Chapter 1

'Shocking 260! Everybody clear', Dean the unit team leader shouted, 'no response, shocking 360! Clear!'.

'Dean, she's gone.' said Lara, looking sadly at the young girl, only 8 years old, who had been involved in an MVA when her parents car had smashed into an incoming lorry. 'Time of death, 10.56'.

The team, consisting of Dean, Chase, Lara and Lachie began to clear up the accident site, covering the girls body with a white sheet and moving the remains of the crumpled car from the highway.

'Okay guys, thats it, lets head back to HQ' sighed Dean, 'Lara, you're with me, Chase you're with Lachie. See you in 15.'

'You okay Deano?' asked Lara seeing the saddened look on her friends face. 'I know its hard when you lose someone that young, but you couldn't of done anything for her and she wouldn't have been in any pain.'

'Yeah, I'm okay. Just the job gets to you sometimes. I know it shouldn't, but it just seems so wrong to lose someone that young, I mean what have they done to deserve death? They barely experienced life."

*Meanwhile back at HQ*

Chase and Lachie had just returned and were making there way back up the stairs, when they heard the sound of a man shouting upstairs; "it's all your fault! My daughter was only 8 years old and you... you let her die! Yet the man who killed her is fine, barely a scratch on him! Why did you choose him to live over her? Why is he alive, when she isn't?'

'Sir, if you could just calm down. I know you're upset but I'm sure our team did all they could to save her, her injuries were just too extensive.' said Vince Marchello, the station co-ordinator

'Do you think I give a fuck how hard your team tried? They didn't try hard enough or she would... she would still be here!'

'Sir' Chase said coming up from behind the man, 'I was part of the team who worked on your daughter. I'm very sorry for your loss, but there was nothing we could do. She suffered from a bleed on the brain and the crush injuries she sustained were just too much for her body to deal with. I'm so sor..'

'Sorry? You think 'sorry' covers what you did to my girl? You. You killed her, and now you're going to pay the consequences' said Mark Hemish, the girl from the MVAs father, suddenly grabbing hold of Chase and revealing a bomb from inside his coat.

'You.. you don't have to do this' Lachie said to Mark, trying to remember his SAS training 'I know it seems hard now, but it will getter better I promise'.

Lachie took a step towards Mark, desperate to save the team, desperate to save his baby brother who was right next to the primed bomb, but he was too late; just as he finished his last word, Mark pushed Chase away from his, into Lachie's arms before dropping the bomb, causing the station house to explode in a massive fireball, with the fate of those left within being far from certain.