The Wedding Date

So from all the alerts I got on this story and the pleas for an update, I've given in. It won't be a one shot. So here ya go! Warning though 'nother lemon, and the conclusion of the story. For real this time.

Chapter Two- Coming Home

"I can't believe you're doing this." Came a voice on the other end of the phone Kagome had to her ear.

"Neither can I." She said staring at herself in the mirror. Kagome was tweaking some curls that were falling around her shoulders as she held the phone against her ear.

It had been 7 months since she met Inuyasha at her cousin's wedding. The best 7 months she had ever had. They had been living together for a few months now, in a penthouse in Tokyo. She was a lot closer to her job and she loved coming home to a guy who she was comfortable with.


She missed it. Living with her mom, brother, and grandpa was the highlight of her life, but living with Inuyasha had its perks. He was so attentive and he treated her like a doll. She enjoyed it. Kagome couldn't forget the sex though. It was mind blowing. She had thought that their first time would be the only time she would experience such pleasure.

O how wrong she was.

After the first week she had purposely dodged him an entire day just to catch a break. He always made sure she was pleasured and because of this it was physically taxing. That is until she got used to it. Now she anticipated it, wanted it, needed it, craved it. But alas he was currently still at work and it was after all 6 o'clock.

"Sango, it's been a month! He's been in Osaka for business for 3 days and before that he was in China for 2 weeks, and before that he was in New York. I'm making my way to him."

Kagome said to her best friend, hoping she would understand her problem. Sango was Kagome's voice of reason and voice of encouragement. She would tell her if she was doing something stupid or something she should jump head first into. They had been best friends from the time they were 3, their parents having brought them to the same day care center.

"Fine, fine, just make sure you're discreet, 'kay you're already a little suspicious." Her friend teased.

Kagome ended her conversation with her friend and left the apartment. Making her way down to the outside of the building she found her driver. Well the driver that Inuyasha had assigned to her so she'd never have to call for a cab again.

"Hello Miss." The driver said politely as he opened the car door for her.

"Hey Jakoutsu." Kagome said smiling warmly up at her effeminate driver. His hair was straight and he wore blue eyeliner.

'I can't believe I'm going to actually do this.' She mused to herself, a shy smile spreading her lips into a grin.

"Where to miss?" Jakotsu asked as he got in the car and started the engine.

"Takahashi Inc. please"


"Quit calling me that. I ain't old." Inuyasha responded gruffly to a short hair violet eyed man.


"Don't even say it!" Inuyasha said glaring at him, knowing well what he was about to say.

"Ah you wound me my friend. I was only going to say you are as young as you feel. Which would make you only a teenaged boy."

Unfortunately he did not see the stapler that Inuyasha had thrown at him.

"Miroku! Can we please finish, so I can leave!" Inuyasha said as his level of frustration reaching a whole new high.

Inuyasha and Miroku had been friends since before he could even remember. They had always been good friends, even though Miroku was a pervert. That didn't change the fact that he gave good advice and was a great laugh most of the time.

"Sexually frustrated I see." Miroku responded laughing lightly at his friend. Inuyasha's eyes narrowed at him, too agitated to even care anymore.

This wasn't the longest he ever spent on business but this time it was different. Kagome was living him with. Waiting for him. He missed her and right now he'd do anything to get out of this office and just go home to her.

'Those video calls just made me miss her more.'

"Miroku" Inuyasha said letting out a sigh. "Go home."

Miroku faltered on his response.

"What?" He questioned truly perplexed.

"Go home."


"It's late, just go." Inuyasha said looking at his friend.

"You sure?" Miroku asked testing the waters. He watched as Inuyasha gave him a nod and he grabbed his jacket and began exiting the room.

Inuyasha let out a sigh. He needed a moment to just breathe, de-stress before he went home. He spent the past month travelling and he was just tired. His brother was on his honeymoon and it was nearly impossible for Inuyasha to be everywhere at once, but Sesshomaru didn't care. His father, that man, was probably off getting more clients for them, increasing his workload.

He leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes. Inuyasha took a deep breath and began to imagine he was at home and wrapped up in Kagome's scent. Imagining everything as vividly as possibly, he didn't notice when someone entered the room.

"I'm pretty sure CEOs aren't suppose to sleep on the job." came a feminine voice.

Inuyasha's head snapped up at the sound of the voice he had been dying to hear all day.

Kagome smiled warmly at her boyfriend as she walked closer to his desk.

