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Character introductions

Fate Testarossa – The newly assigned bodyguard for Takamachi Nanoha. Her abilities are currently unknown. Age 18.

Takamachi Nanoha – The youngest child of a very, very rich and famous house of magicians in Mid-Childa. She's a specialist in light magical attacks. Age 18.

Ichigo – The first bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Age 27. Specialist in physical attacks.

Niichi – The second bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Age 25. Specialist in long range attacks.

Sanyou - The third bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Age 25. Specialist in Mid range attacks.

Yondaime - The fourth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Age 26. Specialist in everything.

Goda - The fifth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Age 26. Specialist in crime investigation.

Rokume - The sixth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Age 26. Specialist in information collection.

Ryuukai - The seventh bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. The older twin of Ryuume. Age 20. Specialist in trickery. Attends the same college as Nanoha.

Ryuume - The eighth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. The younger twin of Ryuukai. Age 20. Specialist in trickery. Attends the same college as Nanoha.

Juugo - The ninth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in summoning. Age 21.

Daryuu - The tenth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in animal communication. Age 28.

Jaiga - The eleventh bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in herb collection. Age 25.

Taiga - The twelfth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in cookery. Age 21.

Loren -The thirteenth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in computers. Age 22.

Yuugo - The fourteenth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in guns. Age 24.

Ren - The fifteenth bodyguard assigned to Nanoha. Specialist in swords. Age 29.

Takamachi Shirou – Nanoha's father.

Takamachi Momoko – Nanoha's mother.

Takamachi Kyouya – Nanoha's older brother.

Takamachi Miyuki – Nanoha's older sister.

Why did I start this story?

I just had a dream not long ago about something like this and I somehow decided to make this into a story. The dream was really strange to say and I don't really remember the details too vividly. However, I'm still able to remember the key points so it doesn't really matter.

I hope I won't disappoint you for this story. This is my second time writing a fan-fiction for NanoFate pairing. Enjoy!


This whole life, I've had 15 bodyguards around me all the time. Having been born in a very, very rich and famous family, full of magicians, I've been a very good target for those who wanted revenge as I was the youngest in the family. My family would do anything to keep me safe and same goes for my 15 bodyguards. The bodyguards were all my blood relatives.

Well, at first they were the fathers and mothers of the current generation of the 15, now their children have taken over their roles. All of them are males and were all very popular and handsome guys in the town. All of them are kind and gentle towards me but when it comes to the enemies they were really merciless.

Since young, I thought that when I'm all grown up, I would marry one of them. But it seems that I was wrong….. Because….

"Hmmm…? Is there something wrong?" the blonde hair stranger sitting across from me wondered out aloud.

"Eh? Ahh… Nothing much, I was just wondering what we're going to be doing after this." I replied nervously, fidgeting with my hands under the table.

If you're wondering where are we and why this is happening…. We've to go back to a few hours ago to really know what happened.


"HUH? What did you just say mother? Another bodyguard is assigned to me? 15 of them are enough. I don't need more!" I flat out rejected her even though I knew that no matter what, she wouldn't take back her words.

I was arranged to meet her at a certain café to make a contract with her after school the next day. I was driven to that certain café after school ended, with my bodyguards to guard me. After an hour, we finally reached our destination. Then, my bodyguards suddenly bided me farewell, went back in the car and left for home. They probably wanted to give me some personal space for once.

At that moment, I really didn't understand anything until I met her. I didn't know who she was but somehow managed to find her in the crowded, busy café from the description given to me by my mother. She really had an alluring sense of presence, attracting all the attention around her. Just walking all the way to the table and sitting down in front of her took almost all my energy and courage. I was so nervous that my hands could not stop trembling until she spoke.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Fate Testarossa, your newly assigned bodyguard, Milady." She reached out her hands, gesturing a handshake. Her voice was so gentle that I unknowingly widened my eyes and my mouth, staring at her.

After regaining my composure, I accepted her handshake as I stood up to introduce myself. "I'm Takamachi Nanoha. Nice to meet you, Fate-chan."

"Chan?" the girl seemed a little surprised at my 'acting familiar with a stranger' way of calling her.

"Ah! I'm sorry. I'm just-" I tried to cover up my mistake straight away but got cut off half way through.

"No, don't be sorry. I'm just a little surprised that's all. You can call me whatever you like, Nanoha." She giggled to herself before replying to that familiar act of mine by calling me by my name.

Just like that, we stared at each other, sipping our drinks a little at a time, for hours, after we completed our paper contract.

*flashback end*

'Haa… This is such a difficult situation. I've no idea what to do, except for sitting her and doing nothing!' I sighed mentally and took a sip of my third serving of cappuccino.

"Nanoha, is there anything you would like to do?" Fate finally interrupted the silence by asking me a question.

"Ah… No?" I thought for a moment before replying.

"Then…." She put a finger to her chin in a thinking posture. "Okay, how about you bring me to your home? I would like to see the place that I'll be working at starting from tomorrow."

"….Okay." I answered as I stared at her awesome posture, without thinking at all. "Eh? Huh? Wait. What? Tomorrow? Just what do you mean by that!" I immediately shouted out as I stood up from my chair shocked at what she had just said.

"Eh? Your mother should have told you that, didn't she?" her eyes widened a little shocked at my words.

"N-No…She didn't." She giggled once again at my answer.

"Well, that's fine. Let's just head to your home while we having a little chat about that, okay?"

And so…. We went back home after I called my chauffeur and had a little trip around my home.

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