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The heels echoing across the linoleum was the only sound heard in the empty hallway. He watched as the woman made her way to the stairs and climbed to the second floor. He grinned at the sway of her hips, almost as if she knew someone was watching and was putting on a show.

He observed her until she disappeared behind the door marked Volturi Investigations. He wondered what a beautiful young woman like her needed with a private investigator. He decided to follow her up the stairs and quietly opened the door a crack.

"Miss Swan, a pleasure to see you again."

"Thank you. I assume since you called you found something?"

He heard the shuffling of papers and then a gasp. "I'm sorry, Miss Swan. It would appear your suspicions of your fiancé were correct. My brother only had to follow him for one day to discover his secret. He decided to go on for a week, just to ensure he had all the evidence you required."

"Who is this woman?"

More papers were shuffled and what he heard next sent a shot of anger straight to his gut. "Her name is Jessica Stanley. I believe she is also engaged to be married, although at this time I do not know her fiancé's name."

"It doesn't really matter though, does it?" The woman, Miss Swan, whispered.

He could almost hear the devastation in her voice, but with a hint of something else. "Thank you Marcus. I appreciate your swift handling of this. Please express my thanks to Aro and Caius as well."

He heard the sound of her heels lightly on the carpeted floor. He slid into the shadow of the hallway, not wanting to be seen and watched again as she exited the office and headed for the stairs. He watched as she pulled her phone out of her purse and made a call.

"Rosalie, it me...I just left the office and I have all the proof I need. That mother-fucker is going down. Is everything set?...Good, I'll see you at the apartment in ten."

He waited until she had put her phone away and continued down the steps before leaving his hiding place. He followed her out the door, maintaining a discreet distance. When he saw her get in her late model Jeep, he noted the license plate and then pulled out his phone.

"Boss, I got that information for you," he listened for a minute, nodding his head. "Right away." He turned and went back inside the building. If he was pissed that the bosses girl was cheating, he could only imagine how the boss was gonna react.

He opened the door and came face to face with the man behind the desk.

"Say nothing. I made copies the minute I knew who she was. Tell him that all the negatives are in there as well." Marcus handed him the envelope.

He took it and turned and strolled out the door. He made his way to the black sedan at the corner and slid in the passenger side. The car took off before he had the door closed and headed out of town.


She walked into the apartment and found Rosalie already in the back packing her clothes. She wasn't upset, she had suspected Mike of cheating on her for months and now had the proof she needed.

"Hey," she said as she kicked off her heels.

"Let me see," Rose sat down and held out her hand.

She passed the envelope to her friend and went to get changed. The hiss made her smile. She had known Mike was stupid, but she didn't know he had a death wish.

"You do know who this is right?"

She nodded as she came back in the room, tugging her hair up in a messy bun. "I do. I never thought Mike was that stupid though. I wonder how he'll take the news."

Rosalie looked up, "He's not an idiot, Bella. Emmett said Edward has suspected Jess for a while. I have a feeling one of his guys has copies of these pictures already and is on their way to see him."

"One of them was following me at the office. He wasn't being very stealthy." Bella giggled.

Rose laughed, "Edward is not gonna like the fact you were able to spot the guy."

"Fuck Edward. We all grew up together. I know what goes on in the family. If he wants to get pissed off that I spotted his henchman then let him. I have a feeling he'll be calling anyway." Bella took the pictures back from her friend. "Come on. I wanna be outta here before the schmuck gets back."

They worked together for hours and were done packing up her belongings by the time the U-Haul got there. Emmett and Garrett appeared at the door, ready to do the grunt work.

"Hey, little sis, you okay?" Garrett asked Bella.

"I'm fine, Gar, let's get this show on the road." They loaded all of the furniture into the truck and had just put the last box in, when Bella's cell phone rang.

"Hello, Edward." Bella grinned.


He waited for Felix to get to the office. He had known Jessica was unfaithful, which was why he had refused to fuck her until they were married. Now he never would.

The unmistakable sound of a door closing had Edward sitting in his chair, waiting to find out who the fucker was that dared touch what was his. Not that he had ever wanted to marry Jess in the first place. His father had given him no choice. Now though, he would marry the one he had always wanted, he would just have to convince her first.

A knock sounded on the door breaking him of his thoughts. "Yeah," he yelled.

The door opened to reveal Felix with an envelope in his hands. He handed it to his boss and then stood back.

Edward pulled the photos out and almost laughed at the irony. "He must be stupid." He murmured to no one.

He looked at the pictures of Michael Newton and Jessica in a passionate embrace and grinned. Sure, he was pissed, but he also knew Mike had just fucked up royally. "I want him brought to me, after Bella gets her revenge. He won't see another sunrise." He informed Felix. The man nodded and left the room to carry out his assignment.

Edward smiled as he picked up his phone and called the familiar number.

"Hello, Edward."

"Hello, Isabella. I trust that you have seen the photos."

"I have. I want to know what you're planning."

Edward chuckled, "I haven't decided. I am either going to kill him, or maim him. What are you doing to him?"

He heard her laugh, "Right now Emmett and Garrett are moving all of my belongings out of his apartment, but I'm also taking all the furniture except for the bed. I don't know if you are aware, but those were taken here as well. He fucked that whore in our bed. So that is all he gets."

He heard the anger in her voice, "Where are you gonna go?"

"Em and Gar are putting this stuff in storage and I am checking into the Biltmore."

"Why don't you just come and stay here? You'll have a room all to yourself. I promise no one will disturb you." Unless you want them too, he thought.

"I don't know, let me think about it okay." He heard voices and then Bella said, "Your sister just got here with my blow ups, I'll call you later."

She was gone before he could ask what she was planning. He could only hope her revenge didn't cause her to get hurt. If it did, Mike would regret it.