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It was a quite night, with all of the villagers nestled in their warm feather beds with their heads full of dreams. A single candle burned in each window, gently illuminating the cool fall nights. The moon hung above them while bright stars twinkled in the inky abyss of space. It was a peaceful night, with the occasional cicada chirping and the stream babbling away.

Melba was curled up on her worn out couch with a mug of piping hot chamomile tea in her hands. She had woken up a half hour ago when the midnight train had pulled into the station. She supposed that all of the other residents of the village had gotten used to the loud whistling of the old fashioned steam engine and just slept thought the cacophony of noise. She however, could not sleep through it and had gone down the rickety oak stairs to boil some water for tea on her little hot plate. It was comforting to have her own place where there were no uppity roommates or testy landladies to bother her.

It had taken her most of the day to clean out the small house. Melba had swept, dusted, vacuumed, and mopped the one room within an inch of its life. By the time she had finished the sun was setting and her neighbors all had supper on the stove. There had been nothing in her new home except an old lamp and a dilapidated dark wooden end table. So Melba had wiped the grime from her forehead and set off around the village to procure some decent furniture. She went to the Lost and Found first and acquired the hot plate and a threadbare red rug to lie on her hardwood floors. The nice policeman who was staffing the Lost and Found then advised her to check the recycling bin in the town office. By that time it was almost completely dark and Melba had to borrow a flashlight from one of her unknown neighbors to find her way to the building. To her relief, she found an old twin bed and red linens at the recycling bin, along with a tattered black couch and a cracked mug.

So there Melba was, curled up on her new –old- couch sipping a mug of warm chamomile tea while a lone candle burned in her newly cleaned window.

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