The Wedding Day

So I had this idea for a PWP but honestly there isn't much plot. I just wanted something to write to get my creative juices going again. R&R that's greatly appreciated! I hope you enjoy!

This was not how Kagome imagined how she would be spending her 25th birthday. She wanted to be out with her friends, partying, just a girls' night out, but instead she was at her cousin's wedding.

It's not that she didn't like her cousin she would just rather have been spending her birthday doing something more her orientated. It also didn't help that she had broken up with her boyfriend Hojo about 5 months ago. There was nothing wrong with him, and that's just it, there was nothing wrong ever, no fighting nothing it was boring. He was perfect almost too perfect. Hojo never missed a phone call, a date, or an anniversary. Yes every one, all 4 of them.

There were so many things Kagome didn't want to do with him, especially during sex. She just felt it wouldn't be right with him. That with him he would look at her like she was a freak. Kagome was very aware of all the fetishes she developed from her late nights of web surfing and completely satisfying herself. It's not that Hojo was a bad lover, per say, its just Kagome needed more from him, something more primitive, rough, or just a plain fuck. He always was gentle with her and it just didn't do the trick anymore. Nevertheless she was currently bored and single at her cousin's wedding looking the every bit of it.

The wedding ceremony had just finished and the reception was about to start, not that Kagome cared much. She was walking around nursing her glass of red wine trying to resist the urge to keep going back to the bar. The bartender was already giving her looks for the amount of champagne flutes she downed during the actual wedding. Kagome actually liked the wedding and the hotel was beautiful. She was completely comfortable on her king sized bed, which had been her cousin's bribe for coming.

Kagome's dressed flowed down and around her body. The blue dressed hugged and caressed her hips and bust while held snug around her flat stomach. The dress did its job with flattering Kagome's figure and her hair flowed around her shoulders. She started walking aimlessly around trying not to escape to her room for a quick nap but alas she ran into her mother.

"Kagome, where've you been?" Ms. Higurashi asked her daughter as she adjusted Kagome's dress, flicking away invisible lint.

Ms. Higurashi was a beautiful woman that looked like Kagome with the bright smile and eyes the only difference was that she had short brown hair. Kagome loved her mother; she was always there through all the good and bad, especially after her father died. Ms. Higurashi was the warmth of the sun and helped bring any sunshine to her day.

"Oh, hi mama. I've been walking around." Kagome said then took another sip of her glass.

"I wish you brought Hojo with you." Ms. Higurashi said to her daughter with a sad smile.

Kagome knew how much her mother like Hojo. He was an exemplary boyfriend, always there to lend a hand, respectful, sweet, and loving. But Kagome just could not date him anymore. He was boring, too sweet, and too perfect, and she just couldn't be his perfect little wife one day.

"Mom I told you already Hojo and I, there's nothing there anymore." Kagome said ready to down her glass in frustration.

"I know honey, but he always calls asking for you." Ms. Higurashi saw the look on Kagome's face and gave a sigh.

"Anyways, why don't you go up to the room and come down when you're feeling a little better." She said and took the now empty glass from Kagome. Kagome turned around and began the trip back up to her room.

In her mildly intoxicated state Kagome bumped into what felt like a wall but it wasn't. Kagome looked up to find herself staring into beautiful pools of amber.

"I'm sorry miss, are you alright?" The voice sent a pleasant shiver down her spine to pool in between her thighs.

"Never better" Kagome said smiling up at him wickedly.

She had never seen such a gorgeous man before and she worked in fashion, a personal assistant to a top designer. He had features and a bone structure that all models would die for. Kagome continued to stare and found his entire physic was captivating. The suit he wore was clearly tailored to heighten whatever physical aspects he already had.

"Kagome?" The man said and she faltered a bit.

"Do I know you?" Kagome asked quirking an eyebrow as she took more of the handsome man in.

'Who is this guy? I think would remember a guy this good looking.'

