Kiddy Grade Harry Potter Crossover

By: Sayaalv

A/N: I do not own and this is something I thought up after eating three sugar cookies and drinking a one liter of Coca-Cola before bed. How would it effect the Kiddy Grade and Harry Potter universes if FEM!Harry was actually Éclair? Fem!Harry, Alive!Lily and James, Wrong!BWL, Twin!Potters.

"When we get back to Aineias most likely." Eclipse said not losing her smirk in the slightest.

"Not a problem." Éclair said matching Eclipses smirk easily with one of her own.

"Ok you two. Plan the heart attacks of the Nouvlesse later. Let's try and focus on why we were brought here now kay?" Un-ou says regrettably breaking up the two women who were suddenly dead serious (no pun intended).

"So why did the overgrown parakeet bring us here?" Éclair asks causing her Uncles and Grandma to snicker at what she called the Headmasters phoenix.

"I'm afraid, my dear, that someone has entered you into the Tri-wizard tournament as the fourth champion, which has never happened before. Seeing as how it is a magically binding contract you have to compete or risk losing your magic or even your life." Dumbledore said feeling ashamed that someone had snuck his honorary granddaughters name into the Goblet.

"Damnitt. Let me guess, they finally figured out that I was the one to send old Voldy flying out of his body back when I was a baby and now someone who is in his pocket entered me in due to the fact that this competition thing could kill me and therefore avenge Voldy?" Éclair asks her eye twitching ever so slightly when the Hogwartians that liked her nodded while the Potters were scowling at her back, as far as they were concerned Mark was still the Boy-Who-Lived despite Voldemort himself telling the boy different no more than three years ago.

"Too bad they didn't know about your other nickname otherwise they would have known that this is both stupid and futile." Un-ou said shaking his head in disbelief with a small smirk on his lips.

"Tell me about it." Éclair said her eye twitching slightly harder while the other E.S. members nodded in agreement while the Hogwartians looked confused.

"One of Éclairs many nicknames is 'The E.S. member who can't die'. You won't believe the amount of time where she was near death and managed to jump back up and finish the fight in her favor. I swear she could survive a bullet to the heart even without my 'Quantum Leap' ability." Eclipse said catching the confused looks and explaining it to them. Éclair blushed slightly and scratched the back of her neck sheepishly when the Hogwartians merely stared at her gob-smacked.

"So now what do we do?" Éclair asks trying to bring the attention away from her amazing healing factor.

"First we have to get you and your friends settled into your rooms, I take it you wish to represent your work place as its champion?" Dumbledore asks shaking his head to rid himself of his shock for a little while at least.

"That's acceptable." Eclipse answered for the auburn-haired girl who looked at her curiously when the question had been asked.

"Perfect! That also saves you from having to wear the Hogwarts uniform of black robes and from having to be sorted. I will have the House-elves make up some rooms for you and your friends in the spare tower. Will one dorm for the girls and another for the boys suffice as well as your own common rooms?" Dumbledore asks before summoning forth a house-elf when Eclipse nodded in agreement for everyone.

"If you need anything than please feel free to ask one of the teachers or house-elves. We would be more than happy to help you with whatever you may need. Since it is so late how about I show you to your tower and we introduce you all to the school and its visitors tomorrow morning during breakfast in the Great Hall?" Dumbledore asks causing all of the E.S. members to nod with one or two of them stifling a yawn from the long and informative day. Dumbledore and Minerva led the E.S. members from the office with Éclairs 'Uncles' a step behind while the Potters followed, seething at how the girl they believe to be a worthless slut was getting treated far better than Markus was.

It took roughly a six minute walk from Dumbledore's office to an old tower that wasn't being used currently but was still guarded by a portrait, this one of an angel with black wings and red hair. The picture caused the G.O.T.T. people to chuckle at the irony while the Hogwartians, besides the Potters, seemed amused as well.

"You can set the password to whatever you like later since I'm sure you wouldn't want anyone unsavory to sneak in without your knowledge. For now the password is 'Fallen Angel'." Dumbledore said with a pointed glance to the Potters, causing the G.O.T.T. workers to nod in agreement and thankfulness.

"Fallen Angel." Éclair said speaking clearly to the portrait who smirked at her for a second.

"Yes you are." The portrait said with a smug smirk when Éclair flushed slightly and the E.S. members snickered while the portrait swung open to admit them into a beautiful if not elegantly decorated common room done in a multitude of colors, the most prominent being blood red and dark blue. There was an excited house-elf wearing mismatched socks and a colorful jumper along with lots of colorful tea cozies on its head waiting in front of the fire place for them, seeming to bounce in place.

