Here is a small excerpt from chapter one of The List, the sequel to Hamartia. The rest of chapter one and chapter two are already published, so go check it out. It's rated M so it will be listed with the other stories of that rating.


A man ran through the dark streets of Jump City, stumbling as he felt his pursuer close in on him. Usually the chase was thrilled him, but this time, the rush of adrenaline terrified him. He turned down an alley praying for an escape. However, God was not on his side today and his path was blocked by a high wall. The frantic man turned around, a gun trembling in his hand. He pointed it in the alley's dark shadows knowing, feeling, the dark presence that had been chasing him.

"Back the fuck off or I'll blow your fucking brains out!"

Deadly silence answered him but his instincts knew something was there. His gun clicked into place, the sound echoing off the brick walls. From one of the shadows, an edge of a cloak barely flickered into the dim light. It was enough for the man and he pointed his gun toward the shadow, a predatory smile spreading on his face.

"I see you."

Suddenly, something whizzed through the air and knocked the gun out of his hand. He cried out in pain, gripping his bleeding hand and searching wildly for his attacker. He only saw him when the boy dropped from the building and landed feet first on the criminal. The man looked up and realized that it was no boy at all, but rather a man. A young man, but a man no doubt, with his jaw set in a stern line and his masked eyes glaring at the man on the ground. The man wiped the blood off his lip, staring up at the young hero,

"I knew I saw a cape, Boy Wonder. You're getting sloppy."

"That wasn't me."

A figure stepped out of the shadows, the face shrouded in darkness. Terror washed over him at the sight of the girl. He knew he felt her ominous presence. He felt like a child watching his worst nightmare emerge from the crevice of his closet. He stumbled backwards, trying to get away from the dark Titan he had heard so much about, so many terrible things.

"No," it came out barely a whisper, "not her."