He had long sliver hair and dog ears on his head that looked so soft Kagome was fighting the urge to rub, touch, and lick them.

"You don't remember me" The man stated and laughed a bit, amused, definitely not hurt.

"Should I?" Kagome said giving his entire outfit a once over.

'He looks so delicious; maybe I should just pretend I remember who he is. I could get laid faster that way.'

"We were in school together from kindergarden, but to be honest I didn't always look like this." He said with a chuckle. Kagome stared at him 'til realization dawned on her, her eyes opening in surprise.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped.

"Yup" he said smiling warmly at her

"Oh my God! How long has it been? Like 7 years since I last seen you? Look at you!" Kagome said completely enthused.

"Yeah it's been awhile," Inuyasha said while scratching the back of his head.

The last time Kagome remembered seeing Inuyasha was at their high school graduation. He was valedictorian and definitely hadn't hit the final stages of puberty. He was tall, skinny, and awkward. His hair was a lot shorter then too, but his ears just as cute then as they were now. She also recalled distinctly that he was the reason she passed math, chemistry, and a few other things. Kagome had no idea why he had been so nice to her back then. She never said anything to him other than "can I copy your homework" or "can I borrow your notes for this test." He never fought her on it or came up with an excuse. Now he looked like he called the shots, all day every day.

'Shit. I've clearly been pinning over the wrong guys.' Kagome thought worrying her lip. 'He looks amazing. Probably has a girlfriend too.'

"So how have you been?" He asked giving her a shy smile.

Kagome raised her eyebrows.

'Why is he so shy, he probably gets girls at the drop of a hat.'

"I've been alright, my mother has just been harassing me about my boyfriend. Rather ex boyfriend as she likes to forget." His features seemed to have brightened at the mention of her being single.

"Did you recently break up with him?" He asked his confidence seeping back into his body language.

"Officially yes, but emotionally a long time ago. Well at least for me." Kagome said smiling wickedly up at him hoping he got her hint.

Inuyasha smirked at her.

'In all my years I would never imagined Kagome finally single. It pays to always keep a close eye on the ones you never forget about.' He mused to himself plotting the next course of events in his mind.

"Well care to join me?" He said extending his arm out for her to take.

"It would be my pleasure." Kagome responded. "So where are we off to?" She asked curiously as they walked towards the elevator.

"My suite of course." Inuyasha responded coolly, the air of confidence returning full force.

"O you're the one that booked that suite." Kagome said with realization. "So what are you a multi dollar billionaire?" She said jokingly.

"Well now that you mention it, I am." He said as the elevator doors opened and guided her onto it.

"Wait, wait…what?" Kagome stepped back from him in the elevator at look at him properly. "You're what?"

"Takahashi Inc. heir. That's what I am." He said smiling coolly at her.

"Wow. You're really rich." Kagome said chewing her lip. 'He's rich, handsome; his sex appeal is through the roof. Where has this guy been all these years?' Kagome pondered as they stared at each other.

"Where exactly have you been hiding? You completely dropped off the radar after high school."

Kagome remembers seeing him once after graduation with his older brother and they looked engaged in a heated discussion.

"Well I went to school in Osaka, Beijing, and then I studied in New York for a bit. I was mostly learning how to run a business with my brother. " He said looking a bit grim at that realization.

"I wasn't exactly partying it up like most people did in college. I was busy building a reputation with old guys whose business I'll one day buy."

"Wow. I'm impressed well Mr. Takahashi looks like you made it."

With that they arrived on the floor where his suite was. Inuyasha extended his arm to her and she took it. They walked to his door and he opened it, letting her enter.

"So this is where they keep all the room," Kagome mocked lightly as she kicked off her heels and walked around the room. She eyed the couch and her body begged her lay down, but Kagome had other ideas. 'I wonder what he'll think if I…'

With her back still to him she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the ground. As the dress pooled around her feet she felt his body on her back and his arms wrap around her body.