"A trench coat?" Inuyasha asked quirking his eyebrow as he looked at her.

He noticed her hair was falling around her shoulders in loose curls, her make up was flawless but light, and her heels made her look taller. He just didn't understand why she was wearing a trench coat. Inuyasha inhaled deeply and while he did, he noticed her scent was a lot stronger than normal with clothes on.

"Well, I figured since I hadn't seen you in a while this would be a nice surprise." Kagome responded stopping directly in front of his desk.

She smirked at him before grabbing the belt of her coat and untying it. Inuyasha's eyebrows went up at this and Kagome continued as she unbuttoned her coat. Kagome kept her coat closed as she got the last button never breaking eye contact.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" She asked truly excited and nervous.

"Will I like this surprise?" Inuyasha questioned as he adjusted his pants.

"I'm pretty sure you will" She responded as she dropped her coat and placed her hands on her hips.

Kagome's excitement heightened considerably. The fact that she was standing in Inuyasha's office, naked, facing the window, with him staring at her was beginning to affect her body considerably.

Inuyasha's jaw went slack.

'I will never again engage her in a game of chicken ever again.'

Inuyasha remembered that one video call where they were talking about fantasies they always wanted to act out. He had called her bluff saying that there was no way she would ever come to his job dressed in nothing but a trench coat. Apparently he had been wrong, but he was more than thankful for the fact she was a lot more daring than he thought.

Kagome smiled at his look of surprise, she sauntered over to his side of the desk and Inuyasha turned his chair to face her. Kagome dropped to her knees in front of him and reached for the button on his slacks.

"O I think these are getting too small for you Inu dear." Kagome mocked as she unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, freeing his straining erection.

"My, my, nothing under." Kagome said smirking up at him as she took him in her mouth.

Inuyasha let out a hiss of pleasure.

He had been dreaming about this for weeks. Kagome. Her mouth. Her hands. Her mouth. Especially the wonderful things her mouth was doing to him.

'Ah fuck! I've been gone way too long.'

Kagome picked up her pace and moved her hand along the bottom of his shaft, what she couldn't take into her mouth. Her free hand she used to cup and play with his balls. She listened to the sounds that were emitting from Inuyasha and she smiled to herself.

'Looks like he missed me just as much'

Inuyasha was so close and he knew it, but he wasn't ready to come yet. So he pulled Kagome off of him with a resounding pop that left her pouting at him. He smirked at her and lifted her to her feet as he stood, his pants pooling at his feet. Inuyasha turned Kagome around and pressed his pulsating erection into her backside.

"You feel that babe," he whispered huskily into her ear. "This is all for you."

Kagome shuddered at his words. She had been daydreaming about this moment for weeks. She reached behind her trying to grab hold of him but he caught her wrist.

"Not uh huh" He whispered as he licked the shell of her ear and Kagome let out a soft moan. He trailed his tongue down her neck and began to place open mouth kisses on her skin. Kagome's back arched and the peaks of her breast hardened even more. She gave a wanton cry as his hands came up to cup her breast, twirling her nipples between his clawed tip fingers. He firmly pinched them and Kagome felt her wetness stream down her leg. She was so close, but yet so far.

"Please, Inu" Kagome begged shamelessly. "I need you." She said grinding her ass into his erection, trying to let him know she needed him now.

"I know baby and that's why I want to take my time." Inuyasha responded. His lips found her neck once more and he began to suck. His right hand travelled down her body and cupped her crotch while his left hand cupped her breast and pinched her nipple. Kagome moaned as his fingers delved into her depths, stretching her.

"Did you miss me?" Inuyasha asked as he ground his hips into her, causing his erection to slip between her thighs, brushing against her folds.

"Yes." Kagome rasped out as her eyes squeezed shut, her body shaking in the wake of her impending orgasm. Inuyasha rocked his fingers faster against her and he felt her walls clamp down on them as her orgasm hit causing her body to tense up.

"I'm not done with you yet baby." Inuyasha said turning her around and placing a firm kiss on her lips. The kiss turned more passionate as he placed her on his desk, wrapping her legs around his waist. Kagome fisted her fingers in his hair and began to rub the base of his ears, causing him to growl in approval.

Kagome gasped as his mouth found her nipple, and she moaned when he pulled her hips firmly against his and ground his erection against her core.

