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"Four thousand bells!" Merry shook her head sadly at her best friend Felicity. "That is such a high price for just one piece of furniture!"

"I know, but I couldn't resist it." Felicity grinned sheepishly. "You know how much I like pine furniture."

"That's true." Merry thought, looking at the simple pine table that Felicity had recently acquired from Tom Nook's new store. Her friend's love of pine furniture was widely known, and every so often, Merry would surprise her with a small potted pine tree or a comfortable pine chair. The crazy prices for the set, however, limited what Felicity could afford.

"How did you ever afford that?" Merry asked, then quickly retracted her question. "Not that you're poor or anything..."

"It's okay." Felicity said. "I asked for an advance on my paycheck from the guy I work for in the city."

"Oh man." Merry shook her head sadly. "How are you going to pay your rent to Tom Nook next month?"

"Good question." Felicity looked down sadly. "I'll probably have to get a loan from the bank."

"How much is your rent?" Merry asked, quickly.

"Twenty thousand bells a month."

"That is WAY too much to pay for this small cottage!" Merry's annoyance at Tom Nook was rising. "This is crazy! I only pay ten thousand bells, and my house is exactly the same size!"

"Really? That's so weird." Felicity's eyes widened as the truth reached her. "He's swindling me out of ten thousand bells!"


"Why that good-for-nothing, dead beat, swindling, mother-fu-"


"dger, has been taking me for ten thousand bells every month for ten effin' years!" Felicity was pacing up and down her house, waving her fists angrily in the air. "That, that…"

"Bastard maybe?"

"That bastard!" Felicity sat down heavily in her new pine chair, and Merry could almost see the smoke emitting from her best friend's ears.

"We should do something about it!" Merry cried out, jumping up.

"Yes! That is what we will do!"

"We could form a picket line!"

"And protest!"

"Let's go!"

Merry and Felicity got up and stormed out of the house, Merry slamming the door behind them. Then, they gave it a kick, wishing that it was Tom Nook.

The girls walked angrily past the Town Hall, and Wolfgang peered out the window, curious about what the two ladies were doing, storming angrily across the grass. Wolfgang called out a quick goodbye to Pelly, and started after the two furious ladies.

"Felicity? Merry?" Wolfgang called out searching between the peach trees. "Hello!"

He heard angry yelling emerging from Merry's house, and went up to the door, and knocked timidly on the door; even he was hesitant to confront two furious women. "Hello? Am I disturbing anything?"

"Who is it?" Felicity's voice called out, anger still in her voice.

"It's Wolfgang."

Muttered, quick whispering was heard from behind the door. A few seconds later and answer came.

"Come on in." Wolfgang opened the door and walked in, braced for the worst.

"What do you want?" Felicity demanded, her arms akimbo. Wolfgang stared at her, amazed at how different she was when she was P.O 'ed. "Well?" she insisted.

" I...uh..." he stuttered. "I.. I.. was wondering what you guys... sorry. Girls, were doing."

"I'll tell you what we're doing! We are protesting Tom Nook!" Merry cried out, stamping her foot in irritation.

Wolfgang looked at the girls, his eyes filled with curiosity. "Why?"

"Because he scammed Felicity out of ten thousand bells!"

"Alright. What can I do to help?"

"You... want to help?" Felicity asked.

"Of course. Anything to rile up the community." he smiled happily. Finally, his expertise was needed.

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