"I'll see you after class Chojuro okay?" Sakura said as she hugged Chojuro and looked into his eyes.

Chojuro nodded and tightened his grip around her waist before kissing his new girlfriend goodbye. He went to catch up with his friend Shino, so that they could walk to History together, where they knew Lee and Ino would be waiting.

Chojuro and Sakura had started dating after Chojuro became her official "body guard" and Sakura had gotten to know him. Chojuro opened up to her and they spent hours talking on the phone before they started dating. And on the plus side of everything, Chojuro's mother loved Sakura, and Sakura loved his mother. They all got along so well.

But possibly the best aspect of the relationship was their personalities and how perfectly they molded together. Chojuro taught Sakura to calm down and enjoy life, and that it is okay to stay behind the scenes sometimes and that she doesn't always have to be the center of attention. In return, Sakura taught Chojuro to be more confident in himself and his abilities and to open up to other people.

Although they were an unusual couple, a nerd and a cheerleader, they were still a match made in heaven. Chojuro fit well into Sakura's social group, and Sakura dropped all of her prejudices against Chojuro's "nerd group" and she found out that Shino and Choji weren't all that bad, besides their weird quirks.

Sasuke and Hinata were of the first to accept Chojuro into the group, after all, they had believed that everyone in their clique should get to know Chojuro and be friendly to him from the very start. Sasuke and Hinata were another unusual couple, but Hinata made Sasuke a nicer person whom was less arrogant, and Sasuke made Hinata open up and all but abandon her timid ways.

Everything worked out so wonderfully for all of the couples that it was almost surreal. One could almost say that everyone paired up with someone unexpected. Ino and Rock Lee started dating because of her failing math grade and her need for a tutor, Sasuke and Hinata started dating because of the latter's crush on Kiba, Tenten and Neji started dating because of an audience, and Shikamaru and Temari got together because of a one night stand turned something more.

Although this was all unexpected, everyone soon became friends and grew to accept one another. And I am very happy to say that people like Sakura started talking to people like Chojuro, all because of an incident in a hallway.

Chojuro snapped out of it when Shino asked him a question. "Huh?" Chojuro gaped at his friend.

"Did you zone out?" Shino asked looking straight ahead and weaving through the crowd of people.

Chojuro nodded, "Sorry, could you repeat that?" he asked.

Shino sighed, "Do you know if Karin has a boyfriend, or if she likes anyone?" Shino shyly asked, he was trying to hide his apparent blush.

Chojuro looked at his friend in shock, "Um, I don't think so," he answered unsurely. Did Shino like Karin? Uh oh, things were going to get tricky!

"Okay, just wondering," Shino mumbled. Chojuro just nodded and looked straight ahead before smiling to himself. Here we go again, he thought. And indeed, another nerd liked a popular girl, but at least with Chojuro being the bridge from the nerd world to the popular world, it might be easier for Shino to get Karin than it was for him to get Sakura. Who knows? Maybe all of the popular girls would date nerds; it was quite a nice thought to think about.

Chojuro kept thinking of Shino and Karin together as he walked to his class with his friend. Soon he came to a conclusion. It could happen, Chojuro thought, then he smiled to himself before walking into the classroom and being greeted by Ino and Rock Lee with Shino by his side.

The End

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