"You're clothes" Kagome gasped out through her moans. Her hands found his tie and gave it a pull and it loosened. Inuyasha took her hint and quickly shed the remainder of his clothing, removing her heels as well. Inuyasha looked at Kagome and kissed her firmly on the lips. Delving his tongue inside her mouth promising her what he would do to her in just a moment. They broke away for air and Kagome smiled at him. Inuyasha pulled her to the end of the desk and turned her around pushing her face down.

Kagome was surprised because he rarely took her in this position, but when he did, it was pure heaven. Kagome wiggled her ass in the air in anticipation. Inuyasha grabbed her hips and aligned his tip with her entrance, snapping his hips forward in one fluid movement that had them both gasping in pleasure.

Inuyasha picked up a pace that a normal man wouldn't have been able to sustain for a long period of time. He draped himself over her back and cupped her breasts all the while laving her neck in kisses. Kagome was mewling her response to the pleasure he was giving her, trying her best to keep up. His strokes were fast and deep and his body filled with the intense pleasure of the act. Inuyasha trailed on of his hands down her body and began playing with her clit sending Kagome into an orgasm that had her arching her back. She screamed her pleasure as her walls clamped down tightly on him. Inuyasha grunted at the feeling of her walls tightening around him. He buried himself completely inside rolling his hips as he waited for Kagome to recover. When he felt her body completely relax he thrust once more before pulling out and turning her around.

"Kami, I love you." Inuyasha whispered into her ear slipping back inside her, his erection hard as ever.

Kagome moaned and her back arched as she dropped her body against his desk, the sound of dropping items never ceasing. Inuyasha licked his lips as he looked at her body. Bringing his head to her stomach he began licking her skin trailing his tongue up her body towards her breast. Kagome wiggled and moaned, wanting desperately for him to move his hips. Inuyasha gripped her hips tighter holding her still against his pelvis, trying to draw out her pleasure. His mouth enclosed around a nipple and Kagome dug her fingers into his back. Her body was so sensitive from her previous two orgasms caused this one to breathtaking. Kagome threaded her fingers through his hair rubbing the base of his ears. She felt the growl of approval vibrate through her body and she tingled at the sensation.

"Please, move." Kagome struggled out through the haze of her pleasure.

Inuyasha grunted at her request, pulling her hips securely against his he thrust into her, hard. Kagome gasped as Inuyasha found her lips nipping at them gently.

'Fuck, my control is thinning.' Inuyasha knew that his demon was treading on his consciousness. He was trying desperately to regain some sort of control. However with Kagome's scent surrounding him and with him buried so deeply within her he knew it was a losing battle. Inuyasha thrust again, just as hard, then stopping. Kagome wrapped her legs as tightly as she could around his waist without restricting his movements.

"Please baby, move." Kagome begged. Inuyasha felt his control wane more. He began thrusting into her at a hard heavy pace that made Kagome incapable of coherent thought or speech. She looked into his eyes and noticed his irises were brimmed with a red ring. Inuyasha nuzzled her neck, licking at her pulse point. She was lost to the haze of pleasure as he repeated slammed into her body. Her orgasms seemed to be connected into one long one that had her body completely taxed out. Inuyasha began to suck at the skin on her neck and Kagome's pleasure increased tenfold as her nipples hardened more and brushed his own. Inuyasha could feel his orgasm creeping up on him as his sac tightened. He didn't hesitate to sink his teeth into her neck and Kagome screamed from pleasure. She clutched his shoulders as tears welled up in her eyes, the pleasure bordering on pain. Kagome's walls clenched down on his member as Inuyasha finally spilled his seed into her. He could feel her walls milking him and held still waiting for them both to come down from their high.

Inuyasha moved lazily in and out of Kagome. Their combined essence dripped out of her and when Inuyasha finally pulled out of her he noticed her core twitch as her body relaxed.

"I missed you so much." Inuyasha said nuzzling her check and Kagome reached up to caress his face.

"I missed you too." Kagome reached her hand towards the base of an ear and give it a firm rub, causing Inuyasha to purr. Well to Kagome that's what he sounded like and she giggled as he closed his eyes.

"What's so funny wench?" Inuyasha asked his voice having no bite to it.

"You sound like a cat." She stated draping her legs casually around his waist. Inuyasha ran a hand over her leg and thigh, not wanting to break contact with her body yet.

"I'm a dog woman." He said nipping at her nose gently.

"Well dog boy, let's say we go now. I have more reserved for you." Kagome said her eyes glittering mischievously at him. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at her as he pushed his half flaccid erection inside her. Kagome's eyes closed at the sensation.

"Welcome home baby."