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Chapter 37 – Project Sickly Sweet

Mission name: Project Sickly Sweet

Mission details: sicken Loki with overly sweet movies…

Plan suggested by: Linnadra

Loki woke up tied to the chair AGAIN. At this rate, he might as well just sleep in this chair permanently.

Loki thought he was beginning to develop chair-phobia at this rate.

"What am I watching today?" he groaned to Natasha who stood with a remote in her hand and he back to another flat screen television.

"A wonderfully sickening thing called romance." Natasha said flatly. "You should know."

"Huh?" Loki looked at her confused.

"After all you have this brilliantly romantic relationship with you 'girlfriend' right?" Natasha said scathingly.

"I'm not answering that." Loki sniffed, sensing her trap.

"Then," Natasha shrugged and pressed play. "Enjoy."

As she walked away, on the screen came the title 'Titanic'. At first Loki scoffed, believing romance to be a cake-walk.

Three minutes later into the movie, he regretted that thought.

Romance was the new genre of horror. And Loki was learning that.

The hard way.

A/N – Pft, they say the Titantic is THE romance movie. Let's let Loki experience that~ This idea came from Linnadra, something she reviewed a long time ago about making Loki watch a load of romance movies. So here it is.

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