Hey guys, I wanted to do a story that instead of just making Heller and Alex enemies, why not have them be friends? In this story I wanted to explore the fact that with all things considered, James and Alex are brothers, not born from the same mother, but both born from black light. Regarding Sgt. Heller I wanted to blend his former nicer, patient, and understanding personality with his rude, angry, and impatient personality in prototype 2. Alex I wanted to be completely different around James, Dana, and Amaya, in comparison to his colder personality around those not within his inner circle'. This will also be Alex with the character traits from P1, and not generic villain from P2. Most importantly I wanted to look at both characters equally, in hopes that the community will realize that we can like both, and write for both.

I wanted to put humor in it, since I figured the two would just be funny together.

This will be my third story, but I've only been writing for a few weeks or so, so forgive me for any mistakes, please enjoy guys. :)

"...How the hell?" Is the only thing Sgt. James Heller could mutter as his rival, his supposed to be dead rival, appeared on his doorstep...with flowers?

It had been nine months since Alex's defeat by Heller in Time Square, where both his arms were ripped off, and his body savagely ripped apart by sharp metal claws before being assimilated entirely. It was shortly after this that James took his daughter(after a heartfelt reunion) and Dana out of the red zone, and back to the old Heller home in the Yellow Zone. They would have left NYZ had there not been more work to do, like still defending them from Blackwatch and the small number of infected that stayed. It was a rough, awkward, start at first with him killing Dana's brother and being reunited with his daughter after so long, giving them a few problems reconnecting with each other and the constant worry of snipers looking at them through their windows. But things began to get better again and they became kind of like a real family.

Heller and his daughter grew very close to the last Mercer over the first few weeks, Amaya even beginning calling her big sister after a small amount of time. Dana started teaching the young girl how to hack into complicated security networks(and sending Rooks some rather disturbing images involving Furries). James and Dana stayed up after Amaya was asleep and just talk about everything that happened in their strange lives, all growing closer too each other.

Of course there were other things, more important things, that need to be done. When ever Blackwatch activity spiked up, Dana would send James to the correct coordinates, and he would handle the problem, a system that they had grown use to as it was a daily job for seven months, Blackwatch was so crippled by Heller's constant killing of their men, they pulled out of the Yellow and Red Zones, keeping all their remaining troops in the Green Zone. The citizens of both these zones were as happy as they could be, no more experiments, no more murders, no rapes, no stealing, no killing, everything was back to the way it was used too, and they all thanked the Athena a.k.a Dana Mercer, and Codename Hades a.k.a. James Heller as their saviors.

Even the Marines still posted in those zones, were thankful to the sergeant, and even decided against giving Blackwatch any information regarding the group. Heller became a legend amongst the Marines, even after his infection, he stayed true to the Corps, not once attacking them or anyone else who didn't deserve it.

Semper Fi

After consuming Alex, James was two times as powerful as before, as such, he used his new found strength to destroy not only Blackwatch, but the remainder of the infection. The problem was that the remaining infected where multiplying at a fast rate. There were no more walkers thanks to James's city wide Devastator, but there was Brawlers, Juggernauts, and Behemoths were still around and stronger than ever.

James then had an idea. Alex Mercer poisoned the Whitelight cure with his blood culture right? Why couldn't he just de-poison it? So he did just that. He ordered his four personal Brawlers to steal all Whitelight containers they could find, and bring it to the Empire State Building in the Red Zone. He then simply chucked the barrels all over the city, creation a huge cloud of Whitelight that destroyed every remaining infected but his own Brawlers, who were immune to the gases.

After all that work was said and done, James spent the last two months peacefully. Blackwatch stopped sending troops out to look for him, the infected were gone, and there was no evolved to kill. He simply used his 'vacation' to spend time with both Dana and Amaya, something he enjoyed greatly after all the fighting he'd been doing. He even foolishly thought that the rest of his life would be as simple as these last few months were. So when the supposed to be dead, world dominating, evil Alex Mercer showed up on his door randomly one day, with a bouquet of roses no less, needless to say that he was a little surprised.

Heller was taken from his thoughts when Mercer coughed up in his fist, and greeted awkwardly."Um...I uh brought flowers for Dana."

'Thank god they're not for me.' thought James relieved on the inside, but saying nothing outwardly.


"Is it ok if i come in?"


"*sigh*Can you say something."

"...You're Alex Mercer, right, not some kid wearing a costume, or a bum looking for a place to stay?"

"Well, Yes why-"

Alex was cut of as he received a Blacklight powered boot to the face that sent him flying through several buildings. He crashed through the walls of a large, old warehouse, landing on the wall's rubble and quickly shook off the hit. As he was getting up, he saw James dive down through the other building's rubble with a Shockwave, sending debris flying in every direction. They looked at each other for a moment, before Heller charged him again, this time with his Musclemass, an ability Alex didn't realize he had. Thinking quickly, Alex jumped over Heller and created a web of tendrils from his body that immobilized him. He then turned both of his arms into Whipfist, and furthered his hold on the angry man.

Heller struggled hard against his bonds, but found that he was unable to move except for a few inches." Let me go you bastard!"

"Not until you listen to me."

"Why the hell should I listen to you? You tried to take over the world, use my daughter, kill me, betrayed your own crazy ass evolved, and you tried to take over the world!" Heller shouted at the hooded man, who was now in front of him repeating his first reason.

Alex sighed, and responded as calmly as he could to the man." Look, I would have already tried to kill you if that was my goal right? I'll explain everything that happened to you, but you have to trust me Sgt. Heller"

'Not that I can blame him if he doesn't.'

