The alarm clock sounded and Carl stretched, rubbing his eyes. Porter stirred in the bed on the other side of the room, also waking up.

"Morning Carl." He smiled, walking out of the room and heading down the stairs. Carl yawned again, before falling back to sleep. Last night had been a late one. He'd spent all night out with his girlfriend, Denise, not getting home until about 1 in the morning. He wasn't exactly sure how he'd managed to stay up so long. He usually fell asleep almost as soon as he got home from school. Another few minutes of sleep passed before the teenager was shaken violently awake

"Carl! Wake up!" It was Porter, looking far less cheery than he had been a few minutes ago

"Wuh?" Carl mumbled, barely awake, his half-open eyes covered by his messy hair

"You've overslept! Get up, come on! How the heck are you gonna get me my angel wings by lazing around in bed all day?" There was pause

"Uh..." Carl shrugged, before laying his head back on his pillow again. Porter quickly rectified this by dragging Carl, roughly out of bed, and pulling him into the bathroom. He quickly brushed his cousin's teeth, and poured some lukewarm water into a cup. With a nod of the head, however, angel magic set in, and the water was quickly filled with small chunks of ice. This concoction was quickly tipped down Carl's back

"YEARGH!" Carl shrieked, shivering, running out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom, slamming the door. The door opened a few seconds later, and Carl stood in his casual clothes. However, they weren't exactly well put on. His jeans were ripped around the knee, his shirt was buttoned up wrong, and his laces were untied on his red trainers. Porter shook his head, glaring at Carl.

"It'll have to do..." He mumbled. Carl, still tired, plodded out of the room, rubbing his eyes to remove some of the sleep from them.

"Why the hell did you think tipping water down my back would help?" Carl shouted, more than a little angry at his friend. Porter chuckled

"I'd actually thought 'a more ways, I just thought that one would be funniest to watch. How in all heaven do you manage to scream like that? Even people upstairs would be able to hear that." Carl groaned

"Don't tell Denise about that will ya?"

"Relax, I'm not gonna tell anyone..."


Bennet High was as crowded as ever, students rushing about hither and thither.

"Anyway, I've gotta go sort something out with Dr. Cassabi. A little bit of mishap magic." Porter said as he and Carl walked through the main doors.
"You mean your magic went wrong... again?" Carl sighed, a small smile on his face. Porter Jackson's angel magic didn't have a very successful track record. This "mishap" was just one of the many mistakes that had been made in Porter's life. Much to Carl's surprise however, Porter shook his head

"No, literally, mishap magic. It's a type of magical art. It's not really mentioned much in the angel textbook though, look." Porter nodded and a book beamed into his outstretched hand. The book he held was the angel textbook, a special guide for AIT's on how to correctly use magic. Unfortunately for Carl, angel magic from the textbook always seemed to go wrong somewhere along the line. Porter flicked through the pages, quickly flashing the book in Carl's face when he came to the "M" section.

"See, nothing there." He nodded, beaming the textbook away. Carl looked bewildered. He hadn't exactly had the time to read through the angel textbook's vast realms of magical knowledge, and that, doubled with the early wake up call that morning, had made him more than a little confused at just about everything. He quickly snapped awake (again) when a bright flash went off in his face. Brittany stood, her blonde hair styled completely different than it had been the day before. Despite the last minute change to her appearance, every girl in the school seemed to be following suit, which seemed almost impossible to Carl. How on Earth would the girls have known to do their hair that way. Brittany must have powers, he thought.

"What the heck was that for Brittany?" He snapped, more than a little annoyed at yet another surprise being added to his day

"I just, like, had a great idea! There's this new Bennet contest thing for the best face expression. I think that your 'utterly ridiculous' face is gonna TTLY win me the prize! Laters guys!" With that she turned on her high heel and strutted off down the corridor.

"Yet another mistake for you I guess." Porter laughed, walking off to Dr. Cassabi's office. It was at this point the bell for first lesson rang. A completely mismatched, overtired, Carl began to walk to his next lesson.


