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"Push, come on, Baby!" he shouted at his wife.

"One more big push!" the doctor yelled up at her from his position between her legs.

"Would you two shut the fuck up?!" she snapped from where she was hunched up on the birthing bed. Sweat poured down her face from the exertion. She bore down and pushed again, then fell back from exhaustion when she heard her baby give a lustful cry. She had tears of happiness pouring down her cheeks as they placed the baby on her belly.

"Dad, you have a waiting room full of people out there!" a nurse said as she took the baby to get cleaned up.

"Go on. Go tell everyone that we're fine, but hurry back!" His wife practically shoved him out of the room.

The smile that radiated from his face was contagious as he walked the corridor toward where his family was waiting. When he finally joined them in the waiting room, all conversation stopped.

"Well?" Everyone began at once.

"It's a girl! Kate is doing great!" Garrett announced.

Bella walked forward as quickly as her protruding belly would allow. She wrapped her big brother in a hug and smiled at him. "What have we named her?"

Garrett smiled and looked over at Edward. "Antonia Isabelle Swan. Toni, for short."

Edward stepped forward and hugged his brother-in-law. Not one of those, masculine handshake and hugs, but a real, genuine hug. Then he turned and wrapped his arms around his wife's belly.

"I'm flattered that you named your daughter after me."

Garrett nodded and then spoke. "Kate and I would like you and Bells to be her Godparents. What do you say?"

"We're honored," Bella smiled. "Now get your ass back in there to your wife and my niece."

Garrett smiled and went back down the hall, heading to his family.


Bella sank slowly to the bed and then reached her feet out to her husband. "Babe, please get these shoes off of me."

Edward chuckled at her, but knelt down and removed her little baby slippers. "Bells, your feet are swollen, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Edward, just tired. Dr. Young said it could be any day now. I was already starting to dilate at our last appointment." Bella giggled at the look on Edward's face. "Edward, keep in mind that Kate was two weeks past her due date. Technically, I'm due in a week and a half, so he could be here anytime."

Edward paled. He had known it was getting close, but suddenly he was scared. "Bella..."

Bella looked at her husband closely. She had seen him at his best and his worst. She thought after everything they had gone through with the Newton's, nothing would bother him now. She must have been wrong.

"That's right, and I am gonna execute you. You and that little bastard in your womb!" Karen raised her gun and fired.

Her aim was wide, but Bella didn't care. She squeezed the trigger on her gun and kept on squeezing until she felt a hand on her arm.

"Bella, baby, let it go. She's dead. Come on, Sweetheart, come back to me," Edward crooned.

Bella raised her eyes to Edward's, and then fell into a dead faint.

She came to and looked into the concerned green gaze of her fiancé. "Edward, what...?"

"Karen Newton escaped from prison, apparently with the assistance of Jenks. She broke in here, intent to kill you, but her aim is as bad as her planning and you killed her instead."

Bella nodded and then tears sprang to her eyes and her hand covered her belly protectively. "The baby?"

"He's fine. So are our Mom's, Kate, Alice, and Rosalie. You protected them all." Edward stroked her cheek. "Baby, how did you know? Mom said that you were fidgeting all day, and you already had your gun on you."

Bella pushed herself up to a sitting position. "I had a weird feeling ever since I woke up this morning that something bad was gonna happen, so I was pretty much on alert the entire day. When she burst in here, I was glad I was prepared."

"Edward, why are you freaking out now? After everything we have been through in the last few months, this will be a breeze."

Edward stood and walked to the window. "I just remember how close I came to losing you, both of you I wonder if something else is gonna happen."

"Edward, Karen is dead, and Jenks is in prison—probably playing bitch to some guy named Butch. Vic is back with the FBI and working on our payroll, as well. Tanya is happy and raising her kids far away from everything. The family is back on top, and things are running smoothly once again. Sweetie, we cannot let our lives be ruled by what ifs. This is the life we chose."

Edward turned and nodded at his wife. "You're right." He walked to her and leaned down to kiss her lips. "Are you ok? I have some calls to make."

"Yeah, I'm just gonna go to sleep."

Edward nodded, kissed her once more, and then left to go down to his office. He looked around their new dwelling and smiled. Bella had done a great job getting their new home decorated. After the events of that night, Bella had refused to live in the old house, so they had bought a new one. This time, they moved closer to his parents and Emmett and Rosalie, who were also expecting. Actually is seems that everyone was gonna have a baby.

Rose and Emmett were due two months after Bella, and Jasper and Alice two months after that. Esme and Renee were in grandma heaven. They had both had additions put on their homes, creating the baby suites.

Edward sat behind his desk and made his calls, checking on various shipments and his properties, when a shriek from upstairs sent him running.

Bella looked up when Edward slid to a stop at their bedroom door. "It's time!"


The family was once again sitting in the waiting area of the hospital's maternity ward.

"How long do you think it will take Bella?" Emmett wondered.

"Emmett, she will get the baby here when it's ready to get here," Esme chastised her son.

They all looked up at a throat clearing in the doorway. Edward stood there with a concerned look on his face. Renee and Esme jumped up and ran over to him.

"Is everything okay?"

"What's wrong?"

Edward held up a hand. "Nothing is wrong, at least not really. The baby is presenting breach, and Dr. Young is gonna try and turn him. If she can't, they're going to take Bella down for a cesarean."

"Ok, well keep us posted, Son. "Carlisle smiled as he led the two women back to the chairs.

Edward walked back down the hall and pushed open the door just as the doctor stood up. "Okay, as long as he doesn't turn again, you should be okay."

Edward walked over and picked up a cool rag before wiping it across Bella's sweating face. "Are you ok?"

Bella looked at Edward, irritation evident in her expression. "Next time, you get to deliver the baby." She panted as another contraction started.

Bella gripped Edward's hand in her own, squeezing until he thought she might break his fingers. When she finally relaxed her grip, he flexed his fingers.

"Sorry, Sweetie," Bella apologized.

During the next few hours, Bella's labor progressed and soon it was time to push. Her room was a flurry of activity as everything was prepared. Bella was soon placed in position with her feet in the stirrups and she was pushing to bring their son in the world.

For Edward, the time seemed to crawl until he heard his son's first cries. He looked down at his wife and leaned in to kiss her, his tears mixing with hers. The doctor placed his son on Bella's stomach, and he watched in fascination as the little bundle squirmed and cried.

Bella smiled as she looked at her son. He was perfect—ten fingers and ten toes. He had a smattering of dark hair on his head that explained the heartburn. Even all messy and gross, he was still beautiful. When the nurse took him to be assessed and weighed, Bella would have protested, but knew they would bring him back.

"8 pounds, 11 ounces, and 21 inches long. Apgar is a 9," Bella heard.

"Bella, he is perfect. Thank you. I love you, Baby," Edward whispered against his wife's mouth.

"I love you, too." Bella said wearily when they broke apart. "Go tell the family."

Edward nodded and headed back to the waiting room, where their family was sitting impatiently.

"It's a boy! Jonathon Edward," he announced from the doorway.

Congratulations came from around the room. Everyone was ready to see the new bundle, so Edward led the way to the room Bella and his son occupied. Pictures were taken and the baby passed around. Garrett even wheeled Kate and baby Toni in so everyone could coo over both the new babies.

Edward and Bella smiled at each other. All was right in their world, at least until the next threat presented itself.

As Bella looked around the room at her family, she was glad she had let them in. When she gazed into her husband's eyes, she was overcome with emotion. Emotion that Edward loved her, waited for her, and fought for her. She was happy she had finally unlocked her heart to him. Together, they could handle anything that came at them.