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"Come on Matt get up! Matt come on wake up! I'll count to three and when I hit three I'm going to get some really cold water and will dump it over your head."

"Alright I'm up geez." he said sitting up.

"Get dressed. We start training with Yukimura and Sasuke today!" I said impatient to get going.

It had only been a week since we had joined the clan and already I felt like a true clan member. Matt got up and we headed over to the training grounds. Yukimura and Sasuke were already there.

"Hey you guys made it on time." commented Yukimura smiling at me. "Hahahaha very funny Yukimura. Anyways it was his fault he didn't want to get up this morning." I said looking at him. He glared at me jokingly then said

"Okay let's get on with this."

"Okay, Cloe you will start show me what you're made of." Yukimura said as he smiled.

"Alright but I won't hold back, even against you." I said as I charged.

"Ouch! Come on Cloe be gentle. That hurts!" Yukimura whined as I dabbed on some herds on his many bruises and small cuts.

"Don't be such a baby Yukimura. Maybe if you wouldn't let your guard down then Matt and I wouldn't have hit you so much." I replied as I continued my work, smiling ever so slightly.

"It was really pathetic…no offence Master Yukimura." said Sasuke from the other side of the room.

"Hey you got hit too." Yukimura he shot back.

"Not as much as you big baby." I said smirking. Matt chuckled.

"Hey did you guys know that we had pervious training." Matt drawled out, as he leaned against a nearby wall.

"That explains why you guys are so good." Yukimura grumbled. Lord Shigen walked in and laughed

"Looks like they beat you guys pretty good." He said, his voice booming off of the walls.

"Yes they are really good at fighting." said Yukimura. He laughed again then was serious again.

"I came in here to let you know that we are heading out tomorrow afternoon. We need to bring down Nobunoga before he burns everything in the Land of Rising Sun to the ground." Everyone went quiet at the Tiger of Kai's words.

"Well we be better get ready to leave then." said Matt as he got up. "Will we discuss battle strategy Lord Shigen?"

"Yes…Matt, Cloe, Yukimura, and Sasuke will you meet me in the main room tonight at Sundown."

"Yes" we said together as we went to get ready. That night we met in his main Chambers.

"This Afternoon I told you that we will be leaving to bring down Nobunoga and his followers. I sent an envoy to all northern clans to ask for their help. So far only Kenshin, the war God, has agreed to help us."

"What about Masamune Date and the Date Clan?" I asked, remembering from history class that they were very powerful.

"We have not had word, either yes or no, from the Date Clan." Lord Shigen stated as he shook his head. I could tell from the look on his face that he was disappointed by the lack of news from the Date Clan.

"What of the southern clans, surely they will want to fight. Why not send an envoy there as well?" Matt suggested as he looked at the map and pointed out all of the different Southern territories.

"Yes they would want to fight but we can't afford to send our envoy that close to Nobunoga's territory." Matt nodded in understanding but a bit crestfallen by the realization.

All of a sudden I had a great idea. "Why don't you send Matt and I to the Date Clan's territory to talk to them? Not being from any clan in particular maybe they would listen to us."

Lord Shigen thought about it for a few minutes then he said "Very well that might work. Matt and Cloe you will go to the Date Clan's territory tonight so get going."

"Okay" we said as we walked out of the room. We went to the stables where Matt picked out a pure black stallion with a wild spirit and quickly name the horse, Charlie; after a horse he had in the future. I picked out a pure white stallion with a calm demeanor that I named Marauder. We rode and rode, only stopping to let the horses drink.

We finally reach their lands when we heard someone yell "Who goes there?" Standing at the gate to Oushu was some guards, standing with hands on the hilts of their swords.

"Hello there, I am Cloe and this is my brother Matt." I called after them.

"State your business." Said the other guard tensing as he looked at us.

"Easy men." Matt said sensing the tension in the air. "We are here to speak with your Lord, Masamune Date."

"What clan are you born?" said another as they eased up a bit.

"We are born to no clan." I said looking at them.

"Okay we will take you to the Caption then." Said the first as the rest nodded. We urged the horses on to get to the village and dismounted as we reached the castle. We were walking past the garden in the castle when someone came out of one of the rooms. It was a girl and she looked really familiar. Then I recognized her

"Kogra!" I yelled. She spun around to see who called her

"Cloe is that you?" she called back.

"Well of course, who else would it be?" I said. "Cloe!" she yelled and practically tackled me.

"Can't breathe…need air…KOGRA!" I gasped as she hugged me.

She stopped hugging me and smiled. "Oh yeah…right. Anyway I had no idea that you and Matt were here."

"Yeah…we got into a terrible car wreck and when we woke we were here." I replied. Kogra nodded and laughed.

"Yeah I tripped on my pant leg and fell in a hole and I ended up here." she said smiling excitedly.

"That's soooooo cool." I said smiling. Kogra was about to speak when Matt interrupted her.

"Alright Cloe, enough peasantries we have a job to do. If you remember correctly." said Matt irritably.

"Oh Matthew! Don't be such a downer. You know you love me." Kogra said as she threw her arms around Matt, squeezing the life out of him.

"Kogra…please don't kill my brother." Cloe stated simply and watched as the small girl let Matt go. "Anyway, we are supposed to talk to Masamune Date." I said to Kogra.

"Hey I know where he is, follow me." she said as she started to walk away. We followed her down to what she called their chambers, to which I gave her a questionable look and she just smiled. "Masamune!" she called into the room excitedly.

"What is it Kogra." A voice called from behind the door.

"Some of my friends are here to speak to you." she said as she smiled brightly.

"Okay let them in then, Kogra." She led us into the room and then she kneeled next to a young man with brown shaggy hair and an eye patch over his right eye. He wore traditional Japanese cloths and I seen six swords near his rolled up bedding. We kneeled in front of the young lord and Kogra, who I noticed had her arm, entwined with his and was smiling sweetly. 'Oh great…she comes to this time and gets the Daimyo of Oushu. Fate has some strange humor.' I thought as I rolled my eyes.