"I's Dobbys, sirs and misses. Yous be needings anythings just asks me." Dobby said making the Potters sneer at him cruelly while the E.S. members and the other adults smiled at him kindly.

"Hello there Dobby. My name is Éclair. It's nice ta meet cha!" Éclair said smiling widely at the small bat like creature that was now looking at her in adoration as she held her hand out for a hand shake or high five.

"Misses 'Clairs is kinds and treats Dobbys like an equals. Dobbys happy tos bes of assistance tos the kinds 'Clairs and hers friends!" Dobby said gingerly shaking Éclairs hand while Éclair was blushing slightly at the praise and scratching her neck sheepishly at how Dobby now spoke of her as if she were a goddess on Earth or something of the like. The G.O.T.T. agents behind her were snickering into their hands at this interaction and how Éclair seemed to be able to make the most loyal, if not the strangest, of friends in mere seconds and without even trying!

"Thanks Dobby. I appreciate it. Think you can show us around our new rooms now though?" Éclair asks grinning slightly embarrassedly while the House-elf nodded rapidly and began to show them around.

"Up theres ares the boys' rooms. The girls rooms ares ups theres. That door leads tos thes trainings room. That doors leads tos the girls bathsrooms while thats ones leads tos thes boys bathrooms. This is thes commons rooms whiles over theres is the kitchens in cases you wants to prepares somes of your foods since we don'ts knows them. Throughs theres is a pool and that doors leads tos thes hotspings." Dobby said slow enough for the G.O.T.T. people to understand him but they were the only ones to.

"Thank you Dobby. You're a great help. I only have one last question." Éclair asks smiling warmly at the elf that was now blushing deep enough to be seen on his dark skin.

"What is its Ms. 'Clairs? Dobbys will does or gets anythings yous wants me too!" Dobby exclaimed loyally even though he had just met the auburn-haired metamorphosis.

"Do you know anywhere we can get some more clothes to fit us? We can't wear these every day." Éclair asks making Dobby nod before snapping his fingers, which seemed to summon another elf. This new Elf was a girl who looked to be a drunk mess.

"Winky! Stop beings sos bad. Yous thes best ats making clothes ands yous bes needing tos helps Ms. 'Clairs ands hers friends!" Dobby said scolding the female elf lightly while Winky looked at Éclair and the others hopefully.

"Ms. 'Clairs ands hers friends wants disgraceds Winkys helps?" Winky asks her lips trembling hopefully.

"Of course we do Winky. We'd be glad for any help you can give us." Éclair asks speaking softly, as a mother would to a frightened child. This seemed to be something right to say as Winky immediately latched onto Éclair giving out happy sobs and choked 'thank yous' as she buried her head into Éclairs neck. Éclair exchanged bewildered glances with everyone but the Potters before she began to gently rock Winky and stroked the short greying-brown hair on the female elf's head. The G.O.T.T. agents merely rolled their eyes fondly at Éclairs caring nature while the Hogwartians that were like family to Éclair smiled happily and in amusement, no one noticing that the Potters were sneering at Éclair in shock and disgust.

After Winky had calmed down.

"Dos Mistress 'Clairs ands hers friends haves any ideas fors their clothes or should Winkys makes somethings from them that shes thinks theys woulds likes?" Winky asks now being cheerful and happy instead of sad and depressed since she knew that someone needed her help.

"Well, we mostly just stick to outfits similar to the ones we're wearing now but I can draw a few sketches for different outfits and you can add some of your own touches as long as it's okay with the others, kay Winky?" Éclair asks easily and quickly taking to the female elf. The other G.O.T.T. members looked at Éclair curiously for a second before Alv asked what was on everyones minds.

"You can draw?" Alv asks looking at Éclair in surprise and curiosity when the auburn-haired girl nodded happily and grabbed a piece of paper and some colored pencils from off the table near her and quickly sketched an outfit that she thought would suit Alvs personality. Alv took the paper from Éclairs outstretched hand a moment later after the quick sketching and coloring was done and stared down it wide-eyed.

"I'm having you design all of my outfits if they're as good as this one." Alv told Éclair bluntly as she passed the picture to the others whose eyebrows rose since the outfit did suit Alv quite well.

