Chapter 12


We were all crowded round Chase's bed; me, Heidi, Lara, Dean and Lachie. Chase was now asleep and none of us knew what to say to each other. It had been almost 4 days since Chase had woken up, but it didn't appear as if he was getting his memory back and if it hadn't come back by now... I felt so sorry for Dean and Lachie, I couldn't imagine what it would be like to have your own brother not recognize you, especially when he needed someone to help him. It was hard for us too, Lara, Heidi and me, we had had so many memories with him, times when we had cried, times when we had been bent over in stitches and times when we had just sat there and just allowed ourselves to be in each others company. See that was the thing with rescue, your colleagues aren't just the people you work with; they're your family. They trust you with their lives every single day and you trust them. I've been friends with Chase since highschool and I know it sounds selfish, but the times we had now seem so pointeless. Yes, I've had some of the best times of my life with Chase, the most embarrassing moments, but what are they if they only exist in me? What is there point?

I looked at my best friend; the steady rise and fall of his chest, the steady beep of the machine. How had it come to this? How could someone purposely set out to do this to a fellow human being? It couldn't of happened to a better person, no one was as kind, as selfless, as good a friend as Chase. It just seems so unfair.


I looked at my younger brother, as if the longer I stared, the longer I searched his face, the sooner that he would come back to us, come back to me. I knew he was in there somewhere, I knew it, I just had to find him before it was too late.

I remembered back to the times when we were little when we were growing up. Me, Chase and Lachie had been indestructible, the three Gallagher brothers! I don't know how we ended up like this; one brother not knowing who we were and my other brother falling to pieces on the sidelines but I knew it wasn't just because of the accident, it went much further back than that. Even before Chase was hurt, he didn't always feel like a Gallagher, I knew he felt weak compared to me and Lachie, but he was so much stronger than the both of us put together. He didn't shy away from difficult situations, he didn't hide the way he felt, like we did, and this is the result. It was my fault Chase was here, like this. I pushed him away and now I may never get my brother back. I just want one more chance to get it right. I can be a better brother, I just need one more opportunity, even if I don't deserve it, Chase does.


I slowly began to wake up. I could sense people around me, but instead of opening my eyes, I just lay there for a bit, enjoying the silence. If I didn't open my eyes I didn't have to face the look of disappointment in everyone's eyes when they realized that I still didn't know who they were. So I just lay and listened as they began a conversation.

'Dean' the man I think was called Lachie began. 'Do you remember the time when Dad took us all to the beach when we were little? You must have been about 14, and me about 10, but Chase was only 6, do you remember?'

'Yeah, we swam in the sea and Chase caught that massive crab! He was so happy, I remember him showing all of us about a hundred times!'

'And we swam in the sea and played football for hours.'

'Then we got those massive icecreams, but Chase dropped his and Dad said he couldn't have another'

'Yeah he was so upest, he almost cried, but then-'

'You gave me your icecream' I said, smiling at first, but then I realized in shock what had happened. I hadn't even meant to speak, I hadn't thought about it, but gradually the whole memory came back to me.

I opened my eyes and looked at everyone staring at me in complete shock. I understood I was so surprised myself.

'Chase' Lachie asked me excitedly, 'do you remember anything else?'

'urm..' I said trying desperately to remember more from that day, 'I tripped over something, your foot!' I said pointing at Lachie, 'I was really upset, but you' I said gesturing to my other brother, 'you.. Dean, gave me his. He told me off for being so stupid, but he gave me his icecream and then you both took me in the sea and tried to teach me how to surf, but I couldn't do it I just kept falling off my board.' I finished with a massive smile on my face. It may only be a single memory, but it was something and gradually more and more memories came flooding back to me. I looked into the faces that surrounded me. I knew them, I think somehow I had always known who they were just I didn't register it. I could see them all looking at me, Lara, Heidi, Jordan and my brothers, Lachie and Dean. My family. And from that moment on, I knew it would take me a long time to recover, that I would probably never be the same as I was before but it didn't matter, I could build a new life for myself with everyone that I loved in it. I knew that everything would be okay.