To Alex's surprise, James sat their for a second in thought, before giving him a nod. " Alright Mercer, I'll give you the benefit of a doubt, but if you try anything, especially to my daughter, I'll rip your arms off and beat you to death with them."

Alex paused for a moment, before releasing James from his bonds, and returning his arms to normal. Heller looked at him before nodding his head back to the small house he was kicked from." We'll talk there, less eyes on us, and Dana and Maya are not home yet." Both men then took a great leap back towards Heller's home, landing with a thud on the surprisingly durable roof. Opening a hatch on the rooftop, James motioned for Alex to enter, and cautiously followed in after him.

Alex walked down the small flight of stairs, and into what he perceived to be the living room. Looking around he surprisingly saw a few pictures of his sister with the Hellers, with her looking happy, happier than he last remembered seeing her. Alex took a seat on a large, red couch, while Heller sat across from him on a black, single seat couch with a leg rest.

"So Mercer." Heller began, eying him suspiciously."You wanted talk right? So talk." James finished while staring in his enemies eyes.

'What is he up to?'

Alex sat there for a moment, looking James in the eye, before replying."I'm sorry brother." Says Alex.

"What?" Replies a now confused Heller, leaning up slightly from his chair.

Now standing up, Alex tells him again." I said I'm sorry. I Never meant for all of these people to die, or to steal your daughter from you, to hurt my sister, to turn you into a monster like I am, but I had no choice... do you remember Elizabeth Greene"?

James now stood up as well and turned to Alex with confusion now even more apparent on his face " The crazy bitch who controlled the infected in Hope and the first Manhattan outbreak?". Alex only nodded in response. "What does she have to do with this?"

" As you already know, she was consumed by me during the first outbreak in time square. Greene attempted to infect not only the city, but the world, in order to unite everyone under one mind. Sound familiar?" Asked Alex.

A dawn of understanding came to James " So she was controlling you from the inside out?"

"Yes and no," Replies Alex." my disappointment in humanity was genuine, as well as the need to change the world, but she was able to influence my mind in great lengths during my time of weakness in order to get me to go to dangerous levels to ensure that change. I didn't even know til it was too late."

" So how did you survive, you know, me consuming you? And how are you free from her control now?" asked James curiously.

"Wait no death threats, no threatening to skull fuck me(which literally happened in Prototype 2), or rip my head off?" Replies a very confused Alex" I was expecting to have to fight you again."

Letting out a small laugh, James said " Trust me, I can tell the bullshit from the truth, how do you think I came to distrust you before?"

With his own snort of amusement Alex replied " Good that's less crap to deal with"

"Now to answer your Question, I was able to slip a small piece of biomass away from my body, a second away from when you fully consumed the rest of me; thanks for that by the way. Now a tendril of biomass, I was able to sense, feel my dismembered limbs, that were taken off. I assimilated my biomass back into my being a day or two later and was able to rebuild my body."

Now turning away from James and looking at a picture of Dana on the table, he continued. " While this was happening green's consciousness was in a disoriented state. I used this to my advantage and neutralized her completely, destroying her memories and what was left of her... her voice was annoying anyway, no one wants a dog barking at them for the rest of their life...their very long life." Both men laughed at Alex's small joke, the tension in the room was now officially gone.

They stood there for a moment both in deep thought, processing everything that has happened to them over the last three years. After a minute, James slowly walked towards Alex with a small smile on his face, and extended his right hand. Alex looked at his it surprised, before a smile( Well his version of a smile, which was a light smirk) formed under his hood as well, and shook the hand of his friend, no, his brother, the only one out there like him. Neither realized that this moment would create a never ending pact of brotherhood, one that would not break, one that would empower them for the rest of their lives.

Both the prototypes, Two strongest of the beings in the world, have formed an alliance with each other.


Both men turned around as the back door to the house opened loudly, with Dana and Maya walking through. Alex stood their, eyes wide like a deer in head lights. Neither female noticed the two, as they talked with each other and walked into the kitchen, and put some groceries on the counter. Both men stood their for a moment as the woman put the groceries into their respective places, glancing at each other with a ' How do we explain this shit?' expression on their faces. It was then that Dana decided to walk out into the living room, seeing James's arm stick out of the door way, from the corner of her eye.

"Jimmy, what are y-" Her breath hitched in her throat as she saw her older brother standing there, alive, and looking back at her with his signature hood covering up any expression he may have been making. Alex looked at her for a second, before quickly sending tendrils out to recover his flowers.

He then held them out to his frozen sister" I..uh...heard women like flowers, for...an uh...apology." He said to her awkwardly. Dana looked at James for a second, then looked at the flowers, then looked at Alex, before she did something very uncharacteristic of a women as tough as her.

She fainted.

Both men stood there awkwardly for a moment, before Maya came out the kitchen as well in a quick pace, after hearing the body drop onto the wooden tiles " Dad! what happ-." she paused when her gaze met Alex's, who waved unenthusiastically at her. The 2 black light gods watched as she too fainted, and landed on Dana's still unconscious body.

Alex rubbed his forehead, before calmly saying " That could have gone better."

"No shit mercer, no shit. "

"Should we...move them?"

"No, they'll just freak out, you know how women are. They'll wake up eventually. In the mean time, do you wanna watch the game? Giants vs Steelers."

Alex looked at him amazed, before surprising James by replying "Ya sure...my money is on the Giants."