Birth of the ultimate shinobi
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Chapter 1: Birth of the ultimate shinobi.
It was a chilly fall night, though the air was lively and warm, a festival was being held in the town square of the hidden village known as Konoha, supposedly the most powerful village of the 5 great hidden ninja villages. Tonight though was an anniversary, a man, a hero, sacrificed himself to defeat a large beast of energy called the Kyuubi no kitsune, a powerful fox demon that would have destroyed the entire village if he had not have killed it. Thats at least how the story goes, to the children anyway, but a single tale has wormed its way into the minds of the adults causing the life a boy to become a hell on earth.

Now normally if someone saw a little boy running for his life they would help him out, but anyone who saw this boy running would simply turn a blind eye and look the other way. The boy was no older than nine, he had spiky blonde hair, blue shining eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks, it gave him a small resemblance to a fox, especially when he gave his signature foxy grin to people.

The reason why this boy was running? Other than the angry mob of people running behind him, no reason. The people were after him for one reason and one reason only. The beast that destroyed half their town, killed dozens of innocents, and massacred their village, could not be killed, so the Yondaime hokage, the hero everyone celebrated, had to seal the undefeated beast into a new born boy, a boy with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, Naruto.

Naruto ducked and weaved through the streets, needing to find a place to escape, curses being thrown at him from behind. He didn't pay much attention to them. He envied other children greatly, while their birthday was celebrated and wanted, he hated his and wished it never came once a year because the assault on him always got worse and worse. And what made it worse this year was there were shinobi in the crowd which made hiding almost impossible, because of their ability to sense chakra.

Thinking on the fly he quickly dived into an ally way and pulled his cloak over him, way too large for him to wear but it protected him and made him seem invisible, his jiji gave it to him a week after his last birthday a year ago, he felt safe with it on, like no one could touch him. As the footsteps faded away he started to believe that till he felt a pair of strong arms grab him and yank him to his feet, staring fearfully into dark eyes with a sinister sneer underneath them.

"No where to run to now demon."

With a dark laugh it began, and Naruto curled into a ball to protect himself as best he can till he took a brutal hit to the head, knocking him out as the villagers tried to finish what the 4th Hokage had started.


A dank sewer.


The nine tails watched the newest display of hatred from its cage and snarled, wanting nothing more than to rip into the throats of the monsters who do this to their own kind. Its giant dark eyes narrowed as Naruto lapsed into unconsciousness and decided to have a little chat with is container.


With Naruto


Naruto scratched the back of his head, frowning as he looked around then down at himself.

"Well... they threw me into the sewers thats obvious... but I should be dying right now..." scratching the back of his head again he started to wander, half to find an escape route and half to get away from there just in case the villagers came back to see if he was still alive and to finish the job.

He wandered for what seemed like hours, passing cages with dark beings inside that scared him half to death, all of them locked away, shuddering he looked away and continued to walk till he found a large doorway with dark red light coming from underneath. Guessing this would be the place to find answers he walked into the room and looked around, a large cage infront of him he blinked and scratched the side of his head.

"Where in Konoha is this."

"You're not in Konoha anymore Toto."

A dark voice boomed from the cage before chuckling, Naruto leaping back and putting his hands up to defend himself but when nothing happened for several minutes he curiously walked to the cage before jumping back with a yelp. The reason why is because a large red eye opened just infront of him and stared him down, trembling he stared up at it, before defiantly standing to his feet and staring right into its giant eye.

"Who are you and what do you mean I'm not in Konoha."

"Firstly, I will not answer your first question unless you earn my respect first, you are on the right track but you are still nothing more than a over-confident Kit, secondly you are in Konoha just... not in Konoha."

"I wish you would make sense..."

"Basically the trauma caused to your head has made your consciousness fade into your mind to keep it safe, so right now you are technically inside your own mind, so this isn't Konoha unless you wish it to be."

The voice was kind yet assertive, showing it wouldn't take any back talk from the boy, but showing it did care for his situation, Naruto being only 9 Scratched the back of his head before sighing and throwing his hands up.

"Whatever, how do I get out of here then."

"...You really are stupid, you can't get out right now, or you will experience quite a bit of pain.. you see the villagers aren't finished with you yet so its safer in here."

Naruto winced once and sat down in the water, sighing softly to himself as he ran a hand through his hair, sitting there in silence for several moments before the voice cleared its throat and Naruto glanced over at it.

"Naruto... I have watched your life and the pain you have gone through, and its about time you had some of your dues paid back, so I have a proposal for you."