Inuyasha was surprised for a second to turn around and see Kagome's bare back to him. Just for a second, before he acted.

"Is this your way of seducing me?" He asked as he ran his hands up and down her body, trailing over her hips and coming back up to cup her breast. He lightly twisted her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and Kagome let out a satisfied moan.

"Is it working?" She asked her breath more shallow from the pleasure that was coursing through her body.

"Yes" he said and his lips descended on her neck and he paid attention to her pulse point and Kagome let out a moan as her body quaked.

Inuyasha secured his arms around her waist and lift her slightly to grind his hips into her backside so she could feel his growing erection.

'I shouldn't have had so much to drink there's no way I'm going to make it through this they way I want to.'

He walked them both over to the bedroom and all the while shedding his own clothes until he was left in nothing but his pants, shirt and tie. Kagome turned around in his arms and pushed up to kiss him full on the lips. Inuyasha returned her kiss full force taking away the dominance she held for only a moment. He hands travelled down her body to cup her backside, and he lifted her so her legs wrapped around his waist.

Kagome moaned into the kiss as she felt his erection against her core. They broke the kiss and Kagome gulped in air and she looked him in the eyes and saw the smoldering look her gave her through his golden eyes.

"You" she said as her hand ran up to his ears "are over dressed." Kagome then began to rub his ear and Inuyasha let out a growl that had a shiver running down her spine and had her dripping.

He dropped to his knees on the bed and laid her down so he was hovering over her body.

"Well aren't you going to do something about my clothes then." He asked smirking at her.

Kagome grabbed him by the tie and brought his lips down to hers and her hands started to make quick work on the buttons of his shirt. They broke the kiss for air as his shirt came off. Kagome ran her hands over his chest and his nipples and he thrust his hips down into her core. Inuyasha made quick work of his lower half of clothing. He glanced back at her and noticed her panties that he had neglected to take off.

Inuyasha climbed over her and kissed her deeply and forcefully. Kagome ran her hands up and through his ears and began rubbing his ears as her legs locked around his waist. Inuyasha pushed her into the bed with his hips and Kagome moaned as she felt him press against her still covered core. He began trailing kissing down her neck making it hard for Kagome to think let alone breath.

"Take them off," She all but moaned out.

Inuyasha knew what she was talking about but he didn't bother moving. Kagome's frustration, which was starting to build, began to push at his shoulders so she could take off her panties. However he grabbed her wrists in his hand and pinned them above her head. Kagome started to squirm.

He looked at her and growled. Kagome stilled at the look in his eyes.

'Whoa, his eyes are flickering between gold and red.'

"Quit. Moving." He growled out through his teeth. He could feel his control slipping. Her body and scent excited his youkai and he wasn't ready for that yet.

Inuyasha returned to his ministrations on her body and his kisses began to descend lower. He reached her breast and took a nipple in his mouth and rolled it around between his teeth then sucked the pain away. Kagome felt every once of pain and pleasure he gave her.

'I've never had sex like this before.' Kagome's thoughts quickly reflected to the many nights she faked it all the way through. 'There's no faking here.'

He switched breast and his hand let go of her wrist to travel down in between their bodies to her covered core and he pinched her clit sending a shockwave of pleasure through her.

"O kami…Inu!" she moaned out through the pleasured hazed that fogged her mind. His mouth continued to travel down her body lick every inch of skin he came in contact with.

'I can't get enough of her.' Inuyasha thought briefly as his straining erection reminded him of his own problem. At the moment he didn't care, he needed to taste her. He needed to know if she tasted as good as she smelled.

He reached her core and pressed his tongue against her panty covered core feeling her get wetter against his touch. He hooked his fingers around the band and pulled them down along her legs, flinging them into a corner of the room. Inuyasha brought his lips to her lower ones and placed a firm kiss on them delving his tongue inside her that had Kagome's body tensing from pleasure.