The lesson didn't go well. Carl was put in after school detention for yawning consecutively in class. Mr. Telson's rules were getting stricter by the day, Carl realised, as he sat scribbling on the front of his exercise book. Detention wasn't Carl's favourite way of spending an afternoon. He had a date planned, and he was going to be uber late if he didn't get out of here fast. He quickly nudged the jock sitting next to him.

"Psst, Serge, I need a hand."

"Well, if it isn't the best facial expression guy!" Serge grinned, head bobbing up and down. Carl looked puzzled

"Wait, the what?"
"You won the best facial expression competition, and Serge really likes the face." Serge did his best to pull the facial expression Carl had been holding when Brittany snapped a photo of him. It looked nothing like Carl but Serge seemed to find it hilarious.

"Anyway, you gonna help me out or not?" Carl was getting more annoyed at the jock by the minute. Serge nodded, the grin still fixed on his face.

"No problem Montclaire. Serge will do whatever it takes to help a fellow winner." Serge quickly thwacked the large plastic ruler he kept on his desk repeatedly against his thigh. A large red mark quickly formed on it, however this seemed to cause no pain to Serge however, who seemed to enjoy the rhythm he was creating.

"Mr. Telson sir!" He quickly raised his hand and indicated the mark on his thigh "Coach says Serge needs to get home early so that he can rest his sore thigh. I need to keep my game face up, you know?" Mr. Telson's face turned red

"Yes alright, alright! I suppose you need someone to go with you to HOLD YOUR HAND?" Telson suddenly snapped, causing Carl to fall backwards of his chair.

"Ow..." He groaned as he landed on his back.

"Oh, thanks for volunteering Montclaire." Serge grinned, grabbing Carl's hand and dragging him out of the classroom door. Telson sighed and leant back in his chair. He grabbed his mug off coffee up off his desk. De cafe wouldn't keep him going for long, he thought glumly


"What kind of a plan was that Serge?" Carl asked, dumbfounded as he was dragged down the hall

"Look, you never said what kinda plan you wanted. You never said you wanted it to be a good plan. Serge just does what he's told. And Serge thought that was actually a pretty good plan." He let go of Carl's hand, right underneath a strange poster on the wall "That face gets me every time." the jock laughed, swaggering off down the hall. Carl looked up at the poster on the wall. It was titled "The Funniest Face", a picture of Carl pasted underneath it.

"Oh for..." He mumbled, before looking at his watch. 5PM. He was late for his date. "ACK!" He yelled, sprinting off down the corridor to get to the Pizzeria...


The date didn't happen. Denise sent Carl a text simply saying "Where the heck were you? I was sitting around here for ages... I was hoping for a good date too, Denise X" Carl had moped about inside his house for the last hour, Porter trying to be supportive.

"Denise blows things outta proportion you know. She'll be over it next time you see her." Porter shrugged, leaning back on the sofa, arm folded, Carl sitting next to him looking cross.

"Think about it Porter? What has gone right for me today... this is the worst day of my life..." Porter snapped his fingers and grinned.

"I've got an idea... mishap magic!" He nodded his head and a flash of light temporarily blinded the two of them. A large, purple portal was hovering in front of the two of them.

"What is that?" Carl's face had turned from one of moping to one of surprise. Porter grinned at him.

"That is a mishap machine. It changes all the mishaps you've had in your day. Meaning you get a completely new start. Kinda like that time magic I used on you a while ago." Carl suddenly looked concerned

"It isn't gonna get me stuck in a loop like the time magic did is it?" Carl asked, his face one of panic. Porter whistled

"Pfft. No way! That time magic was child's play. This stuff is advanced. Dr. Cassabi had to teach it to me privately Carl. That's gotta mean something." Carl shrugged

"Guess so. So, what do I do to restart?" He smiled, standing up. Porter quickly positioned him in front of the Mishap Machine.

"Stand exactly like that and keep still. Now, think back to when your mishaps started happening. Keep focussed on that point in time, OK." Carl thought back to that morning, the morning he got ice water tipped down his back. The morning of the day he was currently in. Porter smiled at him.

"The day will change around you. This day will never have happened. Good luck, and have a good time." Porter nodded and the Mishap Machine enveloped Carl. The last thing Porter heard was Carl screaming as he was sucked up by the strange portal...


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