Naruto nodded after a moment and listened to what the voice had to say.

"Right now I would have asked for better living accommodations but at the moment we have more pressing matters. As you know you are currently being used as a punching bag outside, but the pain will be used for a much more helpful matter, tell me do you know what bloodline limits are?"

Naruto frowned a moment and scratched the back of his head as he thought for a moment before shaking his head.

"No, sorry."

"Its ok, a boy your age wouldn't know unless you were in a clan that taught how to use a bloodline, basically a bloodline limit is a mutation in the DNA of a certain clan like the Uchiha or the Hyuuga that gives them a special ability, like the Sharingan for the Uchiha and Byakuugan for the Hyuuga."

"So what does this have to do with my benefits."

"I was getting to that, you see your parents both had a bloodline limit, though inactive I ca-"

"OH OH! THATS AWESOME! Can I like fly, or punch through walls, or have X-ray vi-"

"Will you shut up you little twerp! As I was saying I can activate your mothers if you wish, your fathers is always active so no worries about that, your mothers on the other hand is a bit trickier."

"Ok... so what is this blood line and why is it tricky?"

"Well the blood line is called the Rinnegan and its a very powerful doujutsu, the reason why it is tricky is you either need to have senju and Uchiha blood in you or you need some outside help to activate it, and with either one you need to be under a ton of stress and or pain, now you have both of those but it may put your life in danger."

"Will it help me become the Hokage faster?"

"Yes b-"

"ALRIGHT LETS DO IT!" Naruto grinned and jumped to his feet, staring up at the eyes as they gave out a long tired sigh before you could almost sense the amused grin on the mystery things face.

"Alright then boy, be prepared for hell."

Naruto blinked as the being gave a demonic laugh and was about to ask why before a large bolt of light struck him in both of his eyes, falling over he rolled around clutching his face before arching his back and screaming to the world, blood pouring from his ears, mouth, nose and most importantly his eyes.


In the cowering moonlight, the festival finally dwindling down, several people were seen jumping from roof to roof, mostly Anbu but one stood out in particular, a elderly man with a grim expression, a red bellowing cloak behind him with a red hat and white hat on his head, he was known as the third hokage, god of shinobi, Hiruzen. Currently with his Anbu escort he was trying to find a certain blonde, fearing for the boys life they continued to search for him, slowly feeling more and more dread as the minutes turned to hours.

"Please be ok Naruto... I pray we won't be too la-" Hiruzen's thoughts were interrupted as a tower of light erupted near the edge of the village, the thirds eyes widened before he started to rush towards it, followed silently by his escort.

"Prepare the medical gear!"


With Naruto

Naruto, currently lying flat on his back, sat up with a groan as he put a hand on his head and rubbed it, an annoying head ache throbbing in his head like a hammer was slamming against it.

"Owwwww! Fuck me! Just fuck my life! And fuck who ever those eyes belonged to."

Naruto muttered out loud like a sailor before he got a good look at his surroundings, it was like being above cloud level, a brilliant shade of a sunrise/set covering the horizon, what seemed to be clouds made up the floor and no ceiling in sight. Naruto was unable to do anything but gawk at the place before he heard someone clear their throat and he turned around, behind him was large marble pillars, upon each one sat a robed person and on each pillar below their seat was a mark.

Each mark had a different word for each person, 11 in total, on one side there were positive words like love, purity and peace, on the other were things like hate, corruption and war. On the left, the people of light, had white robs on and they had a wing made of light on their back on their left side. On their right was people of darkness, dark cloaks covered them and a wing on their left side was made of pure smoking blackness.

In the center though was a different man, instead of a mark his pedestal he had a pendant on his chest. A yin yang symbol that said life and death, perfectly intermixed. His cloak was not black, white or grey, but it was red, a blood red that made him stand out among the others.

"Hello Naruto, we are glad to have finally met you." A woman on the dark side commented, a smile on her face, covered by the shadow of her hood, Naruto blinked a moment and frowned as he scratched the back of his head yet again.

"Am I wrong or aren't people with words like yours and what you wear supposed to be bad people?"

"You may be correct with that assumption Naruto but not here, we are all peaceful, what the symbols and words stand for are completely different to what you might think. This is the council of judges, on the left we have the smaller council of truth, and on the right we have the council of choice. I am the head council member. You see what the council of choice does is see what you have done in life and by your bad choices, decides whether you get your respective abilities and gifts. The council of truth decides whether you were truthful and honest in your life and I am here to decide on you, whether you yourself and your personality are worthy and to give a ruling in the end after everyone has decided."

