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Now please, come and read my horrific prologue!

Deep in the dark, unforgiving purgatory known as the Uncharted Lands, a dark, desolate netherworld, nestled between the lands of the true living, and the lands of the dead, was home to horrific and defying demonic creations.

Only seen by chosen candidates, those who saw these creatures never lived to return to their people to tell them of these creatures. The people died, their dark secret sealed within their forever to be closed lips.

And thus, these creatures were deemed as Soul Harvesters.

The rumors of the local folklore were actually quite accurate depicting the Soul Harvesters. Ostensibly creations of death, Soul Harvesters donned themselves an armor that was completely black and looked like devilish robes. They were covered with skulls, blue lights emitting from the skulls' eyes. Dark shadows crept uncertainly behind them, rising to an altitude well above their heads. They had awe-striking spikes and chains covering their body, and their armor was flawless in portraying their apparent belief in being creations of death.

However, perhaps their most terrifying factor was their skull-studded scythe in which they carried at all times. With blue light emitted from the scythe, and shadows creeping behind it, this scythe was not one to be revered. It struck impending doom and terror into one's body, and a calamitous impact awaited those whom the scythe was directed it.

No...the single most terrifying factor of these creations of Satan was their face. No, it was a skull. There was no ostensible skin at all, and blue light was also emitted from their eyes and from between their forever grinning teeth. To make themselves look more threatening, or perhaps to conceal something from those is faced off against, they donned themselves a black hood with seemingly spiritual light gleaming from them.

And their diet...they ate most of the corpses of those they had slain. Their tactics in fighting were most brutal and gruesome, tearing into their opponents. The feeble weapons and claws of the fighters had no impact on the Soul Harvester, whose barely visible grin struck fear into the thoughts of a soldier miles away.

Yet, it was light that they hated the most. To them, light was a reflection of death and anger. And perhaps, in a way it was true. While light was what brought mankind to the world, it was also light that afflicted calamities on people. Yes, to them, it was darkness that should reign over day. But this would not become true, unless they slew all those in the world. Beginning with the humans.

Deep in the dark, unforgiving Uncharted Lands, lay a castle. Once magnificent, it's proud prowess was reduced to mortifying failure. Blood crept along the walls, and there was no sanitarily acceptable room in the castle. No. No longer.

Blood reigned over water, decay reigned over repair...and death reigned over life. It was on this gloomy and forsaken place where a Soul Harvester was now standing.

The polluted decay of the stairs gave way to the Soul Harvester, who vigorously switched to floating up the stairs.

Claws struck against doors as the Soul Harvester prodded through them, and occasionally drank up the arbitrarily drops of blood that fell from the ceiling. To the Soul Harvester, blood was a necessity, and at the same time, was a delicacy.

Dragged along by the Soul Harvester was a trashed, human corpse, and a scarcely recognizable gnawer corpse, relieved of its fur and most of it's skin. Blood oozed from the two trashed corpses, and their organs were visible through the dim, white light reflected by their skeleton.

At last, after stalking throughout the remnants of this decaying castle for elaborate periods of time, the Soul Harvester finally turned into a bloody hall, and threw the corpses of the human and gnawer into the hall. Taking it's scythe, it grinned maliciously before it began to feast on it's main course.

Hand, scythe. Hand, scythe. This deadly duo of doom made short work of the corpses, and the Harvester quickly gulped down the food, taking sadistic glee in inhaling the blood. The ordinarily cloying, metallic taste was as good as ice cream to the Soul Harvester.

After the last trace of bone had been gnawed away, the Soul Harvester laboriously sat down, resentment reflected in it's eyes. This was far too little! It needed more blood...ahhh, how it loved blood.

Venturing to a higher altitude in the ruined castle, the Soul Harvester eventually found what it had been looking for. A room full of corpses, perhaps the remains of a massive slaughter that was directed by others. Whatever the cause, the Soul Harvester was still supplied with a supple amount of food.

Striking his scythe against a rack of weapons that lay in his path, he knocked them aside and ventured towards his potential meal.

He speared one man in the eye, yanking out the delicious appetizer. And thus, it gorged the man, and engaged in other horrific activities. Blood was spilled, blood was drinken...and bodies were eaten. A castle full of void, pure, death. What it heralded, the Soul Harvester did not know. All he took pleasure in was the potential meal he had just eaten.

And there it was again, the grumble resounding from his stomach. Go, it seemed to say. Get another meal. The Soul Harvester was tempted to disagree...but why not? One more gnawer could not hurt, could it?

The only trace of life in the castle, it was rapidly leaving as the Soul Harvester made it's way to the exit. Stepping out, an ominous grin was it's last action before it stepped through a murky blue portal that suddenly appeared in the distance. Stepping in it, it's features receded, it's scythe disappeared...

And in the distance, long after the portal had disappeared, ugly laughter resounded in the distance.

Yes, it seemed the Soul Harvester had met it's undermining goal.