'm really, really scared.

Izzie: Hey. (She pulls her into a hug.) It's going to be okay.

Lexie: I don't know how, I'm 24 years old, I'm an intern, if I was going to have kids it was going to be years into the future when I finished my residency.

Izzie: I know it's not what you planned, but sometimes these things can't be planned, I learned that when I had a baby when I was 16. I gave her up for adoption so she could have a better life than I could provide for her. And then 11 years later she shows up in this hospital with Leukemia. You can't plan how life is going to go, you just have to roll with the punches.

Lexie: Maybe you're right.

(She breaks away from the hug and wipes her eyes.)

Izzie: Um, do you mind if I ask who the father is?

Lexie: No, that's fine, um, but before I tell you I'm going to ask you to please don't judge me.

Izzie: I wouldn't do that.

Lexie: Okay, (sighs) It's Mark Sloan.

Izzie: Wow!

(Lexie looks at her.)

Izzie: Sorry, I'm not judging it's just, wow, how did that happen?

Lexie: Um, see I've never been so spontaneous in my life. But, he made this woman speak for the first time in five years and that just really impressed me. So I went to his hotel room and told him something about me respecting him as a teacher and then I took off all my clothes and told him to "Teach Me".

(Izzie laughs.)

Izzie: Wow, I didn't know you could be so forward.

Lexie: Yeah, we agreed it would only be that one time but I guess one time was enough.

Izzie: It sometimes is.

Lexie: Yeah, I guess I'll just have to figure out a way to tell him. But right now we should get to rounds.

Izzie: Are you sure you're feeling okay?

Lexie: Yeah. I'll be fine. Thanks.

(Lexie goes to walk out but Izzie stops her.)

Izzie: Before we go back out there, I just have one more question.

Lexie: Okay.

Izzie: How was it? Does he really live up to his reputation?

(Lexie laughs.)

Lexie: Oh yeah.

(They both laugh as they walk out of the bathroom.)

A/N: Well, there's the first chapter, sorry no Mark but I wanted to show a chapter where Lexie could confide in someone and I always thought her and Izzie did have their friendly moments. I hope you liked it, let me know if I should continue.