One of them sneered a moment as he stared down at him, his symbol said Pride.

"Plus, we have a job to do, if the shinigami was evil he would wear black clothes correct? No he has white clothes on, just because we have black clothes doesn't mean we will steal your soul... yet." The man laughs heartily and the others glanced at him before looking back at Naruto.

Naruto frowned and looked at the dark side again.

"... Seems complicated and misleading, I mean that person there says hate! You would think they would be... hateful."

"He decides how much hate you have had in your life, and what you have decided not to hate but instead smile at and say you don't care."

"Oh... I see still complicated and misleading."

The woman with the word love snorted and giggled a bit, you could practically see the tick mark on the high council members head.

"Know your place boy, do you know where you are?"

"I am in a mysterious place, surrounded by people in robes who are deciding what to do with me... DEAR KAMI SOMEONE SAVE ME! I WANT TO KEEP MY INNOCENCE! I DON'T WANT TO BE DIDDLED!" After that statement almost the whole council burst out laughing and Naruto smiled at them before sitting in a chair that so happened to be near by.

"Now first things first Naruto I want to get straight to the point, you may die from this, so you have a choice to back out now and go back to a normal life."

After thinking a moment Naruto snorted and looked up at the head council man.

"Normal, sure, whateeevveerrr you say... lets do it!" Naruto pumped his fist into the air and grinned, a man with bravery under him smirked a bit and sat back for a moment.

"Good choice Naruto, may the trials begin."

Suddenly two large clouds burst from the ground, before forming into large guards, they had no facial features, it was just like a large doll that was unfinished, but when they grabbed him they had strength much larger than some cloud, he winced a little at how rough they were before they got a nod from the head council member and in a brilliant display of light the world around them disappeared and were replaced by memories of Naruto's childhood.

It was a blur at first, two faces staring down at him, seeming to be smiling, only able to make out two features, their eyes and hair, one had long red hair and caring eyes, and another had bright yellow hair like his own and eyes full of confidence, again like his own. The images started to move, starting to move faster and faster with each passing moment, showing more and more of Narutos increasing life, the good, the bad, the worse, and the ugly.

You could feel the killing intent rise with each memory, the men in the group frowning, some gritting their teeth at the display they were seeing, the woman were gripping their seats, their nails digging into the marble and making it crack as tears streamed down a few of their faces, the head of the council though stayed passive, or so it seemed, he hardly made any movements, the only movement he made was frown a little at Naruto's latest attack. As soon as the last memory faded with Naruto appearing at this place it stopped, and soon the members of the council were yelling for Konoha's blood.


"We must do something! This is absolutely horrifying!"

"Lets teach them a lesson in pain."

"I agree!"


As the council argued loudly, they didn't see Naruto hang his head, and his soft protests.

"Stop it... stop it!... STOP IT!"

With a final push a large killer intent filled the room, Narutos cry filling the area, it was filled with anguish, sadness, and righteous anger. They stared at him in surprise, his eyes were filled with determination and the head council member, after a moment smiled a little.

"Why Naruto, you don't want them destroyed for what they have done to you?"

"You think any of that matters to me! The past is done, its over with! Its what you learn from the past that makes you stronger! I swore to my Jiji I would change all of their hearts by becoming Hokage and earn their respect! If you DARE touch my home, or anyone inside, I WILL KICK YOUR ASS! COUNCIL OF FUCKERS!"

They stared down at him, utterly surprised at his decision, a few getting annoyed and one becoming angry before they hear something strange, laughter, they stare at the head council member who was laughing, making Naruto grit his teeth and was about to send another barrage of insults before he pulled his hood back, showing short pale hair, seeming to have horns as well, purple eyes and a smile of a grandfather who is pleased with a child who caught their first fish on a fishing trip.

"I must say this was more than what I expected from you Naruto, but I am pleased! Very very pleased indeed!"

With another laugh he jumps from his pedestal, jumping down to the ground and beginning to walk to the young boy who was trembling a little at what was going to happen.

"You have earned my trust boy, I believe you will change the world."

Smiling he leaned down and placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and grinned a bit, one that was very familiar, his patented foxy grin.

"Not many know my name, but it is Otsutsuki Hagoromo, you and me are very much a like Naruto and I would like to bestow upon you a power with no equal, even the Shinigami or Bijuu are no match to its power, since it itself can control life or death. This power will help you achieve your dream of becoming Hokage and will help you protect your friends."

Naruto was about to jump into the air and cheer before the man got more serious.