"I think it's safe to say that Éclair will be designing all of our outfits from now on." Eclipse said causing the other E.S. members to nod, wanting to know what the buxom auburn-haired girl would come up with for them. Éclair blushed at the praise that wasn't said out in the open but was still there as she grinned at them.

"Give me a few minutes, Winky, and I'll have three outfits each for my friends and I that you can make okay? One for casual, one for formal events, and another for fighting." Éclair said explaining this last part to her friends and co-workers who all nodded in agreement while Winky nodded as well as she was handed the paper with Alvs casual outfit on it. Éclair sat down on a red leather chair and quickly sketched two more outfits for Alv before sketching three for her and the rest of the E.S. members. It took her all of five minutes to have the many sketches drawn and colored before she handed them to Winky.

"You can add anything you like to my clothes 'kay Winky?" Éclair asks making the female house elf nod happily as she was handed all of the sketches and held them as if they were made of porcelain.

"I think it safe to assume that you can add anything you believe necessary to all of our outfits, Winky. Éclair is one of the best judges of character I've ever known and so if she trusts you than I'm sure the others would agree with me if I say we all trust you." Eclipse said smiling kindly at the house elf that was beaming and looking ready to cry in happiness at the praise while Éclair was blushing at the praise of her judgement abilities.

"Now I believe you have some outfits to make Winky. So why don't you hop along and get started? You can even ask Dobby to help you if you want." Dumbledore says smiling his grandfatherly smile at the house elf that beamed at him too before bowing to Éclair and popping out with the papers and Dobby in tow.

"Now that that is all settled I believe I will bid you all a good night. I'm sure you must be tired from the long day this has surely been for you all." Dumbledore said ushering the Potters out of the tower, glaring at their backs when they stomped away angrily at the fact that the girl they considered a worthless slut and her friends getting a whole tower to themselves while Mark either had to share with his housemates and the adult Potters had to have a normal teachers room since Lily became Flitwicks teacher assistant and James took over the classes for the younger years from McGonagall. Dumbledore smiled at his pseudo granddaughter and kissed her forehead before biding everyone good night and walking out the tower with the other Hogwartians not far behind, after they all kissed Éclairs forehead as well of course.

"We all might as well shower and get to bed now since we have to be up early tomorrow for our introduction to the rest of the school." Eclipse said clapping her hands once to bring everyone attention to herself as the portrait swung closed behind Éclairs surrogate Earth family.

"Can we change the password first, Chief? I don't like the thought of the Potters being able to come in here at any time while we're showering or sleeping." Éclair asks causing everyone to agree, they hadn't liked the way Mr. Potter and Mark had been leering at all the girls but Viola and Lumiere or the way Mrs. Potter was eyeing all the guys except Un-ou up and down.

"Good idea Éclair. What should the new password be?" Eclipse asks wanting everyones opinion on the matter.

"It should be something we all know and won't forget but that no one from this time would guess. That way they won't be able to get into our tower via a lucky guess." Tweedledee inputted speaking for the first time in a while as she sat on an elegant white leather couch in between Lumiere and Tweedledum.

"How about the name of one of our ships?" Un-ou asks causing Éclair to shake her head almost immediately.

"Nah. Then we'd have to figure out whose ship to use and then try to remember whose ship we choose. We can't use G.O.T.T. or Aineias since the Potters heard us talk about it earlier. Our abilities are out since we'd have the same problem with them as we would with the ships. Definitely not our ages for obvious reasons, we also can't use our names or the names of our ships AIs since anyone could guess our names and we'd fight over whose AI to use." Éclair said actually being logical since she didn't want anyone unsavory to be able to get into the tower when they weren't wanted.

"What do you suggest 'Clairy?" Viola asks swinging her feet back and forth from sitting on the arm of the green chair Cesario was sitting in. Everyone turned to Éclair curiously while Éclair seemed to think on it for a moment.

"Hmn. How about 'Who wants to live forever?'? It's something that we could all remember easily and no one in this time would guess that." Éclair says after a moment of thinking in silence.

"That seems…appropriate." A-ou said in his deep and soothing voice while the others all nodded in agreement.

"All right. I'll tell the portrait what the new password is while you all start hitting the showers." Eclipse says clapping her hands once again before shooing everyone to the showers before turning and informing the portrait of the new password. The portrait replied in affirmative before Eclipse went to take her own shower before heading to bed, making sure everyone else was already asleep and dropping motherly kisses on the foreheads of Un-ou, Tweedledum, Tweedledee, Lumiere, Viola, and Éclair.