Before You Read: This is another mini series in the collection of stories The Best Thing, Cheerleader's Tutor, I'm Positive, and Something More, Something New. This is, yes, another one of my weird crack pairings. But when you read the story, it will make a lot more sense as to why these characters belong together! For those of you who do not know who Chojuro is, here is a link to his biography on Narutopedia, he will play a big part in this story: wiki/Ch%C5%8Dj%C5%ABr%C5%8D

He walked into the school with his glasses on his face and his textbooks pressed up tightly against his chest. He was new to the school, and it was the second semester of the school year, so he was sure that he would have a hard time finding friends as all of the social group had already been long since formed.

He looked nervously around, trying to find people that looked like he could relate to. He realized that he was a nerd, and he realized that he would always be a nerd, so he figured that he better start off with finding nerds to hang out with. Hm, those boys playing with their portable video games in the corner looked like someone he could relate to, but he didn't care much for video games. But even so, he pressed on, trying to find room 116 to enter his first and favorite class of the day, Physics.

When he walked into the classroom, he stared at the new faces, all of them were in their desks because the bell had just rung, and he looked around for a teacher. But as he scanned the crowd for what looked like a teacher's face, he noticed a beautiful girl. She had pink hair, green eyes and a very friendly demeanor about her, he wanted to have a crush on her, but he knew that it was pointless because he was a nerd.

Finally, after staring at the new faces for what seemed like forever, a teacher came in in a huff. "Oh, you must be Chojuro," she said. He nodded and looked at the teacher.

"Class, this is Chojuro," she announced. The class mumbled hellos half heartedly, but the pink haired girl said nothing.

"Chojuro, I saw your report card from the last school you went to, you're very good at Physics. Would you mind sitting by one of my students that needs help? I'm sure you'll be a great help to her," the teacher asked with a smile. Chojuro just quickly nodded and looked at the class, wondering which one could need his help.

"Could you go please sit by Sakura? Sakura, raise your hand so that Chojuro knows who you are," she instructed. Sakura rolled her eyes and raised her hand lazily. Chojuro walked over to the pink haired girl, his face turning redder as he neared her and took a seat next to her.

Sakura gave him a sideways glance, and he weakly smiled before turning his head away. Sakura rolled her eyes and started to type on her phone, she thought that this guy was a loser.

Chojuro cleared his throat and Sakura looked up at him. "So, um, do you understand everything? Do you need any help?" he wriggled in his chair.

"I'm not an idiot you know, I understand perfectly fine," Sakura bit back. Chojuro just looked at his lap and he didn't try to talk to her anymore, it was clear that people like her didn't converse with people like him.

Sakura was sitting at lunch with Karin, Naruto, Kankuro, Hinata and Sasuke, whom were newly dating and holding hands.

"Do you see that kid over there with the blue hair and the glasses?" Sakura finally asked. Everyone turned around to look at Chojuro, who was hanging out with the nerd group, Shino and Choji.

Chojuro saw everyone who Sakura was talking to turn around and stare him down, and he realized that Sakura was talking about him. He looked at his sandwich of which his mom made for him for his first day of school, and he felt sad.

"Yeah, what about him?" Kankuro asked, returning his attention to Sakura.

"My Physics teacher thinks that I'm a bad student, and he's some kind of genius so he has to sit next to me. He makes me so mad, he thinks that he's so much more smarter than me! He even had the nerve to ask me if I understood everything and if I needed help," Sakura complained.

The group turned to Chojuro once more, and his sadness and embarrassment deepened. "He looks like a loser, look at who he's sitting with," Naruto taunted. The whole group turned to look at him once more and laughed.

"Sakura," Hinata spoke up. "I'm sure that he didn't think that you were stupid or anything. Maybe he just wanted to make a new friend, because he is new here and all," Hinata weakly spoke. Sasuke squeezed Hinata's hand and she looked up, he offered her a smile of which she returned. Although Sasuke and Hinata were an odd couple, they still loved each other.

"Or he's just a loser," Karin mumbled. "He's sitting with Shino and Choji, they aren't exactly the kind of guys that you want to be seen with," she rolled her eyes.

"I think that that was Hinata's point all along," Sasuke defended. "He didn't want to be stuck at the loser table, so he was hoping to make friends with the popular pink haired cheerleader," he reinforced Hinata's belief. Hinata smiled at him and kissed him on the cheek, Sasuke was always one to be supportive, believe it or not.

"Well either way, he can't be one of us," Kankuro leaned back and stretched before returning to his food.

"Well maybe you should try being his friend Sakura," Hinata suggested. "Maybe he didn't mean to make you mad during Physics. Maybe he just wanted a friend," she once again defended a little more harshly now.

Sakura looked at the boy with blue hair, grunted, and stuck her nose in the air, "He thinks that he's so much better than me. I'm not stupid and definitely don't need any help, especially not from someone like him," she glared.

"Well, maybe we can be his friend," Sasuke offered to Hinata and she smiled at him. "I'll try to see if he's in any of my classes, maybe he'll be in History with me or English with you," Sasuke said to Hinata.

"I wouldn't want to make friends with him," Kankuro lazily said. "He looks like a kiss up, we'll just leave him to his loser table. People like us don't talk to people like him,"

"Well I'll talk to him, no one wants to be a nerd, so maybe we can help him," Hinata suggested.

"Whatever, he can't be helped," Karin sighed.

"Well I'm going to History," Sasuke announced as he got up. Hinata rushed to get up and join him on his walk to his class.

Naruto looked at the couple walk hand in hand and he tilted his head to the side in confusion. "But we have ten minutes until lunch ends," he mumbled.

"They're probably going somewhere to make out before class," Karin shrugged. Naruto gave her a mortified look and Sakura glared. She still had feelings for Sasuke, but Hinata was her friend, she was stuck in the middle. Finally, Sakura decided that in order to take her mind off of Sasuke and Hinata, she was going to deduce a plan to get Chojuro back for acting like he was so much more smarter than her. But from the looks of it, she didn't have to try hard to bring down someone who was already on the bottom of the school food chain. Revenge was going to be fun she decided.