"But first, you must choose one thing you possess, and give it away, you may never EVER see that thing again, and it must be something you have plenty of and be yours and yours alone, it can't be some pebble you found on the street that was stuck between your sandals."

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes, frowning as he tilt his head back and forth, biting his lip and thinking for several long moments before his eyes widened, coming to an epiphany and he grinned a little before staring up at the strange man.

"I choose to give up my Hatred Jiji!"

With a hearty laugh he slapped Naruto on the back making him tumble over and glare at the man, smiling he helped the young boy to his feet before gesturing him to follow.

"Very good Choice Naruto, very good! You have gained my favor. I will give you a few presents for when you wake up."

The man lifted his hands and from the ground several pedestals appeared with items on top.

"These will be yours from now on, on the first pedestal it looks like we have two normal blades, well they are not, these blades attach themselves to your spirit, and then form into an appropriate form, they are called Zanpaktou, and you will be training to control their power, now remember no two Zanpaktou are the same so yours will be totally unique." Naruto nodded and stared at the shining blades in awe before moving on to the next pedestal, a bow, the man picked it up and smiled fondly at it.

"This here is one of my weapons I give to you, he has no name, so I suggest you make someone interesting ok?"

Naruto nodded and grinned before closer examining the bow, it was almost jade in color, and had gold trimmings on it with a wolf running through the center of it.

"Up next is a special cloak, once activated it will blend in with its surroundings better than any jutsu. Almost completely undetectable it will help you many times in the future, it is also indestructible with how many seals are put into it, as soon as its damaged it will simply repair itself, that is if it is damaged, it has high powered force field seals around it so don't be afraid to use it as a shield in battle."

Naruto nodded and stared at the coat, it shimmered a little and its outside looked black as night, while the inside looked crimson like blood. Following after the man the last thing he came upon was a very large scroll, the paper seemed to be made of pure gold and must have been very old, opening it up it only had one name in it, the man who was standing before him, feeling honored he bowed to the man for giving him such gifts.

"This is the dragon scroll, you must sign it with blood much like I have in the past."

As Naruto bowed the man smiled and put a hand on the boys head, ruffling his hair before glancing behind himself at the council which was starting to fade.

"You will do well Naruto, but it seems our time is up, may you come visit me another day." Leaning down he whispered in his ear "talking to the same 10 people for hundreds of years is a major drag if you know what I mean."

Blinking the man slapped his forehead and sighed.

"I almost forgot to activate your abilities... well anyway, just sign the contract when you wake up in your world, I will have one of my people deliver it to your apartment, summon a dragon called Kiroryu and have him teach you your abilities, he is very powerful but also very old, so don't get too annoyed if he doesn't teach you something straight off the bat because he usually either forgot what he was doing or he has another purpose for not teaching you that technique as soon as you want it."

As the man was starting to fade along with everyone else, a sudden shock went through Naruto's entire body from the mans hand, making him go straight and rigid as his eyes roll back and he started to fall over.

"Be careful out there Naruto, the world is dangerous but I have a feeling you will be able to take it like a maelstorm, well good luck Naruto! And may the odds always be in your favor." with an echoing chuckle the man disappeared, leaving Naruto to fall backwards into a sewer system, a pair of dark red eyes staring down at Naruto with a small grin.

"It seems you lived... you should get some rest now for tomorrow your life will change forever."

With a dark chuckle the eyes disappear as does the chuckle soon after, leaving a form of anxiety in the air as Naruto fully passed out, his mind over worked from the whole experience.

Naruto's dream.


Naruto laid down as a baby, wondering how he became like this before those two figures appeared again. They smiled down at him, a bit clearer than last time but still were fuzzy, he tried to reach for them, but something seemed wrong, they seemed pained almost. Their talking was muffled, not understandable. He was a little afraid and yet he knew that it wasn't from the two adults, wondering just what it was he turned his little head to see an even larger blot in the background, dark red, it seemed evil yet... pained. And as soon as the dream started it stopped, yanking Naruto from the dream world to reality.


Naruto sat up with a gasp, panting heavily as he looked around before frowning. The bright light of the white walls and the smell of medicine could only mean one thing. Crinkling his noes he went to sit up before wobbling a little and staying in bed, guessing he wasn't fully recovered before he heard someone clear their throat behind him. Turning he smiled to see his Jiji there with a grandfather like smile on his face.

"Glad to see you are better... Naruto."

Grinning Naruto leapt from the bed, into the old mans lap and laughing at the noise the man made because of it.

"GLAD TO BE BETTER JIJI! Can I have some ramen now?"




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