She felt the knot in her stomach and knew that she wouldn't last long with the way that he was licking her. He continued his sweet blissful torture on her, and began sucking on her clit as he pushed a finger inside her body feeling her body clamp down on it.

Kagome's hands cupped the back of his head and she didn't know whether she wanted to push him away or pull his head deeper. So instead she began to rub the base of his ears and felt the vibrations of his growl that sent her into an orgasm that blind-sided her. Kagome's body tensed up as she felt the knot in her stomach burst and she began to come down from the high he gave her.

She felt her orgasm continue as he licked up her essence. She opened her eyes to see him lick her lips and hook her legs over his arms. She finally was able to get a good look at him and her eyes widened at the size of him.

'Hojo doesn't even measure-' Her train of thought ended as he felt his hips snap forward and him bury himself deeply inside her.

"Fuck" He cursed out into her shoulder. "You're so fucking tight."

Kagome took a deep breath trying to relax her muscles as her body began to accommodate his size. She didn't want to wait too long so she ran her hands down his back and pulled him into her with her legs.

"O Inu" She moaned out deeply not thinking the pleasure could get any better but she was wrong.

Inuyasha took several steadying breaths before he began pushing in and out of her tight passage. Finding that she still remained tight but allowed him to move a bit more as he picked up his pace.

'Fuck' He thought. 'I never would imagine she would be so tight.'

He grabbed her hips and lifted them as he moved his body against hers latching onto a nipple in the process. Kagome felt her orgasm swiftly approaching and even more when he began to rub her clit with his thumb. She let out a scream as she came. Inuyasha thrust through her orgasm sending her spiraling into a smaller one that had her gripping his shoulders so tightly he knew he'd have nail marks there.

He pulled her body up as he sat up on his hunches driving into her with such force that had her body going slack. Inuyasha licked her neck and let his tongue travel up to her ear. Kagome was on a sensory overload and he wasn't stopping yet. He planted his lips back on her neck and began sucking gently then harder. Nipping at her skin with his teeth. He felt his own orgasm as his sac tightened. Her nipples brushing against his chest and occasionally against his own gave him all the reason to keep thrusting. Then he felt it, her walls clamp down on him as her orgasm ripped through her body. He watched her head roll back and heard her let out a scream to tell the world just how well he was fucking her.

They fell back gently onto the bed and he pulled out slowly and Kagome whimpered at the loss of him inside her. Inuyasha pulled her against him slipping his leg through hers so his thigh was up against her core, sending little waves of pleasure through her. Kagome looked up at him with a very satisfied look on her face and she pulled him in for a kiss that he returned by squeezing her to him. They pulled a part and Kagome began to feel her conscious mind come back.

"Happy birthday Kagome." Inuyasha said looked at her with a wide grin.

"What…how…who told you!" She asked completely surprised he knew that today was her birthday.

"Well I never forgot your birthday from high school." He said smiling at her. Kagome lunged at him and hugged him.

"Okay, what are you really doing back here, Mr. Big Bucks guys like you just don't show up for a wedding that's going on around their old neighborhood." Inuyasha feigned mock hurt.

"Well I actually wanted to see you. My mother is always talking to yours and she told me about the wedding, and since she knew I always liked you, she thought it would be a good idea to show up."

Kagome's heart warmed at this information.

'I have to remember to thank my mother after this.'

"You like me?" Kagome asked smiling shyly at him.

"Always have, since the first day I saw you." He said pulling her into a kiss that sent butterflies and more coursing through her.

"Whoa buddy" Kagome said pushing him gently away "I can't handle another round yet and if you don't stop kissing me like that you'll have hell to pay."

Inuyasha laughed and Kagome looked up at him watching the look of mirth on his face. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her on her forehead.

"Is that better?" He said smirking at her.

"Yes" She said beaming at him. Kagome cuddled into his arms and began to drift off.

'This might be the best birthday ever.' She thought as the last of her conscious minded faded into sleep.