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Olivia woke up with only her bra and underwear on. She rolled over and breathed into the pillow that was there. It smelled slightly like Elliot. But she shook that thought from her head. Though she couldn't remember anything after drinking in Cragen's office. That made her less assured of herself. It was what? 10 hours ago that she had gone up to the precinct? She groaned then decided to get into the shower. She didn't believe that she had slept with Elliot.

Olivia decided she was going to take walk. She had an awful hangover, so she took a few aspirin. Cragen had left her a message telling her that if she even attempted to go into work today that she would be looking for a new job. But now she was bored.

Olivia didn't know if she wanted to turn in her father or not. If she did, it would give her and her mother closure. And Kathy might get mad at Elliot, and decide that he wouldn't be able to see his kids anymore. God, she couldn't let that happen. Elliot would hate her for doing that to him.

If she didn't turn him in, she would be letting a murder get away. Even if Elliot said that he had changed, it would still be wrong. But he was her father. Not a very good one at that. She knew that wasn't his fault, though. She doubted he even knew that her mother had even gotten pregnant, let alone know that she was his.

Olivia grabbed her keys, jacket, and opened her apartment door. She locked it, then started to wander the streets of New York. She watched as late business men, hurried mothers, and college students rushed through the crowds on their way to wherever they were going.

She stopped at a small café at the end of a block that was right next to a boutique filled with baby girl clothes. In the windows there were tiny headbands that matched the miniature onesies they were paired with. There were flowers and pink on full display. As she noticed them, Olivia remembered that she had never really had a childhood.

Her mother was always drunk and never around for her. She wondered how she had gotten through it sometimes. Always seeing her face- she must look exactly like him, because Olivia looked nothing like her mother. A new rush of anger flowed through her when she remembered the pain that her father had caused her and her mother. That rape changed her mother's life forever.

She wondered how the rape went. Like was her mother coming home from the grocery store, from a club, or just on her way to her friend's house? She didn't know, and she frankly didn't have the courage to ask. She had left her mother's house for a reason. If she asked her mother, she would probably drink herself into oblivion. They hadn't even heard each other's voices in years. Both women could be cowardly.

As Olivia walked into the café, she was met with warmth and the bitter aroma of freshly brewed coffee, along with the sweet scent of vanilla and fattening pastries. The chairs in the lounge area looked very comfortable with the plush pillows in various areas. There weren't any college students ordering at that time, so Olivia went right up and told the young girl at the register what she wanted. She treated herself to a coffee and a blueberry muffin.

She sat down at one of the four person tables that were facing the windows that looked out towards the busy streets. Olivia stretched out her aching legs on one of the chairs that sat across from her. She watched as the traffic filtered through that part of the city.

She was long done with her warm muffin when Olivia noticed a familiar face. She quickly threw her coffee cup and muffin wrapping in the garbage, then rushed into the sea of people.

"Kathy!" She yelled. "Kathy!"

Olivia watched as she turned around, then quickly turned back.

"Kathy, please! I really need to talk to you about something,"

Then over her shoulder, Kathy replied, "If it's about Elliot I don't wanna hear it,"

"It's not, I promise,"

Kathy stopped at the edge of the street and waited for Olivia to catch up to her.

"What is it then?" Kathy asked.

Olivia stopped and looked at her for a moment, wondering how to explain the situation when she slowly put her hand into her jacket and pulled the crinkled piece of paper she had found on her couch out. She handed it to Kathy. Olivia watched as she suspiciously smoothed the paper out and swiftly grazed her eyes over it, then her facial expressions changing from suspicion to confusion, then realization.

"Elliot knew, you know," Olivia told her.

"He didn't cuff him right then and there when he realized it?"

"He thought he was protecting you from living without a father for the rest of your life, and your kids without a grandfather. Or your mother without a husband,"

"You're not going to be that considerate, are you?" Kathy asked her.

"Not sure yet," she told her. "But what I do know is, is that I want to meet my father,"

"Why would I do that?"

"Because you're my sister," Olivia told her while pointing towards the paper that was still in her hands. Kathy looked at her for a moment, and then nodded.


Olivia couldn't believe it. She was going to meet her father. She didn't know whether or not she should be excited or if she should get her cuffs out from the drawer that sat next to her bed.