Carl fell through the black, slightly glittery, void for what felt like hours. He even found time to start tidying up his hair as fell, wishing that the never ending fall would... not be never ending

"Oh come Porter, I know you said it would reset my day but surely it can't take this long..." A low whine suddenly pierced Carl's ears and the void seemed to become slightly darker. It was at this point Carl, despite falling through a never ending void, passed out...


Carl slowly came to, everything slightly blurry through his eyes. He could tell a few things, he was in his bedroom and he was in just his boxers.

"Porter, this had better be part of the reset..." he muttered under his breath. Carl didn't really like sleeping in his underwear. He preferred to sleep in the kiddish pyjamas his mother bought him from the clothes shops she went to with Becky. Carl rubbed the sleep from his eyes and slid under the covers, trying to get some extra sleep... he instantly knew something was wrong. There was something different about the covers Carl had slid underneath... that was it! There was usually way more sheet than what Carl was currently getting. Something was taking up the rest of Carl's bed! He wriggled out from under the covers and stuck his head up above the pillow. It took him a while for his eyes to get over the blur, but when he did he realised what was taking up the extra space. A person, rather small in stature with curly, long dark brown hair was lying asleep next to him. It was a girl, Carl could tell that much from the pink pants and the baggy T-shirt she was wearing. It suddenly dawned on him who it was. Her face couldn't be seen, but it seemed so obvious...

"Denise...?" Carl whispered slowly

"It's too early Carl, wake me up in a bit..." came the groggy reply. Carl's eyes widened. What on earth was Denise doing in his bed?! Yes, he loved her, yes, this was something he thought about on regular occasions, but... there were things that prevented them from doing this. Angel Policy was incredibly strict about angel-human dating. Denise was not just an angel in Carl's eyes, she literally was an angel. Her in his bed would not be a very pretty case for the angel tribunal to sit over.

"Umm... this may sound like a weird question... but... what are you doing in my bed...?" Carl asked, incredibly anxious about this situation. Denise rolled around and snuggled up to him, her head up against his shoulder.

"Um, you asked if I'd be up for sleeping with you, and I said 'yes I would'?" Denise giggled, making this seem completely obvious.

"B-But, what about the Tribunal?! What if you get into trouble?!" Carl snapped, waking up somebody over on the other side of the room. He certainly hoped that was Porter. There'd been enough new people in his room this morning.

"The tribunal sent me a message this morning. They said 'good luck you two, don't do anything we wouldn't do!'" Denise seemed to find this hilarious, she burst out laughing, cuddling deeper into Carl. Carl's face couldn't really be described. This dimension seemed a little more than just a reset...


Carl headed off to school that morning, holding Denise's hand all the way to the entrance.

"So... we slept together... did we... you know, do anything?" Denise blushed at this thought, then started giggling

"No, we just slept together, that's all. Besides, even angels have rules about that stuff."

"And... the tribunal, they're cool about this? You know, they wished us luck and stuff?" Carl was still confused. There were things about this reset he liked, like being with Denise was a set in stone thing. He could... be with her, nothing could stop that. But there were things that weren't right. And, funnily enough, being with Denise was one of them. It just... felt wrong somehow... however, Carl thought, if this reset allows me to be with Denise then why shouldn't I be.

"They wished us luck." Denise smiled, as Carl pulled her close to him.

"Alright, I'll see ya later. I love you..." he gave her a quick kiss and then walked off down the hall. It was at this point the low whine returned...


Porter paced Carl's house, Denise standing beside him.

"How much of an idiot do you have to be to use DANGEROUS reset magic on my boyfriend?! He's your assignment, not someone you can just experiment DANGEROUS magic on!" Denise snapped at her friend, clearly slightly more worried about this than Porter was.

"Hey!" Porter raised his hands in the air, exasperated "Dr. C said that this stuff should be OK to use."
"And what does OK to use mean when Cassabi says it?" Denise folded her arms, giving Porter an evil stare. Porter sighed, he knew full well the point Denise was making

"It means I shouldn't do it..." His eyes downcast, Porter quickly nodded his head. The angel textbook appeared in his hands with a flash of light. "OK... lemme see... Ah!" Porter stuck his finger over a little section marked 'Mishap Machines'.

"What does it say 'Porter Jackson should under no circumstances use this type of magic in case it make Denise Simmons' boyfriend disappear?" Porter shook his head, looking embarrassed

"No..." he groaned "It says that 'Mishap Machines are portals used to teleport a user to the dimension of his or her choosing. However, these portals are to be used on angels only as use on humans would create an unnatural parallel world which could'... you get the gist... I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't have used a Mishap Machine to help Carl out...?" Porter looked at Denise, both of them completely still, worried what she would shout at him... or what she would transform him into now that she knew her boyfriend was probably, at this moment, talking to another Denise who was, in almost every way, the same as her. Still, it was still chatting up another girl in a way wasn't it? Denise's face turned red with anger, her fists clenched

"Ok! Deep breaths!" Porter patted her shoulder and Denise obeyed, breathing deeply to stop herself from bringing the house down with her shouting.

"OK... so... is there any way we can talk to Carl through that Mishap Machine?" Denise asked, starting to pace the room again.

"Lemme have a look-see here..." Porter flicked through the pages of the angel textbook, looking for any way he could contact his assignment through the parallel world.

"You found anything?" Denise asked, pacing once again

"Yeah, one thing!" Porter exclaimed

"Yes!" Denise cheered, forming a power fist with her hand "So what does it say?"

"There's only one way to contact Carl through the portal... it's not dangerous... well... not really..."

"How do you mean not really?" Denise raised an eyebrow, a little annoyed after her earlier spark of happiness

"Well.. it's not really dangerous... more annoying for Carl." Porter and Denise both smirked

"Do it." She chuckled


The whine stopped suddenly and was replaced by a voice. The voice of Carl's fake cousin... but Porter was already in his Math class, there was no way he could be talking to him, so how was he...?

"Carl? Carl, you listening to me?" Asked Porter through Carl's mind

"Yeah... I'm... hearing you, but how are you...?"

"I'm using some angel magic to talk to you through the Mishap Machine, it's called... well it doesn't really have a name, so I..."

"What the hell is going on here Porter?! I was having a bad day, then suddenly I'm in this weird parallel world in which I..." Carl cut off suddenly

"In which you slept with Denise?" Porter asked, not sounding at all surprised. Carl, on the other hand, was completely surprised.

"How on Earth did you know that?!" Carl shouted, hearing Porter chuckle through his head

"Mishap Machines play on your secrets or wants. In your case, Denise. She's what you want more than anything, so she's a main part in the parallel dimension that's been created around you by the Mishap Machine. Now, as I was saying, I'm portable in your head, so I can help you out... I decided to name the angel magic... Porterble magic!" Carl groaned. Something clicked inside his head. A parallel dimension had been built up around him, all because of Porter's dumb angel magic going wrong once again. However, if he was going to get out, it looked like he was going to have to trust his fake cousin to get him out.

"Looks like there's nothing I can do but trust you talking through my head... God help me..."


So, that's chapter 2 of Porterble and it was a long time in the works. I spent a long time editing bits and changing bits around which delayed the post. Sorry for the wait and another one will be coming soon. God bless, happy reading and writing.