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A hamartia is a fatal flaw which I thought suited Raven quite nicely


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Chapter 1.

Raven felt the rain begin to drop on her wavy, violet locks as soon as she heard the thunder rip open the sky. As the rain started to cover the city's various shops and buildings, she pulled up her hood and hid her amethyst eyes from those who wandered the streets. Not that there were many people out this late at night, but she wanted to appear unapproachable to any who looked her way. Normally, someone might question why a beautiful young girl would dare to walk the city's most dangerous streets, but she was no ordinary girl and the places she visited in her mind were far darker than anything she would encounter on the streets. She needed peace and quiet which was exactly why she left Titan's Tower.

Beast Boy and Cyborg were being way more obnoxious than usual with their video games. The memory of them yelling, the deafening volume of the TV, and the non-stop clicking, threatened to bring back Raven's headache. Starfire kept on flying around her like a bug talking about her home planet like they haven't heard about it a thousand times before and Raven was so tempted to smack her down like one. Even Robin, her closest friend, was driving her insane with the obsessive clicking of his keyboard keys researching criminal profiles. She needed to leave before she showed her friends exactly how much demon blood ran through her veins. She stood up and left the newly dubbed, "Loudest, Most Annoying Friends Ever" and retreated to her room to throw on a pair of charcoal leggings, black combat boots, and a black hoodie. She walked back to the living room to grab her communicator where the others were continuing their noise fest. She sighed. They wouldn't notice her being gone. After all, it was typical of her to disappear for hours into the solitude of her own room. Just as she headed towards the door…

"Where are you going?"

Dammit, she thought. She should've expected Robin to be the one to catch her. She looked back at her leader whose face was a mixture of curiosity and concern. He always seemed concerned about her. Which was probably good since she never had much concern for herself.

"Out," she answered in her infamous monotone as the black magic consumed her and formed into the shape of the bird that was her name. As she soared off, she faintly felt a hand grab her sleeve before pulling away.

She felt bad for leaving Robin like that but she desperately needed to meditate. The rain however, proved to be a challenge. As it fell from the sky faster, she began to feel more panicked. She felt all of her emotions trying to break free through every pore in her body. If anybody was watching her, they wouldn't be able to tell that she was an emotional time bomb. She walked the same pace and kept her head low. She was good at hiding her struggle with her inner demons. Literally.

She finally found an alley way that wasn't littered with trash and the homeless and sat up against the wall. Cool it Raven, she thought, just relax. Control your emotions. Don't let them control you. Azarath Metrion Zinthos… She repeated her mantra and started to gain back her control. A small smile appeared on her lips as she proved once again that she was the one controlling her, not her father. She was just about to open her eyes when a hand violently jerked her arm upwards.