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*Screaming in backround*


*They both flip me off*

Me: Oh…you're playing that way, huh?

Hail: Yeah, we are, douche.

*I bring out a random keyboard and types vigorously*

*Baou Zakeruga comes out of nowhere*


Blade: Hail….

Hail: Sh'dow ru!

Baou Zakeruga: OMNOMNOM

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Chapter 1:

Dawn of a New Battle.

It was late at night, there was a full moon in the starry sky, and a small boy around the age of seven was on top of a high-tech train in the air going through a futuristic city.

All of the boys clothes were all black, he has big spiky black hair and piercing purple eyes, with two lines going down his face and has skull necklace around his neck, and has a little black shoulder bag around his left shoulder, inside of it is a big,black,hardcover book with a strange symbol on it.

He looked up at the full moon for a while until his skull necklace glowed black with dark aura around it, then jumped up off the train and landed perfectly on the ground in a dark alley without anyone noticing, then he walked off into town with a smile on his battle is getting more interesting for me.

Hail Strike let out a moan as he left school; he had another bad day at School. He was pretty much a normal teen that is fourteen years old, has short blond hair, blue eyes, tall for his age and is slightly was walking home thinking about something wearing his usual clothes: Blue jeans, a t-shirt and black shoes

Maybe I should stop at a quite place to think for a while, he thought

''I have nothing else better to do and I don't have anyone waiting at home to see me and I don't have any friends to hang out with maybe I should go to the Ead's Bridge it's usually calm peaceful and quite there, almost no one goes to that place anymore ever since technology has advanced since the last 1000 years and it's not that far away from my apartment.'', Hail said to himself

As Hail was walking to Ead's Bridge he noticed two people behind him one was a girl: about twelve years old, has light green hair with swirls at the end of her hair and has a pink eyes with 2 lines going down her face and wearing a pink skirt with a blue shirt and she is beside a boy: about sixteen years old holding a strange pink book and has black regular hair and wearing black pants with a t-shirt under his red ignored them and just walked away.

''He should make a good exercise'', the said as she pointed to him with a evil smile on her face

''Yeah, let's go'', the boy ordered as they walked right behind Hail without him noticing

As Hail got to the Ead's bridge he heard footsteps and looked back it was the same two from before.

''Who are you two'', Hail asked as he stared at the little girl a little dazed as he saw the lines on her face.

Brian mumbled something, "Your exercise trainers."

Rose gave him a slight kick to his leg, "Shut up", she whispered.

''Hmp I'm Rose and this is my partner Brian we want something from you '', Rose snickered a little bit as she and Brian started to walk closer to him with a

''Ok why did you two follow me and what do you want with me'', Hail asked backing up a little bit a little scared as they both got closer because he could tell something bad was going to happen

''We were thinking you would make a good exercise'', Brian exclaimed getting out his book and reading a line from it as it started glow pink and then he started to flip through pages of it

''EXERCISE?'', Hail responded with a slightly frightened tone as he looked shocked to see the book glowing and the Brian exclaimed

End of Chapter!

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